Maybelline Watershine Lip Gloss Beige Sensation

Maybelline Watershine Lip Gloss Beige Sensation

Hey Everybody!

Maybelline Watershine Lip Gloss Beige Sensation

Remember those pink jeans which I “showed and asked” about ? Well, I finally had the guts to wear them 😀 It was a shopping-day plus date night, so I had to wear it in such a way that it didn’t look over the top in the day time and yet looked dressy enough for a date, so here is the pic!


Oh , but wait, this is supposed to be a review on Maybelline Watershine Lip Gloss in Beige Sensation.  Well, I am wearing the same in these pics.  Actually, I am very surprised that this lip gloss hasn’t been reviewed on IMBB before, it’s such a basic nude-pink color that I expected everyone would have it!


Rs. 190

Beige Sensation

Quick Overview:

Maybelline Water Shine lip glosses give you the voluptuous dazzling lips you have always wanted. Hi-shine liquid format for perfectly supple brilliantly shiny lips.


3 ml.

Beige Sensation

My Experience with Maybelline Watershine Lip Gloss Beige Sensation:

Its my daily wear lip gloss.  Its almost a MLBB shade for me and goes with every kind of outfit. It is the kind of lip gloss that you can pair with any other lip colour to tone down the color or to add volume to your lips. I mix it up with my Maybelline Hooked On Pink Lip Gloss to get an amazing shade of pink that suits my complexion very well. I wear it alone for office and it makes my lips look good without giving the “made-up” look. I pair it with smoky eyes for a normal day’s outing.  In short, it’s a versatile lip gloss I believe everyone, especially college goers, should have in their collection.

Beige Sensation

Pros of Maybelline Watershine Lip Gloss Beige Sensation:

  • Moisturizing, even after the lip gloss wears off, the lips feel soft and moisturized.
  • Perfect nude colour that doesn’t wash you off.
  • No shimmer, just a glossy look.

Beige Sensation

Cons of Maybelline Watershine Lip Gloss Beige Sensation:

  • Lasting power is not that impressive, but then it’s a lip gloss and you can’t expect it to last like a lipstick/
  • Ladies with highly pigmented lips may not find it suitable.

Verdict on Maybelline Watershine Lip Gloss Beige Sensation:

Its my daily wear lip gloss.  Its almost a MLBB shade for me and goes with every kind of outfit, looks awesome with smoky eyes.

IMBB Rating:


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35 thoughts on “Maybelline Watershine Lip Gloss Beige Sensation

  1. no actually i got them verrrry cheap from reliance trends (rs 600 only 🙂 )

    The colour is slightly different from what is appearing in the pic….its lighter with a hint of orange(very very subtle)…….I sent another pic where the colour was captured better but that wasnt published maybe due to overcrowding of too may pics 😀

  2. tats a pretty pretty shade :love: :love: :love: :love: :love: :love: i am sooooooo adding it to my wish list :woot: :woot: :woot:

    and you look great :)) :)) :)) :))

  3. nice shade of lipstick, nice color of jeans are carrying off the jeans very well :yahoo: ..try and team it with whites next time and see if you like that look too..:)

  4. must have for college goers haan!
    i should look around for it.. i earlier had a similar kinda nude shade from street wear which i loved.
    n ur totally rocking the pink jeans 😀

  5. i own this :yahoo: :yahoo: . . love the nude shine and volume it gives. .. but staying power should have been a bit better. . . its stays less than most of maybelling glosses :smug: :smug: . . .
    pink jeans . .totally awesome . . :rose: :rose: !!!!

  6. Wow your looking really beautiful! And I’ve been hunting for a nude shade that won’t wash me out! Will try this and buy it soon! Thanks for the review. 🙂

  7. this was my very first lipgloss:)! id never heard of anything called a lipgloss before that:D!!! so i have like an emotional attachment with it!

  8. i have the same shade from Maybelline Watershine Lip Gloss….Beige Sensation…its sooooo pretty, cute n smart shade….i kinda feel so confident whenever i wear it though i dont mind if the staying power is not so good…

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