Maybelline Water Shine Liquid Diamond Slims Lip Gloss- Caramel Cream Review

Maybelline Water Shine Liquid Diamond Slims Lip Gloss- Caramel Cream

Hello beauties,

Earlier when I used to buy glosses and lippies, I used to pick up really light shades such as baby pink or nudes. Those are the only shades that I used to apply but since last year and especially after joining IMBB I have almost all the shades possible. Today’s review is of a lip gloss from my older collection.

Price: Rs 210 for 3 ml


Product description by the company:

Why you will Love It

• Glosses to give you the voluptuous dazzling lips you’ve always wanted
• Hi-shine liquid format for perfectly supple brilliantly shiny lips
• Available in 15 glamorous shades

My take on Maybelline Water Shine Liquid Diamond Slims Lip Gloss- Caramel Cream:

This one is a pretty nude shade which is very glossy and actually gives you dazzling lips. I wanted to buy a shade that I can use almost everyday because I was bored of a lip balm. There were some more shades but this was pretty enough for daily use. It is a nice creamy gloss with a hint of brown shade and shimmers in it. It looks good for daily wear but I do a lot of eye make-up so looks a bit too much at times, but I found out that it looks more beautiful during the night time. It dazzles and sparkles at night which makes it noticeable.


It comes in a small cylindrical bottle with silver cap, and is the size of a finger which is super easy to carry and fits nicely in the bag pocket without any mess. The packaging is really cute. The wand inside is also very soft and is a bit slanted so very convenient to use as well. It glides on smoothly on the lips and the shade comes out in the first swipe itself. But I swipe it 2-3 times for the shade to set evenly on my lips. It does not settle in the fine lines on the lips but does get transferred to the glass whenever you sip water and if you have a meal then it will go off completely, only the shimmers will be left on your skin. The shimmers are there but not that recognizable and does not look cheap at all. The gloss stays on for 2 and a half to 3 hours on the lips and nothing more than that. But most of the glosses stay for this much time only so not a big deal.

It can also be used on top of your peach or brown lip shades to enhance the shade as well as provide a glossy shine. It is not that sticky and thick but lips start feeling weird after it starts to vanish away. Overall these are from a reputed company so you can expect a very good quality infact full satisfaction at this price. I picked up this shade but there are lot many shades available to match every outfit of yours.


Pros of Maybelline Water Shine Liquid Diamond Slims Lip Gloss- Caramel Cream:

-Easily available
-A very good quality product
-Shimmers in it do not look cheap
-Gives a nice dazzling shine so we can rock the glossy lips
-Does not feel heavy or sticky
-The wand is soft and glides on smoothly onto the lips
-The bottle is tiny like the size of our finger so very easy to carry


Cons of Maybelline Water Shine Liquid Diamond Slims Lip Gloss- Caramel Cream:

-Lasts for a less time of 2 and a half to 3 hours
-Transfers to the glass while sipping water
-Shimmers left after the gloss goes away and completely goes off if you have snacks or a meal

Will I repurchase/recommend Maybelline Water Shine Liquid Diamond Slims Lip Gloss- Caramel Cream?

No instead I’ll buy the other shades from this range and I do recommend these as they are nice and cute small handy glosses good for daily use and also for party –time. I found these very similar to L’Oreal glam shine glosses as I have a similar nude shade from L’Oreal too ,the only difference was the staying power and the price, so if you are looking for an alternative then this is good.

Rating: 4.1/5

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12 thoughts on “Maybelline Water Shine Liquid Diamond Slims Lip Gloss- Caramel Cream Review

  1. Oooh, I’ve ordered one of these, good to know they’re worth the money *happy dance*
    And great lip swatches as usual Saloni! *clap*

    1. AWwww thank u soo much Sushmita *thankyou* *thankyou* *thankyou* yeah totally worth the money but i dint like a few shades from this range because they showed excess shimmer when i was swatching them *cry*

    1. Yes looks cute at the day-time and even more noticeable during the night-time *happy dance* *happy dance* dazzles all the way *hifive* *jalwa*

    1. *thankyou* *thankyou* sooo much Rutva *puchhi* *puchhi* glad you liked the review aand swatches *happy dance* *hifive*

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