Maybelline Neon Pink Superstay 14HR Megawatt Lipstick Review

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Everyone is raving a lot about the newly launched ‘Megawatt’ range by Maybelline. Somewhere, I felt that the shade range could have been a bit different. 3 pinks and 1 red, the range seems incomplete! The 3 pinks are very close to each other. I have liked almost all the Maybelline products, but it is very disappointing to declare that this is one of those rare duds by them. Read more to know why this one did not work for me!

Maybelline Neon Pink Superstay 14HR Megawatt Lipstick Review2

Product Description:
Our Superstay 14hr Lipstick is super charged with high voltage colour to make statement bold lips. No dullness, no dragging, just weightless colour that lasts the distance.

Why You’ll Love It:
• Electric pigments for supercharged colour
• 14hr longwear that lasts
• Lightweight formula with no dragging

Maybelline Neon Pink Superstay 14HR Megawatt Lipstick Review1

For Best Results:
Apply your lipcolor by starting in the center of your upper lip. Work from the center to the outer edges of your lip, following the contours of your mouth. Then glide across the entire bottom lip.

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INR 575

My Experience with Maybelline Neon Pink Superstay 14HR Megawatt Lipstick:

Maybelline Neon Pink Superstay 14HR Megawatt Lipstick Review

The Superstay range had a variety of colours to choose from, but this range has very limited shades. The range consists of 4 shades to choose from and this range majorly consists of really bold and vibrant shades. The name Superstay is good enough to convince us to buy these. As more than anything, we want a lip color that would stay for a long time; something that wouldn’t wipe out when you take a bite of a sandwich or have a cup of coffee. It is exactly what we need! The packaging is decent and looks good and different than other Maybelline lip colors. The upper portion is white (that is the cap) and the bottom half exactly resembles the shade of the lip color. Hence, it becomes easy to identify if we have a few of these in the vanity.

Maybelline Neon Pink Superstay 14HR Megawatt Lipstick Review3

The bullet is pretty and smooth enough on the lips. The shade “Neon pink” is exactly like its name! It is a bold and a vibrant neon pink shade that creates a pop on the lips as soon as I apply it. It can be called electric pink because it makes your lips look like neon lights in clubs. 😛 It is more on the hot pink side with mild blue undertones. This shade is, again, way too neon for my liking, the application wasn’t really smooth although the bullet looked like that. Because of high pigmentation, it sticks on some of the chapped portions on my lips. It looks awful! It settles down after a while, but as soon as you eat something it looks really disgusting. Some colour wears off while some sticks badly to the dry portions making the shade look very cheap.

Maybelline Neon Pink Superstay 14HR Megawatt Lipstick Review4

I did not even feel like this is something that belongs to Maybelline because it looks super cheap. This shade will not suit all the skin tones as it is neon. It settles badly into the fine lines and I could literally notice those fine lines. It has a super yummy fragrance and it smells absolutely like a fruity marshmallow/bubble-gum. But, what’s the use? The only good thing about this is that it does not transfer on glasses or tissues a lot. 2-3 swipes are good enough to get the entire colour on my lips. It lasts really long, say 6-7 hours, but after an hour it looks uneven and patchy. Also, my lips feel a bit dry. This is a total skip and do not put your money on this one!

Maybelline Neon Pink Superstay 14HR Megawatt Lipstick Review5

Maybelline Neon Pink Superstay 14HR Megawatt Lipstick Review6

Pros of Maybelline Neon Pink Superstay 14HR Megawatt Lipstick:

• The packaging is convenient and has the shade color at the bottom half, so easy to identify in the lot
• Easily available
• The shade is an electric, vibrant and a bold neon pink that adds a fun factor to your makeup
• It smells like a fruity marshmallow or a bubble-gum
• The lip color becomes matte after a while and doesn’t feel heavy at all
• It stays on lips for 6-7 hours which is incredible
• It does not transfer even though the shade is so bold and pigmented

Cons of Maybelline Neon Pink Superstay 14HR Megawatt Lipstick:

• Lips may start to feel dry after a while
• I feel it is not a versatile shade; only the ones who can carry bold shades will be able to carry this
• Shade selection is limited to just 4 shades
• It settles badly into the fine lips
• Highlights the chapped portions on my lips
• The colour becomes uneven after an hour; it creates a patchy look
• It looked damn cheap after a while

Would I Repurchase/Recommend Maybelline Neon Pink Superstay 14HR Megawatt Lipstick?
Nope, not at all! Although the pigmentation and finish are great, the look isn’t appealing. Rather try Flash of Fuchsia from the same range; it works sooo much better than this!

IMBB Rating:

Maybelline has better neon shades to be tried out from the Pink Alert range, Bold Matte range, Rebel Boutique range; this is a little less worthy than those!

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8 thoughts on “Maybelline Neon Pink Superstay 14HR Megawatt Lipstick Review

    1. Yaaaaaa exactly Parmita 🙁 it looked really good initially but after an hour and also after I had some food.. it looked terrible 🙁

  1. Looking at your swatches, nobody can say that the shade isn’t good enough. It looks so pretty, as usual. I love pink lipsticks, but this one is way bold. Not happy that it clings to dry areas.

    1. I know even I felt the same… during the initial hour I thought the same but the results later were disappointing 🙁 Yup this is extremely bold for my liking too 🙁

    1. Thanks a lot Emmy 🙂 🙂 it looked absolutely stunning initially and I had so much good to say about this … but omg the moment I had food.. it was ruined and looked utterly cheap 🙁

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