Maybelline Eye Studio Lasting Drama Gel Eyeliner (Black) Review, Photos, Swatches

Maybelline Lasting Drama Gel Liner-Review

Hello Everybody,
I am a eye-makeup fanatic. I have eye pencils, liquid liners, pen liners, Felt tip liners, kajal from every brand and I still long for more. After Rati’s Inglot Gel liner review, I was dying to get my hands on a gel liner. To my delight, I found Maybelline Lasting Drama gel liner soon after.

This one is a part of Maybelline’s Eye Studio Collection and is the only product available in India from this range.

Maybelline Gel liner Review

I got it for Rs. 375/ (Indian Rupees)-.

Why You’ll Love It (From Maybelline website)

  • Only our oil-free formula can hold highly concentrated pigments in a clear gel base.
  • So color is more intense and lines resist wear for 24 hours.
  • Smudge-proof and Water-proof.
  • The most intense line for lasting drama.

Directions to use:

  • DEFINED LOOK – Define– in small strokes, glide liner across lash line from inner to outer corner
  • DRAMATIC LOOK – Define– in small strokes, glide liner across lash line from inner to outer corner
  • Enhance – extend and thicken line from outer corner up towards brow; wing out for extra drama
  • Removes easily with soap and water or with Maybelline New York Expert Eyes Eye Makeup Remover Towelettes.


Maybelline Gel liner Review

My Review on Maybelline Gel Eye Liner:

Packaging: The pack includes a tiny tub of the gel liner and a specially designed brush. The carton itself is attractive but no use once you open it.
The Brush-
The brush is sleek black and not very long. The bristles are soft and debnsely packed. They are tapered and lie flat. This gives better control and precise lining. You could go as thin and as thick as you want. The brush comes with a plastic lid so it is easy to store anywhere.

Maybelline Gel liner Review

The tub-
The tub is tiiiinnnyyy… It contains 2.8 g of product. The tub is good but the lid is very cheap aluminum foil thin.

The product-

  • The long wearing creamy gel texture provides the desired intense lines with a smooth, even application. (Pack info)
  • The gel is really creamy. Glides on real smooth.
  • The texture is creamier than a gel.

Maybelline Gel liner Review

  • The colour is intense at first. But dries a little lighter. I have used much more intense blacks.
  • The finish is matte. That’s perhaps the reason the colour is not too intense.

Maybelline Gel liner Review

  • The liner dries lightning fast. Very difficult to smudge. Check out the swatch. But I tried applying it very lightly with my finger and it made the most subtle and soft, smokey look.
  • It was better than any eye pencil or shadow. If you apply it like a shadow, it gives an intense and matte powder finish.

Maybelline Gel liner Review

  • The brush is super fine. I could draw a very thin line and went very thick too. It’s also good for creating wings and bolder shapes.

Maybelline Gel liner Review

  • The gel does not irritate the eyes at all. Though it is strictly not for the waterline.
  • The colour would work well for the fair skinned girls too as it is not a very intense black.
  • I would have loved to get this in other shades. It is available outside India in four shades- Black, Brown, Grey and plum.
  • It claims 24-hrs stay. I wore it all day from 10 to 5. It was intact on my eyes. Did not fade, smudge or feather.
  • It is absolutely smudge-proof and Water-proof. I sprayed Rose water on my face at least 4-5 times throughout the day but it stayed put.
  • My only problem with lakme Eye Artist or any pen tip liner is that they tend to pull the delicate skin of the eyelids. This glides like velvet.
  • If you like your liner to look natural and matte, this one is for you.
  • If you treat eyeliner as a tool to create bold shapes and wings, this one is definitely for you.
  • My only problem with this is I like a glossy finish. But I am getting used to the natural look it gives.
  • Removes easily with cleansing milk. I do not like to wash off eyeliners. I don’t feel like they have come off completely.
  • It is really value for money considering Inglot which costs double. Never used Inglot so cannot comment actually.

I don’t want to but can’t resist comparing this with Lakmé Eye Artist.

  • Lakme Eye Artist is good if you are new to eyeliners. It is definitely easier to use.
  • Maybelline Gel Eye Liner is great in terms of smooth and even application. I cannot describe how smoooothly it glides on the lid.
  • The brush is excellent quality.
  • Both are difficult to smudge. But this can be applied (very lightly) as cream shadow.
  • Both are equally priced.
  • I cannot prefer one over the other. As Lakme Eye Artist gives me glossy finish while MGL is more natural, matte.
  • Maybelline Gel Eye Liner will definitely last me longer than Lakme Eye Artist. I used up Lakme Eye Artist within 3 months. I use it daily.
  • But a very little of Maybelline Gel Eye Liner goes a very long way. I am using this daily now. 🙂
  • I love both the products equally.

Rating: :-* :-* :-* :-*

Repurchase??? I don’t know. Maybe by the time I finish this something better will come along. If not, then I’ll be happy to continue with this.

I really wish Maybelline launches the Colour plush Eyeshadow which is also part of their Eye Studio Collection.

