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Geet Asks:


This is Geet here. I need help from IMBB beauties regarding my recent visit to the dermatologist. Here’s my query.

I am 22 years old and I have dry to combination skin and recently I visited dermatologist for my acne prob on face, neck and back. I was shocked to hear from her that I am actually having whiteheads all over my face and its all caused due to dandruff. I had terrible dandruff but now its almost gone, thanks to IMBB for home remedies 🙂 and she prescribed me the following:

salisia-KT shampoo 10ml twice a week only on scalp
scnestar soap 2.5% = 2times/day
acnesol-CL lotion =to b used at night
pernet-AC GEl 2.5% =to b applied minimun 3 hours before sun exprosure

My query is, should I use all the stuff prescribed by the dermatologist? As I am terribly afraid that all this will turn my skin dry and I am terribly afraid of chemicals now. Dermatologist has called me for whitehead extraction after 1 week of using all the stuff.

Please help. Thanks to IMBB for crossing 1 lakh fans and IMBB Rocks, love you all, take care!

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6 thoughts on “Should I Take All the Medications Prescribed by Dermatologist: Ask IMBB

  1. Hi Geet,

    In my opinion, you should definitely go ahead and take all that is prescribed by your dermatologist. Generally, there is no single ointment/medicine that works for a problem. Dermatologists prescribe more than one medication for a single problem 🙂

  2. hey geet…
    if you are having acne on your face, neck and back then i guess it is more of a hormonal problem…
    make sure you exercise daily as it removes toxins from the body and make sure to eat a healthy diet which includes fruits…
    and coming to medicines then i guess there is no problem in using the soap and lotions your doctor has provided…go ahead with it…these are nothing but medicated lotions…
    🙂 love

  3. I think you should. Try for some time and see the results. You can go back to your Dermatologist in case of any problems or in case you have any doubts. All of us are scared of medicines and doctors. But the same chemicals may be present in many of the cosmetics that we use on a day to day basis. We use them even without realizing their presence. So please stick on to the prescribed format and wait for results.

  4. thanks a lot Jomal ,Anshika and Deepa..
    i think now i shud definately go ahead with with prescriptions, thanks a lot. 🙂 🙂 🙂

  5. there is nothing oral medicine so no worries..if your concern is only too many medicines ..then sure visit another doc. i had same problem last year when i visited my dermatologist she gave me only one shampoo (which i used only 2 packs ), vitamin e tabs, and suggested me to change the hair care and skin care routine.

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