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Ask IMBB Gang
Amrita Asks:

I have a query today regarding meal replacement drinks.I have seen ads for Herbalife and have oft wondered are they really a healthy option and do they help with wt.loss particularly when you have many health issues with a lot of excess baggage.Now I am seeing another product called slimlife…any opinions or advice from IMBB gang of gurls!


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      1. not really Rati s initially did have headaches but after a week it was ok since ur body is taking enough protiens instead of junk food :-))

  1. well as you guessed its not at all a healthy option. Even if you go for a day on liquid diet its always advisable to have something else like salad etc along with it. there are lots of methods to lose weight. i feel these products merely dupe. For losing wt dere is no easy way out. you have to have a healthy diet n some form of exercise routine. try playing, yoga, dance. also take amla or trifala powder empty stomach in the morning. it really helps….:)

  2. Amrita – I feel very strongly about this for no particular reason 😀 😀 I feel we put on weight for a very simple reason..our intake is wayyy more than the amount we use up in our daily activities. A combination of balanced smaller portions meals and moderate physical activity is the logical way of losing weight. I do not understand how this Herbal life works…whats magical in that powder that is not there in a healthy normal diet? My friend claims she was eating a healthy diet and her weight never reduced (obviously because she was doing NO exercise), but she did lose weight when she was on Herbal Life…wonder what was the magic ingredient in it?

    1. hi , actually my prob is i have chronic thyroid problem so my wt. ballooned out and here is the funny part when t3 t4 tsh tests were conducted all the values appeared normal. so i went ahead did my own research and tests and came up with this.the main issue here is it comes with a lot of other things like dizziness nausea blah blah…and when i try to work out i immediately catch i thought ok for the initial bit let me take the help of mrp drinks to replace 1 meal not more than that…and to combine it with something really light like walking cos i need to drop atleast 15 kgs in order to come out of the health emergency am in…and this seemed like a possible option.ideas gurls?to top it i am hypoglycemic… 🙄

      1. You got your thyroid problem diagnosed by a doctor and are on treatment for it? Try getting a nutrition consult and get a diet plan customized for you..that should work…and they don’t give very simple diets…nothing exotic or what we don’t normally make at home.

      2. Poonam-As of now i take one meal replnt since am working its difficult for me to skip lunch on my working hrs and with that i do exercise (cycling) at home 😎 :-))

          1. nutritional consultant in my city…hmmm…tough and as i work like 7 days a week , putting up time in preparing customised food is gonna be a herculean task.let me try ..rads

  3. my frn too hav a thyroid problem. in such cases its v difficult to lose wt as the hormones prevent it strongly. you shud go fr yoga n morning walk. it has helped alot of my frns. dere r special asanas fr pple wid thyroid prob.

    1. Amrita-try out yoga CD’s by ramdev baba since my friend had sim prob she had lost almost 20-25 kgs at ashot but now with the patanjali medicines and exec CD she has slightly toned up.

      1. yes! i think yoga and excercise should be the healthier option..There is always this apprehension about alternates…make a wise and healthy decision..!I recently lost around 5 kgs in a week as I was down with dengue..!! i have never had weight issues thru out my life..its more genetics here…but then its been a month and I really desparately want to put on 5 kgs…am 5’3.5″ and 45kgs and so want my lost kilos brother is always advising me to take protein shakes/supplements…i dont know what all…really cant get myself to eat/drink all I guess I’ll simply eat my normal veggie food and wait to grow..!!
        if you guys have any tips to increase weight naturally…i am all ears!! :-)) :-))

  4. Amrita,

    i personally used herbalife ka products for 1 & half years for weight gain & my mom for weight loss. i am 5’6″ and was weighing 46 something then. i dint bother much until i got affected by chicken pox & malaria. After this literally i had health issues…i was always tired & sleepy and if i went out of my house i had issues like dizziness & i was horrified to go out of my house..if you know what i mean…for 6 months i was visiting the doctors, in vain. Then i gave this herbalife a try…it has actually worked for me…i gained 8kgs & after seeing my results my mom wanted to try it for weight loss…she lost something around 10 to 12 kgs.

    I did not have any follow anything for weight gain buy for my mom there were some rules like walk for 3o min, no sweets etc. They were also giving us diet plan regarding the quantity.

    1. yep me too have undergone similar issues so that is y i find it almost impossible to work out and so was considering herbal life after running into someone who recommended this as a better method to control wt.gain and actually find energy to get around cos people with thyroid issues become sluggish and sleepy…how do u start on this program?