Have you used a gel liner before??


72 thoughts on “Maybelline Eye Studio Lasting Drama Gel Eyeliner (Black) Review, Photos, Swatches

  1. Mrun….it really came out well on your eyes :yes: :yes: …….the art of using the liner is also of high importance…unsteady hands like me need to take a lesson from you and Rati…..I wish i could draw liner as perfectly as you….I found the cap quite odd….it sticks out like a sore thumb….ugly…

    1. Thanks Jomol.. :blush:

      Try Rati’s tip… I draw the line in one swift motion… This gives a thin line.. Then you can correct or thicken it little by little… :lashes:

      The lid is very cheap… :no:

  2. Jomol,

    rest your elbow on the table, you would be able to get a perfect line and rest is the matter of practice. 🙂

    M, it’s looking very beautiful on your eyes and I am sucker for matte finishes these days. 🙂 I so wanted to buy this but since I did not have a single complaint with my Inglot liner, I could control my temptation. And hell yeah! I use gel liners- Inglot -black, MAC fluidline -waveline, and Clinique Cream liner- honey brown. 🙂

  3. Hello Rati
    Good to have a prompt reply. I am really into make up. And I was looking for a good Indian makeup forum and stumbled upon yours. Nice initiative.

    I checked up and found that the Maybelline gel liner is available in Lifestyle Rajouri garden. Will go there this weekend.

    And one more thing with Maybelline waterproof eyeliner is whenever I use them my eyes turn red. I am not sure if it is this Liner or is it the eyeshadow or what…..but my eyes turn itchy and red. Any similar experiences? Any solution to this problem?

    What’s your take on MAC eyeshadows? I have a few of them and find them no different from Bourjois or Revlon.

    1. Stop using it, Anu. Your body shows signs of what it likes and what it doesn’t s you must listen to it. 🙂

      I sue maybelline ye studio pencil and I am not a big fan of it. It stung my eye pretty badly, actually i shouldn’t have used it on my waterline. Never picked up MAC eye shados. I dunno why. i have many eye shadows from maybelline , colorbar, inglot, bourjois etc and I am quite happy with them. Never felt the need to pick up mac for eyeshadow. :-/

        1. Mrunmayee hasn’t mentioned anything about the irritation in the eyes and had that been the case she would have. So i don’t think it causes any irritation. Also, don’t put gel or liquid liners in your eyes and you’d be fine. 🙂

  4. Hi Rati
    I got my Maybelline Gel Liner and must tell u that it is awesome! I am very impressed with the packaging, gel and most importantly the brush. It is excellent quality and full worth the money.

    Regarding the Lakme eye shadow quads, I have all of these quads and i have a problem with them in the sense that i find they are too glittery and they do not blend easily..i got them when i was new t makeup and did not know anything about eyesahdows. but i don’t want to throw them either. Could u tell me a way to use it properly so that it stays and does not fade.

    1. Thanks to Mrunmayee. 🙂 And now I also want it so badly. 🙁

      If the shadows have a lot of fall out then apply generous amount of loose powder on your cheeks before aplying shadows. This way the fallout would be on the powder and not on the face leaving glitters on your face. You may remove the loose powder with the powder beush afterwords.

      Also your eye shadows must have a base. I use MAC paint pot in painterly.

      You may pick Inglot eyeshadow base or Beyu eyeshdow base. If nothing else use your concealer so that your shadows stay long on your eyes. Also if you feel that the shadows don’t blend well then use a patting motion with your brush than swiping the shadows. Pat-pat-pat and then blend lightly with the blending brush. Read review on lakme quatret here :

        1. I don’t use eyebrow pencils myself because I have pretty dark brows but if I have to, I just use the dark brown eyeshadow from my Maybelline Chai Latte Quad to fill in my brows. Don’t use a black pencil. Use a gray or brown for brows, it looks more natural. The Body Shop has a very pretty brow kit, you may take a look at that as well. 🙂


    hiii please check out dis video on youtube. and can you tel me if dis product of maybelline, dat u hav mentioned above, can be applied the same way as dis makeup artist did?? he applied it on the model’s upper inner lashline using a cream eyeliner. My eyes are very small and i hav tried many eyeliners (both pencils n liquid) and they make them appear even smaller. I use only a kajal for my lower lashline. and can u also give a review on revlon beyond defining eyepencil. I hav heard a lot about it from my friend.
    waiting for ur reply..


    1. Hi Nithya,

      I personally don’t apply cream liners inside my eyes. The best way is to apply kajal on your water line and squish your eyes once tightly. The squishing would transfer the kajal on your upper lashline. Then reapply the kajal on waterline again. You may use kohl pencils as well for tight-lining, the same way the MUA uses the brush, you may use the pencil.

      Other than that, avoid doing heavy smokey eyes. If at all you do, apply shimmer/glitter right on the center on your eyelid. It would reflect light and would make your eyes look bigger

      Curl your lashes and apply loads of mascara, that would lift your lashes and open up your eyes.

