Maybelline Lip Polish – Glam 12 Review

Maybelline Lip Polish – Glam 12 Review

Hellooooo to all the lovely and gorgeous lasses out there!!!

Today, I am back with one of the most-raved about products nowadays – Maybelline Lip Polish in the shade Glam 12. Ever since I had read Rati maam’s day to night look using these beauties, I know I had to get one. I immediately went on a search online and ordered one shade. Since I still was not satisfied, I got another (*hihi* greedy me). Let’s get on with the review and find out how this particular product and shade worked for me.



The packaging is superbly cute. A bullet-shaped container with a rectangular transparent outer case with a silver cap on top, I just love it. It is said that the first impression lasts and for this mini beauty, it stands true. First sight, and I fell in love.


The Maybelline Lip Polish comes at a price of Rs. 450/- for a quantity of 5 ml. It is pretty affordable considering the fact that it is a lip colour, lip gloss and lip balm – all in one!!! It comes with a mini brush attached to the cap. Normally, I have a view that applicators that come with the product itself are not very good. They are more of a forced liability than an asset, but again, Maybelline proves me wrong here. The brush is an excellent applicator, even for a gloss beginner like me.


My Take on Maybelline Lip Polish – Glam 12:

The shade which I have here is Glam 12. It is the most beautiful and toned down red I have seen in a long time, trust me. Have you ever heard of a red, which can be a nude shade as well. Well, this shade is. It is just gorgeous, I cannot stop raving about it. Even if there are certain shortcomings in the product itself, this particular shade makes up for it. It has very minute glitters which just adds the right sheen to it. You can easily increase or decrease the intensity of the shade according to your look, because, this red is not over the top, so you can never go wrong with it.


It is very moisturizing, yes indeed. Even if you have not applied a clear lip balm underneath, it is not a problem, just make sure that you have exfoliated your lips so that dry patches do not embarrass you.


This was a super pleasant surprise. Normally, if a lipstick is long lasting, it is matte and not moisturizing.  If it is moisturizing, then one meal or any drink or beverage, kaboom! Its gone from your lips. This one, stays, moisturizes, but sticks to your lips and that too comfortably. It can easily survive snacks and drinks although the colour slowly fades. Even after a full meal, a pretty tint is there. Very impressive, for a moisturising glossy lip colour.


The colour, as I said, is buildable and not over the top at the same time. It is a red which you can easily carry off.


Pros of Maybelline Lip Polish – Glam 12:

  • Beautiful shade.
  • Superb pigmentation.
  • Very creamy and soothing on lips.
  • Gloss, colour, balm in one.
  • Decent staying power.
  • Excellent and unique applicator.
  • Affordable.
  • Easily available online and offline.


Cons of Maybelline Lip Polish – Glam 12:

  • SPF factor, I think they should have considered it at this price.

IMBB Rating:

4.75/5. It is a superb lip colour which is worth every penny you spend on it.

Hope you all enjoyed the review and found it useful. Till the next time, bye, stay gorgeous :* :* :*

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  1. It is a very wearable and pretty shade *haan ji* , and your lip swatch is beautiful *whistle* I got the glam 3 in this range and am loving it *happy dance*

    1. Thaaaanks *puchhi* n i just love love loooooove this shade *happy dance* …i have three of these n still i want more *drool* *drool*

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