Maybelline Superstay 14 hr Lipstick in Infinitely Fuchsia Review

Hello make-up junkies,

I really liked the 14 hr Superstay range from Maybelline since it stays on the lips forever! It doesn’t budge, does not even come off even if I eat 24/7. Shockingly, I came across one shade that was missed to be reviewed! The moment I got to know that this was left to be reviewed, I picked it up since I love such girly pink shades. Scroll to know more how this awesome pink shade worked for me!


Price: Rs 575

Product Description:

Long day ahead? Maybelline’s Superstay 14 Hour Lipstick keeps your lips looking gorgeous all day!
With super staying power and a weightless formula, this lipstick feels light, fresh and comfortable. Available in 20 different shades, you’re sure to feel spoilt for choice!

Here’s why you’ll love it:
• Has super rich color
• Features an ultra-lightweight formula for day-long comfort and freshness
• Pigments are enveloped in a longwearing system for increased staying power


My Experience with Maybelline Superstay 14 hr Lipstick in Infinitely Fuchsia

The Superstay range has a variety of shades to choose from and trust me, if I could, I would have picked all because each and every shade is awesome in itself. The shade range has a lot of bright and vibrant shades as well as some neutral shades for every day wear. Overall, this range is a complete package! The name Superstay is good enough to convince us to buy these, as more than anything we want a lip color that would stay for a longer time, something that wouldn’t wipe out when you are biting a sandwich or having a cup of coffee. It is exactly what we need!

The packaging is decent and looks good and different than the other Maybelline lip colors. The upper portion is white that is the cap and the bottom half exactly resembles the shade of the lip color. Hence it becomes easy to identify if we have a few of these in the vanity.


The shade “Infinitely Fuchsia” is exactly like its name! It is a stunning fuchsia pink shade which makes the lip look prettier than ever. It looks totally feminine, sophisticated and bold and cute at the same time. This pink is an all-rounder. It isn’t very vibrant like most of the fuchsias because the blue undertones are very mild and sober. So if you are the one, who is afraid to rock bright poppy fuchsias then this is the one that will get you the perfect fuchsia pout. This will suit all the skin-tones; in fact it will complement the Indian skin-tone beautifully. It looks gorgeous no matter when do you wear it; great to sport with a cute floral dress during the day and hot enough to rock with a LBD at night!


The bullet is very smooth and glides like butter on the lips despite the texture not looking very buttery. It has a super yummy fragrance and it smells absolutely like a fruity marshmallow/bubble-gum. Just 2 swipes and I have bold and cute Barbie type lips. It makes my skin tone look very bright and clean. It can be totally used to add spice to the no make-up look. It is very light-weight on the lips and it doesn’t feel like I have anything on my lips.
I went out and applied it at like 11 in the morning. At 2, I ate some cheesy fries, spring rolls with spicy Schezwan sauce and a Torrp-it-up sandwich and my lipstick remained as it is for the 4 hours. Then at 4, I had McDonalds burgers, some biryani, and chocolate frappe. Oh you guys, do not get diverted, concentrate on the lippie 😛 After having the 2nd meal, the lipstick started to come off a little from the middle portions of the lips, the outer lipstick stayed as it is. Also it started to highlight some chapped portions on my lips.

So if I could sum it up it stayed for 7 hours with a little flaking and I think it will survive just an hour more with light snacks, and by the way yes I am a big-time foodie 😛 So technically the 14 hour claim is not true but never mind, I wasn’t even hoping this to stay for that long. If I wouldn’t have eaten anything then it would have stayed 10 hours max but it is impossible not to eat  Hence I would say, currently I am loving this lipstick and this is an awesome pink to try out.
It also falls very close to Maybelline Superstay 14 hr Megawatt lipstick in Flash of fuchsia. The only difference is that Flash of fuchsia has a bit of a metallic sheen and this doesn’t. Also this is a bit sober and decent; that one is a lot more vibrant since the range name is Megawatt.

PicMonkey Collage comparison swatches

Pros of Maybelline Superstay 14 hr Lipstick in Infinitely Fuchsia

• The packaging is convenient and has the shade color at the bottom half so easy to identify in the lot.
• Available all around.
• The shade is true cool-toned fuchsia pink shade which looks extremely beautiful and pretty on the lips.
• It smells like a fruity marshmallow or a bubble-gum.
• It is a pink that every skin-tone can rock and moreover, it complements the Indian skin tones brilliantly.
• The pink does not look vibrant or neon at all; hence, the ones who stay away from bright fuchsias should try this one.
• It is complete matte formula without any shimmers or glossiness.
• It adds a fresh pink pop on the lips making my skin-tone look brighter.
• It stays on lips for 6-7 hours with full meal and some snacks, and without a full meal it stays for 8-9 hours with little munching here and there.
• It always keeps my lips look fresh and lively.

Cons of Maybelline Superstay 14 hr Lipstick in Infinitely Fuchsia

• The formula is very drying on the lips.
• Highlights the chapped portions on my lips after having a meal.

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Will I Repurchase/Recommend Maybelline Superstay 14 hr Lipstick in Infinitely Fuchsia?
Yes; this is one pink that I totally love and will come back to this if ever I run out of pink lipsticks. This has a perfect feminine pink for all, and all of you must give it a try.

Rating: 4.8/5

I love this range in particular from Maybelline although the formula is a bit drying because it stays for a really long time and the day goes hassle-free without any touch-ups!

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