Maybelline Expert Eyes Eye Pencil

Maybelline Expert Eyes Eye Pencil


Maybelline Expert Eyes Eye Pencil

Today, I will be reviewing an eye pencil from Maybelline called “Expert Eyes.” I got this when “Colossal Kajal” was out of stock and I desperately needed some kajal pencil. It is not as jet black as “Colossal Kajal,” but the colour is quite dark and rich (check the photo with one, two and three swipes). It is supposed to be waterline safe and I have not experienced any stinging sensation when used on the waterline. The staying power is about 3 to 4 hours after which I need to reapply, but that’s the case with any kajal for me. The texture is quite smooth and it glides easily. The SA told me that it is water resistant and I tested by splashing water on my face and it stayed put unless I rubbed it. Its of regular thickness, so it is easy to sharpen and it does not break off while sharpening. So, overall it is a decent buy for the price.



Rs. 200/-

Expiry Date:

2 years from the date of manufacture.


Swatch 2

Pros of Maybelline Expert Eyes Eye Pencil:

  • Dark colour and glides smoothly.
  • Decent staying power and water resistant.
  • Waterline suitable.

Cons of Maybelline Expert Eyes Eye Pencil:

I cannot think of any major con, but maybe the staying power could have been better, but it varies from person to person, so cannot really call it a downside.

IMBB Rating:

3/5 (just a regular eye pencil, does not disappoint).

Will I Buy Maybelline Expert Eyes Eye Pencil?

No, I will buy the “Colossal Kajal” or the Chambor one which I really adore.

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14 thoughts on “Maybelline Expert Eyes Eye Pencil

  1. Glides smoothly ? I have this one in brown. Total waste of money ! Should be used only as pencil colors to draw on paper. if you want o tug ,pull andkeep on rubbing on your eyes, buy it ! I use mine as a lipliner !

    1. Tha black one does not seem to be so bad…I have not faced any problem…maybe the texture of the brown one is different. Btw innovative way to use an eye pencil 🙂

    1. Thank you 🙂 the colour just fades away with slight smudging below lower lashline…The chambor one, its a black one again, do not know the name or the range, costed around 220 or something. Its quite good. In fact thats the only one I have now apart from this 🙂

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