Maybelline Master Flush Stick – Peach Babe and Pink Review

So, I am reviewing two shades from Maybelline’s Master Flush Stick range – Peach Babe and Pink.

Maybelline Master Flush Stick Peach Babe and Pink packaging

$19.90 SGD
Product Description:
Maybelline’s first colour changing blush stick that self adjusts. Our 1st customize cheek tint for the perfect flush. Ph reactive colorant creates unique flush colours on your skin. The soft sponge applicator helps to blend easily for a natural finish.

My Experience with Maybelline Master Flush Stick – Peach Babe and Pink:

Honestly, both the shade names are misleading. “Pink” is this sheer, neon-ish orange-y kind of a color. “Peach Babe” is a warm, plum kind of a color, so the shade names are extremely misleading. As much as I loved “Masterflush Powder” blushes, the stick versions from Mabyelline have not really impressed me.

Maybelline Master Flush Stick Peach Babe and Pink outer packaging

These blushes come in stick form and I was so excited to try the cream version of Maybelline Master Flush, but these blushes, especially “Pink” is so sheer that you have to apply so much of it. Also, I feel, “Pink” does not even stay more than two to three hours, it kind of disappears and also if you apply too much of the blush, it kind of moves the foundation underneath. It’s not just a great experience overall.

Maybelline Master Flush Sticks Peach Babe and Pink

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The darker color, “Peach Babe,” is much more pigmented than Pink. Peach Babe will be decent for people with medium skin tones, but still, I am not so impressed with the whole quality of these blushes and how they feel on the skin.

Maybelline Master Flush Stick Peach Babe and Pink

These blushes do impart a light glow to the skin, but I feel it is kind of temporary, does not last very long. Your skin would kind of eat up the product, so would not recommend these blushes.  The only thing I would say that “Peach Babe” would probably last a bit better than “Pink,” but these blushes would not be on my recommendation list at all.

I like the color of “Peach Babe,” so I would like to give Peach Babe 3/5 but Pink would be like 2/5. I don’t know whom the “Pink” blush would suit because it is such a strange kind of a color. They didn’t break me out, didn’t cause any irritation to my skin. They come with this little applicator at the end, but these blushes are best used with fingertips. The applicator is fine but I don’t know how you would clean it after three to four uses and creates a mess.

Maybelline Master Flush Stick Peach Babe and Pink brush applicator

The applicator has a little sponge at the end, it’s not like even a brush that you can easily clean. So, you would have to wash it or wouldn’t know how to clean, you don’t know how to wash it or figure it out. Not impressed at all.

Maybelline Master Flush Stick Peach Babe and Pink swatches

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Maybelline Master Flush Creator Kissbite
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