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Skin Tone: Medium Olive
Hello beauties!!
Maybelline, recently launched their Super stay 24 color lipcolor range, in India and I picked two shades, from this range. Today I am sharing my view, on the shade ‘Keep Up the flame’. Let’s get into the review.

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Product Description:
Maybelline New York introduces a real life beauty champion, the only 24HR Life Proof Lipstick Super Stay 24 HR Color. Meet the 24-hour lip color that stretches the limits of long-wear. Formula with Micro-Flex looks & feels fabulous after 24 hours.
• No crumbling, no caking, no fading, no feathering, no transferring.
• Gives you high coverage without bleeding.
• 2-step lip color in one pack.
• In 14 gorgeous long-lasting shades.
How to use product:
Step 1. Apply liquid lip color to clean, bare lips.
Step 2. Allow two minutes to dry, then apply the ultra-conditioning balm to seal in moisture.
Step 3. Reapply balm as needed.
Step 4. Remove with an oil-based makeup remover.

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Maybelline Super Stay 24 Color Lipcolor ‘Keep up the Flame’ 2

Price: Rs. 600/-

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My Experience with Maybelline Super Stay 24 Color Lipcolor ‘Keep Up the Flame’:

Maybelline Super Stay 24 Color Lipcolor ‘Keep up the Flame’ 1

Lip color comes in a white dual ended tube, with a color coded tube. I can open both side smoothly. The color coded side contains liquid lip color, and white side has a clear balm. I like this compact packaging, and product never leaks. It is very easy to carry around. The shade name mentioned, at the bottom of the tube. It comes with a very nice applicator, that evenly spared the color on lips. Brush is good, and you can easily line up your lips, with a steady hand.

Maybelline Super Stay 24 Color Lipcolor ‘Keep up the Flame’ 7

Shade & Pigmentation:
It has a huge shade range, and I picked two colors among 10 shades. This ‘Keep up the flame’ is a very beautiful bold red shade, that looks absolutely stunning, on my tanned skin tone. It has a warm tone in it, that makes it more gorgeous. It is actually a true rusty base red, that is perfect for Indian skin tone. It doesn’t have any shimmers. I love this shade. Also it is super pigmented, that needs only one swipe for the perfect color pay off.

Maybelline Super Stay 24 Color Lipcolor ‘Keep up the Flame’ 8

Texture & Quality:
It is a 2 in 1 lip color, that contains one liquid lipstick and one lip balm. I need to apply the liquid lipstick fast, and then I need to apply the balm over that liquid color. Liquid lip color has smooth texture, that glides easily on lips without any tugging, and the texture evenly spared on lips. It needs two layers, for that perfect even texture that never moves. But extra layering makes it little heavy and patchy.

Maybelline Super Stay 24 Color Lipcolor ‘Keep up the Flame’ 9.

Actually the upper layer dries out quickly, so it needs proper and fast application, but it takes time to dry out completely. It is too sticky in nature, so don’t touch your lips, otherwise it will peel off from the lips, must wait until it dries out properly. After 1-2 min it settles down in a perfect matte texture, and very dry on lips, and that’s why I must need to apply the balm, on the top of the matte shade. As the color dries out completely, and settle down in a perfect non transferable matte texture, so it doesn’t smudge at all, even with a balm. It stays perfectly without any mess. It is totally waterproof lip color.

Maybelline Super Stay 24 Color Lipcolor ‘Keep up the Flame’ 10

Lip balm, provides the desire hydration to lips and makes lip soft; it actually helps to reduce that dryness, and also provides a glossy shine, on the dry texture. It generally doesn’t settle in fine lines, or never creases but if you apply excess product then it bleads from the center of my lips. Without the balm, it feels little uncomfortable on lips, but with balm it feels very comfortable and soft.

Staying Power:
Company claims that it is a 24hr lip color, and yes, it is a true claim. It is a super long wear lip color, that stays over 18-19 hrs on my lips. I never wear it 24 hrs, but you need to apply perfect layer, that never moves. If you apply very thin layer or extra thick layer, then it can move from the inner liner of lips. But this lipcolor can survive any kind of food. It never needs reapplication, but the lip balm needs reapplication after lunch or after few hrs to maintain the hydration.
But the problem is to remove it from lips. It is so hard to remove completely, it needs a good creamy makeup remover, and takes long time to remove the overall stain from lips.

Maybelline Super Stay 24 Color Lipcolor ‘Keep up the Flame’ 11

Overall: I love this shade; it looks super bold red on me, and also love the staying power. It is a perfect party wear lip color, that looks gorgeous on lips. But sometime it is little difficult to work with this lipstick if you in a hurry. The process takes proper time for that perfect look.

Pros of Maybelline Super Stay 24 Color Lipcolor ‘Keep Up the Flame’:

• Pretty color coded leakage proof packaging.
• Affordable.
• Gorgeous warm rusty red shade with a bold tone.
• Suits on all skin tone.
• Great pigmented and no shimmers.
• 2 in 1 formula has one liquid color and a glossy lip balm.
• Color and balm has smooth texture.
• Glides easily and evenly.
• Color settles in a perfect matte texture.
• Balm provides that perfect hydration.
• With balm feels comfortable.
• With balm has a glossy shinny finish.
• Transfer proof, water proof and smudge proof.
• Super long wear lip color almost 20hrs.
• Survive lunch perfectly.

Cons of Maybelline Super Stay 24 Color Lipcolor ‘Keep Up the Flame’:

• Sticky in nature so need to wait,, until it dries out completely.
• Only liquid color makes lips dry, and feels uncomfortable.
• Extra layers feel little heavy.
• Lip balm needs to reapply after lunch or after few hrs.
• Very difficult remove it completely.

IMBB Rating: 4.3/5
Will I Repurchase/Recommend Maybelline Super Stay 24 Color Lipcolor ‘Keep up the Flame’?
I love to try different shades, and I will surely purchase more shades but you should try this because it is a super long wear lipcolor.

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