      For smaller lashes it is highly recommended that you apply skin colour kohl pencil rather than the kajal on your waterline. But if you really want some black in your eyes then apply the skin colour kohl pencil on your waterline and then lightly apply black waterproof pencil on your lower lash line and smudge it a little. This way you would have your kohl on your eyes and wouldn’t even make your eyes look smaller.

      Use lighter colour on lids as much as you can.

      Hope these help. 🙂

      1. Hey Rati,

        I’ve been reading on some firang blogs that they use white eyeliner pencil on the lower lashes to open up the eyes and was wondering whether it would translate to dusky complexions as well or is it more about finding some light colour that blends with our skin tone?

        1. White looks quite fake on Indian skin tones. Use a skintone shade pencil and that looks natural. Chambor and MAC has such pencils. 🙂

  6. day before yesterday i went to buy this liner….n u knw what…they have discontinued this liner atleast i cudnt buy this in delhi 🙁 …i sooooo wanted this liner 😥 ..i have looked for it at two places both told me its discontinued…does anybody knw abt dis?

      1. i went to shopper’s stop and lifestyle both @Ambience mall, vasant kunj….yeah Rati do tell me if i can get it anywhere in delhi… i sooo badly want it… :-((

  7. hey rati..
    i have been using this eysliner .. but it was wen my friend bought it frm singapore… nw i m out of stock can u tell me if v can get it in mumbai…??
    plz it really urgent it the best thing i have ever used n i neen it this month it a sisters engagement party….

  8. thanx alot for the feeback.. can suggest any thing like dis for futre use..
    i use this as the kajal – for the bottom of the eyes… to get the kareena look.. can u suggest anything lyk dat..

    1. You can check out MAC fluidline or Inglot gel liners . I don’t think you should be using it as a kajl, it’s not safe to use inside the eyes. 🙁

      You apply this liner at the lower lashline (not inside, for inside use kajal), the take a black eye shadow and lightly go over that eyeliner. Take an ear bud and softly smudge the eyeshadow. You’ll get that kind of effect. 🙂

  9. I have this too and I am loving it for everyday use.
    I usually get up late so I apply eyeliner at office 😛
    The liquid ones doesnt come out so well fr me wen i apply it in office as the mirrors are not so comfortable
    but this gel liners allows me to neatly apply
    lov it and i’d say perfect for beginners

  10. :nababana: :manicure: hi rati! i am in need of a good eyeliner.will buy it this friday!can you suggest me a good waterproof eyeliner?previously i bought lakme but that used to irritate my eyes very badly and then i went for avon,but that doesn’t stay long.i need a liner that will stay for quite a long time.

  11. I love this liner. It has super staying power… I have rubbed my eyes sometimes ruining the best of make-ups but this one still stay put. I also like how easily it glides on. <3
    I want to buy the one in Plum soon 🙂

  12. i totally agree with you… but 1 thing you forgot to mention about lakme eye artist that is if it isn’t in use for couple of weeks it get dried up. I have used both of them n while doing workout lakme eye artist gets fused with the sweat n makes the face looks dirty while Maybelline gel liner doesn’t spread up with sweat. It remains as it is……
    I would prefer Lakme eye artist during weddings… It gives more chances to explore the eye region while with maybelline gel liner u cant go for vivid designs just like kareena kapoor did in ashoka….

  13. Hey…I really liked your post. As I am using eye liners for the first time so I would like your suggestion @ it. & also flipkart is providing Maybelline lasting drama gel @ rs 475/- not on rs 375/-

  14. hey…actually dis is d best liner i have used till now …but there’s a problem I’m facing with it every time i bought it….when it comes to finish it got dries n can’t b applied smoothly…it also creates irritation on eyelids…if i rub my eyes it removes like powder…n every time i have to throw it n have to buy a new one

  15. I used the newer version of this product, with the plastic lid (I bought it in June or July this year I think), and I absolutely love it. I have been using liquid liner for 3 years or so, so it does take a little bit “getting used to”, so, there’s that. But once you take a couple days to get used to the brush, it’s very versatile, you can do a simple liner, cat eye, dramatic wing, literally anything. I wore it to the beach as a winged liner, put it on at 7 in the morning, got drenched, and at 10 in the night, it hadn’t budged even a little, that’s one thing I love about it. It really is waterproof. I feel like the brush could be better, but other than that, I have nothing bad to say about it. It doesn’t budge with soap or water, only makeup remover can get it off. Love the product, would recommend, but not to those just starting out, because you do need a little practice with makeup, to get the hang of it.

  16. Hi guys,

    I hav oily face and my Kajal tends to smudge pretty soon. I will surely try this gel liner. Also, which Kajal would u suggest for my lower waterline??? Nothing stays and gets washed away in a few hours. Tooo smudgy! Ur suggestion is appreciated! Thanks 🙂

    1. Try Colorbar just smoky kajal. Its a bit expensive, but worth every penny. It remains as it is for an entire day on my oily face, even in humid weather.

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