Maybelline Pink Alert Lipstick by Color Sensational – Shade POW2

Maybelline Pink Alert lipstick by Color Sensational – Shade POW2

Hi everybody!

I’m going to begin this post with thanking all you lovelies for such sweet comments on my last two posts, I’m really flattered and humbled! 😀 I’d also confess that since I started reading IMBB, I have been madly obsessed with lipsticks and I’ve recklessly been buying so many lip products lately. LOL! The product I’m reviewing today is Maybelline Pink Alert lipstick by Color Sensational in the shade POW2 which is a beautiful bright pink shade.



How Maybelline Describes Pink Alert lipstick by Color Sensational:

• Amp up your lips in the hottest pink.
• In 4 bright pink shades
• Passionate Pink color only from our vivid color pigments
• Creamier feel only from our nourishing honey nectar


Product Price- INR 375

Product Quantity: 3.9 gms.

Shelf Life: 36 months

Shades available In Pink Alert by Color Sensational: POW1, POW2, POW3, POW4

My experience with is Maybelline Pink Alert lipstick by Color Sensational in the shade POW2:

I’m super duper excited about sharing my experience with this total gorgeousness I bought today! The moment I got to know this lipstick is similar to the Maybelline Vivids, I kid you not, I started doing little jigs in my head. LOL! A lipstick similar to the Vivids now available in India? Yes, Please!!! Needless I say, I bought without thinking twice. And here I am, sharing my experience with it. I wore this lipstick yesterday night itself (at a little family dinner party) and got a couple compliments from my cousins and aunts. Boy was I on cloud 9!


Starting with the packaging, the plastic wrap on the lipstick has Pink Alert written on it which is absolutely girly. On the other three sides of the plastic wrap, the product details, MRP etc are mentioned. The sticker at the bottom of the lipstick denotes the color of the lipstick and has the shade mentioned. The cap of the lipstick is pink! And did I mention before that if there’s something in pink, there’s no chance I won’t like it!! The packaging inside is pretty typical, like the other Maybelline Color Sensational lipsticks.

Coming to the texture of the lipstick, it’s very moisturizing and creamy. It does not settle into fine lines. The lipstick glides really smoothly onto lips. The color payoff is praiseworthy. All you need is one swipe to get that gorgeous hot pink color. I applied this lipstick yesterday for only 4-5 hours but I was amazed by the staying power. After a light meal, the color did diminish a little but the lipstick stain stayed which I actually liked. The lipstick has a shiny effect to it so I didn’t care to apply a lip gloss over it. Neither did I apply any lip balm because it’s also very moisturizing and feels very light on lips.



Pros of is Maybelline Pink Alert lipstick by Color Sensational in the shade POW2:

• Very moisturizing
• Super affordable
• Creamy texture
• Great staying power
• Extremely beautiful shade
• Cute, girly packaging
• Great color payoff



Cons of is Maybelline Pink Alert lipstick by Color Sensational – Shade POW2

• Didn’t find any yet. 😀

Will I repurchase/ Do I recommend is Maybelline Pink Alert lipstick by Color Sensational – Shade POW2?

I’d repurchase it once I finish this one off. And of course I recommend it if you’re looking for a bright pink lipstick.

IMBB Rating: 4.5/5

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