Maybelline Face Studio Master Prime Blur + Illuminate Primer Review

By Shwetha H.

I was never a big fan of Maybelline products till I came to the US, but Maybelline is one of the best drugstore brands here in the US and I have used some amazing products from this brand in the last 6 months. So, when I decided to try my first primer, it had to be Maybelline.

Maybelline Face Studio Master Prime Blur + Illuminate

USD 9.99

Product Details:
Visually blurs skin tone imperfections and smoothes fine lines. Primes skin for even makeup application.


Maybelline Face Studio Master Prime Blur + Illuminate

My Experience with Maybelline Face Studio Master Prime Blur + Illuminate Primer:

I actually have some red areas on my skin, so I was interested more in the Blur+Redness shade, however, it wasn’t available in the store. Now, all makeup addicts will agree that just because something isn’t available, we don’t give up, right? We buy the next best thing 😛 And so I went with the “Blur+Illuminate” shade.

I use this primer after applying a moisturizer and I must say I like it. First, it has a very light smell, which doesn’t bother me, but if one has a sensitive nose, one might not like it. The smell goes away very quickly, so that’s not a problem.

Maybelline Face Studio Master Prime Blur + Illuminate

The texture of the primer is thin, lotion like, and it spreads easily without minimal effort. It doesn’t have the silicon-based feel, which is nice and feels very light on the skin.

Now, the company claims that this product blurs skin tone imperfections and smooths fine lines, which is true. I applied the primer on one side of the face and compared it with the other one and it did look a little evened out. I have some visible pores on my cheek, which it did soften. Of course, it didn’t make them disappear, but my face looks a little smoothened out. The company says “Wear alone or under makeup” and hence I tried wearing just the primer once and it looked nice. The other time, I wore a BB cream on top as I don’t use foundations for daily use and the best part – my face looked clean and clear all day long. Another benefit, and something that a primer is used for – my makeup stayed on, throughout the day, without any retouch required! The Maybelline coral blush that I had reviewed earlier, which I had to retouch in the middle of the day, I didn’t do it after applying the primer. So, that’s the best benefit so far.

Maybelline Face Studio Master Prime Blur + Illuminate

When used alone, the skin looks evened out, but not flawless. With a BB cream, it looks even better, almost flawless. I have a little dry patch around my mouth, and I am not sure that this is just because of the primer or a combination of other things that I am doing right now, but the fact is that the dry area stayed moisturized all day long. I didn’t need to dig into the moisturizer again.  So, I am assuming the primer must’ve helped seal in my moisturizer. Who knows, all I can say is I am happy the way I look!

Also, to use it as a sunscreen, the suggested use is to apply liberally and use every two hours, which I did not do because I use a perfectly good sunscreen.

What it doesn’t do though is “illuminate.” I didn’t feel that it brightened my face; however, with a combination of a Primer+BB cream, I get more or less the same effect.

Pros of Maybelline Face Studio Master Prime Blur + Illuminate Primer:

  • Evens out fine lines, minimizes pores.
  • Contains broad spectrum of SPF 30.
  • Gives a smooth look to the face.
  • Retains makeup for a longer time.
  • Great texture.
  • Only a little product is sufficient for the face, so might last longer.
  • Perfect for my dry skin, retains moisture.
  • Weightless, water-based, non-oily texture.

Cons of Maybelline Face Studio Master Prime Blur + Illuminate Primer:

  • Doesn’t illuminate, doesn’t stand to the claim of “brightens dull complexion.”
  • Doesn’t give a flawless look if worn alone without a BB cream or a foundation.
  • Not available in India.

Would I Repurchase/Recommend Maybelline Face Studio Master Prime Blur + Illuminate Primer?

Although there might be better primers in the market, I liked the Maybelline Face Studio Master Prime™ In Blur + Illuminate as it gives me a nice and even look, blurs my fine lines a little, and helps my makeup stay longer. This is perfect for beginners like me and can be used daily without making big holes in your pockets.  I would definitely make this a part of my daily regime and so would buy this again.

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