Maybelline The Turbo Volume Express Washable Mascara Review

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How are you? Hope everything is fine at your end 🙂 We are currently enjoying the coolest summers of California 😛 Anyway today, I am here to share another eye makeup product with you all which was my impulse purchase. I was quite skeptical of using it initially because I bought it in a jiffy before my trip only to realize at the end of day that I had picked a washable version of the same mascara. I am lucky that this purchase didn’t disappoint me and I have a decent experience to share with you.  The mascara I am talking about is the Maybelline The Turbo Volum’ Express Washable Mascara. Oh yes, it is easily removable with water, which means that it is certainly not waterproof, hence a disappointment for watery eyes, but it does not smudge or transfer unless we cry or possibly rub our eyes. Now, let’s talk in detail about Maybelline The Turbo Volum Express Washable Mascara in Very Black.

Maybelline The Turbo Volum Express Washable Mascara

$6-$8 for 0.34 Fl Oz (10 ml), price varies across stores.

Maybelline The Turbo Volum Express Washable Mascara

Product Description:
Turbo boost formula and patented anti-clump brush quickly thicken lashes for up to 7x more volume. Maybelline Volum’ Express The Turbo Mascara is ophthalmologist tested.  Contact lens safe.  Washable.  Also available in waterproof version.

Maybelline The Turbo Volum Express Washable Mascara

My Experience with Maybelline The Turbo Volume Express Washable Mascara:

Well, I could only read “Very Black” while picking it up at the store standing in the long queue 😛 And it is certainly an intense black mascara, which perfectly complements my skin tone and natural black eye lashes. The mascara comes in the usual sturdy plastic mascara tube typical of the usual Maybelline mascara packaging, just that they differ in color and shape of mascara wand inside. The wand is long, sturdy with fine bristles. It does its job perfectly, coats every single lash. The texture of the mascara is also perfect and does not dry quickly on the lashes, manageable even with multiple coats.


It gives natural-looking lashes in a single swipe while 2-3 coats are needed to create dramatic eyes perfect for any party, night out, or wedding occasion. I like the fact that it does not feel heavier on my lashes even after several swipes (maximum 4 coats) and it does not leave those black clutters in between lashes like those drugstore mascaras; you know what I mean?


I feel that since it takes time to dry up on lashes (which makes it easier for us to coat every single lash without clumping the lashes). I do feel thicker lashes after three swipes though I need to wait a little longer than usual to let them dry to avoid staining my eyelids.

Black mascara

I also feel that I become more conscious while wearing it, like I keep in mind not to get too emotional or rub my eyes fearing it might turn me into a raccoon, but, I did cry many times while it was on and it didn’t smudge on me. The staying power also depends on the above factors; in my case, it’s 4-6 hours, to be honest.

Maybelline The Turbo Volum Express Washable Mascara

I think it’s not good to wear during monsoons when you are out in the rains. It’s a blessing in disguise that it is easily removable with water and soap and not like other mascaras which often hurt my sensitive lashes and eyes.

Maybelline The Turbo Volum Express Washable Mascara

I don’t think I would recommend it to all, especially makeup junkies considering it is not waterproof. Looking at the results, it is definitely worth trying provided you are okay with its washable texture. Personally, I might give it a second chance during winters or for small trips, else it is tricky for people like me.

Let’s sum up pros and cons:

Pros of Maybelline The Turbo Volume Express Washable Mascara:

  • A washable, intense black mascara for sensitive eyes, feels lightweight on the lashes even with multiple swipes.
  • It definitely makes lashes more intense, thicker and longer in two or three swipes.
  • Decent staying power.
  • Easily removable with soap and water.
  • Does not irritate the eyes.
  • Does not smudge even after a few hours, which is great considering it is a washable mascara.
  • Does not transfer onto my eyelids or under eye area.
  • Does not clump up the lashes, gives a very neat and good finish.

Cons of Maybelline The Turbo Volume Express Washable Mascara:

  • Not completely waterproof or smudge proof.
  • I won’t say it boosted up my lashes up to 7 times.
  • Does take time to dry up, if you are in a hurry, it might become messy.
  • Contains parabens.

Well, I wish I could have seen earlier that it was a washable mascara since I am more concerned with watery eyes. If you are also like me, then this mascara might be a disappointment, but other than that, it’s a good one.

IMBB Rating:
I will rate it 3.5/5!

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  1. Removing Waterproof mascaras is a pain where as washable mascaras bleed black in rains, sweat etc…i still dont understand which version is better and for the same reason i buy different mascaras..girls need different types of makeup products for different reasons..what say neetu?

    1. true that mini lol 😀 and I agree that we shud have different mascaras for every different purpose 🙂

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