  5. i think the people who give you the product will tell you how to follow it. But be careful (some people just want their product to be sold & they might not have good knowledge)you get it from a right person who knows the diet plan correctly. I think the person will check your weight & also see ur thyroid reports.

  6. I had an online girlfriend once during my college days..she was an American and she got so into me that she proposed marriage and kids. Till then I was cool. Then one day she found out about a site where a couple can register and see their ‘online baby’ growing and feed it, take care of it, and so on….I freaked out and gave up chatting completely.

    Don’t know reading this post made me remember that. Perhaps because that is taking something simple to something extreme. I think you should persist working out or start with Yoga and morning walks. These things have so many other benefits such as mood enhancement, boosting self-esteem, increase in apetite etc.

    1. Sanjeev… :hypnotized: :hypnotized: :hypnotized: :hypnotized: :hypnotized: :hypnotized: :hypnotized: Online baby growing?????????????????? :hypnotized: :hypnotized: :hypnotized: :hypnotized: :hypnotized: :hypnotized: :hypnotized:

  7. Hi Amritha, every thing has been said already up here but just thought I would add my 2 bits, I used to be over weight too and managed to lose 10 kgs in approx 4-5 months by exercise and diet control. In terms of diet, nothing drastic really, Initially reduced my portion of rice, (Ive completely stopped eating it now, at least the white kind) and instead of 2 chappatis, ate one, more salads, fruits and less of sweets,oil etc. In terms of exercise I used to walk briskly for 45 min to an hour everyday for 4 months. Currently my walks have stopped but yes my little boy makes sure I am on my toes. 🙂 Thankfully Ive been able to keep the weight off. Diet control has now become a way of life. I tend to automatically make much healtier eating choices. Basically try to avoid alternate methods to weight loss cause not only does one want to lose the weight but keep it off as well. So changing one’s habits will always be better than quick fixes I believe. :)Make small changes and they will all add up finally believe me. 🙂
    Sorry for such a long post and all the best, whatever you choose.

  8. hi , thanks for this reply..really appreciate it.ok there seem to be more votes against this idea than 4 it .I too was apprehensive about doing this.ok done am sticking to walking , i already am off rice ..dont eat it excepting brown rice on occasions…indulgence once in a while ( read a week) .fruits dont suit me …sweets when my blood glucose feels low …thats it…lemme involve in honest working scrimping and work bahanas…. :laugh:

  9. :victory: :victory: :victory: :victory: :victory: :victory: All the best, Amritha. Oh and also get good 8 hours of undisturbed sleep…find some time only for yourself when you can relax and forget any stresses and deadlines and cooking-dishwashing kind of jobs…that’s the one thing most people aiming for weight loss tend to overlook.

  10. thanks radhika will try and do that…yep time is the biggest but if i am honest i spend all my me time on make up blogs …AHEM

  11. I just had one point to add. Dont skip meals and also eat dinner early like around 6-6.30. Later at around 8-9 eat a fruit. Drinking loads of water is the first step to weight loss. Beleive me along with walking and reducing a bit of carbs is more than enough. I lost around 5 kg in 3-4 months. I believe in the slow method.
    Drink 8 glasses of water a day, walk for about 20 mins. early dinner. A good breakfast and eating in short intervals. I used to carry wheat flakes to office and keep munching.
    Never keep your stomach empty, you will surely land up with overeating or eating something wrong. Always keep the good food handy 🙂 Hope this helps! Throw away all the pills. Lets work towards weight loss.

    1. yep am not gonna quit eating…i cant quit even if i wanted to cos am hpoglycemic…will go the tried and tested way..thank u jaish

  12. Yikes ! I would stay away from these things.

    Nothing can replace 4 small healthy meals + 1 hour of exercise 5 times a week. As simple as that.

    If you want to lose weight, please consult a dietician and \ or join a gym or take up exercising on your own (walking , jogging) . Don’t fall for Kellogs K Challenge kinds scams. Even if you do lose weight, theres some or the other thing wrong going on in your body.

      1. if you just want to lose weight there are a lot of other ways. you can change your dinner to a lightest meal of the day by changing the menu with soups and salads made from cabbage, cucumber, spinach and other fiber rich foods and avoiding carbohydrates. This itself will help a lot in your weight loss.
        Stay away from processed foods even if they claim they are food replacements and help in weight loss and blah blah..these are all marketing tactics….

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