Maybelline Master Precise Curvy Liquid Eyeliner Review

Hello ladies,

Today’s product review is on an impulse buy – and the best part (or is it the worst) is that I didn’t even have the product in front of me and i still wanted to buy! LOL! First things first, even though everyone on IMBB thinks I am partial to lipsticks, I have actually always been an eyeliner person – liquid eyeliner with felt tip applicator. Even in my college days, I had to have an eyeliner on, irrespective of whether I had a lipstick on or not. It’s just that without a liner, I feel that my eyes look sleepy. And with the liner on, there is a sharpness to my face which may translate to me. So, whether I apply lipstick or not, I have always used a liner. And obviously, while in college, you were on a budget and anyway the “big foreign brands” like “Maybelline” and “Revlon” had just entered the market. So, you did try everything there was on offer and finally, over the years, I settled on L’Oreal Super Liner. I’ve tried gel liners, pencil liners and liquid liners. I am fairly comfortable with all 3 now. However, when in a hurry, my weapon of choice remains a liquid liner with a felt tip – the L’Oreal Super Liner. Over the years, I have gone through dozens of tubes of this liner. I do try something new once in a while, but I come back to this one. Honestly, it’s not that the L’Oreal one is so fab, it’s just that my hand is so set on it now, I can use it in my sleep (not literally though!!) But you get what I am saying. So, recently my friend was in London and she went shopping in Boots, so obviously, we were online because over time something caught her fancy, she would ask me whether she should pick it or not. Since I know her taste, her routine and her entire collection, I would advise her accordingly and when she told me about this Maybelline Curvy eyeliner, I was super intrigued. So, she picked one up for herself and one for me.


Product Description:
Now, you control the curve! Define your eyes with full-bodied precision. Our patent pending tip hugs lids for a seamless curvy line. Master Precise Curvy™ liquid eyeliner with an innovative grip and patent pending curve hugging tip.
GBP 6.99

How To Apply:
Step 1. Apply liner sideways for a generously curvy line, starting from the inner corner.
Step 2. Use the tip to trace a curved wing.


My Experience with Maybelline Master Precise Curvy Liquid Eyeliner:

Packaging:  The product definitely has an innovative packaging. It’s a liquid liner in the form of a pen but isn’t cylindrical and the tip isn’t what a normal felt tip looks like. Have a look at the pictures, I am gonna make a hash of explaining it in words. The one thing I really appreciated was that the product came sealed. I really like when companies pay attention to this little detail because I have seen too many SAs (high end and budget counters) opening saleable pieces to show/swatch for customers!


Let’s dive in and address the elephant in the room – the whole “patent pending tip” – the revolutionary idea – does it work? Are you able to create a thin line or a thick line at ease?

1. The felt tip glides easily; however, on my wrinkled lids, I feel it tends to skip, which I believe is because of the applicator – not the pigment. The applicator allows easy manoeuvrability. It has a bit of give at the neck, the opposite point of the rhomboid. However, a normal felt tip applicator has a bit of give at the tip itself which allows the tip to move along the skin – even when there are bumpbs/wrinkles and deposit colour. Since the tip of this one is stiff and does not have that give at the point of application – the colour tends to skip. Obviously, this will not be an issue for young girls or females with “well cared for” lids, females who have not spend sleepless nights rubbing their eyes while preparing for 2 exams the next day – every day – for 10 days at a stretch – every 6 months! Okay, life story apart – you get what I am saying, right?


2. Once you start applying – it’s more about instinct than actually turning and twirling the liner to get a thick/thin line, but yes, in essence, it is possible to twist then in your fingers to get a thick line or a thinner one. For me, it was okay. Would it be such a great thing for a novice…not really sure of that. See, when I am using the liner, I am going by instinct. The moment you start thinking it out, chances of you messing it up are actually higher.


3. It is actually very easy for doing a cat flick. It works very well for that. Easy to do this – even for a novice.

4. The pen itself is not slender. It’s not even like a chubby stick. It’s this gigantic thing – in an oblong shape! Who the hell took a call on this, I don’t undersand. How could somebody think that holding this thing in your hand would be better than holding a slender pen instead – beats me. The only good thing is that the pen itself isn’t heavy. It is actually fairly light, so I am able to manage with it. Would a novice find it easier to use than a pen shaped liner, I doubt it!


5. This one seems to come only in one shade – Black! The good thing is when I say “black,” it is black, not buildable to Black! 😉 It’s jet black on one pass itself and settles to a matte finish. When using this, I do not feel the need to pass over twice to build up the shade to a jet black colour.


6. If untouched, it stays put – does not disappear.


7. It isn’t waterproof. A hint of moisture and it will run! So, if you have runny eyes, likely to cry, sweaty day – avoid this one for sure. It’s a ditcher!


To sum this up for you:

Pros of Maybelline Master Precise Curvy Liquid Eyeliner:

  • Deep intense matte black.
  • Easy to do a thin or a thick line.
  • Easy to do a cat flick.
  • Does not sting the eye.
  • Sealed packaging.
  • Novelty element.

Cons of Maybelline Master Precise Curvy Liquid Eyeliner:

  • Thick oblong tube does not help.
  • The stiffness of the tip causes the shade to skip on textured skin.
  • There isn’t any extra ease of application for a novice.
  • Isn’t waterproof or long wearing.

IMBB Rating:

All in all, it’s an averge formula with a novel packaging. Does the novelty translate into extra brownie points in its favour – not really. Is there extra advantage for beginners/novice to use this? I don’t think so. I will use it while it lasts but not likely to repurchase. Apart from he gimmicky – nothing too special about it!

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3 thoughts on “Maybelline Master Precise Curvy Liquid Eyeliner Review

  1. You have done a good job with this thick applicator too KK – love the flick you have created on your eyes. Also, I just wanna pick the loreal super liner after this review 🙂

    1. Hey! The shape of the tip actually helps with the flick but in case of my wrinkled lids – i have to work at join the broken parts of the flick!

      Loreal super liner is literally my no brainer eyeliner… I can’t live without it.

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