Meera Shampoo with Kunkudukai & Badam Review

Meera Shampoo with Kunkudukai & Badam

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Today I will be reviewing a hair shampoo by Meera. I hope you all remember Jomol’s review on Meera Herbal Wash. I was really intrigued after that review. I ordered it finally, all thanks to Jomol. But with that herbal wash powder I also bought this liquid shampoo from the same range thinking that it would be equally good. Read on to know whether it is actually good or not.


Product Info: Meera Shampoo with Kunkudukai and Badam is a natural and healthy means of haircare. The Shampoo is enriched with Kunkudukai, a traditional herbal ingredient which cleans the hair gently and ensures that the hair is made healthy and soft. Badam has been added to nourish the hair and make it stronger, thicker and shine with luster. This unique combination of kunkudukai and Badam is rich in protein and hence moisturizes and deeply conditions the hair strand by strand.

Price: INR 62 for 100 ml

My experience with Meera Shampoo with Kunkudukai & Badam

If you all are wondering what really kunkudukai is, it is nothing but reetha (Soapnut). And we all know the benefits of reetha for hair. Thinking the same I bought this shampoo. Starting with the packaging, the shampoo comes in a yellow sturdy plastic bottle with a red flip top cap. The shampoo has a nice thick gel consistency. It is light brown in color. It smells really nice & yummy and reminds me of green apples. 😀


Now coming to the cleaning part, it cleanses my scalp really well. It gives me a squeaky clean feel everytime I wash it, maybe because it contains SLS!! Yes girls it contains SLS… *cry*. I had thought of it to be pure herbal solution but was very disappointed after reading the ingredients. It does contain extracts of Badam, shikakai and reetha but it is not a 100% natural product.

But although it contains SLS and other chemicals, it has not caused any kind of problem to my hair. Usually SLS causes hairfall, but with this shampoo my scalp did not shed even a single strand while washing. I use this shampoo once in a week, when I oil my hair and it removes all traces of oil efficiently, which an SLS-free shampoo cannot.

Pros of Meera Shampoo with Kunkudukai & Badam:

• Nice smelling
• Cleanses well
• Gives a nice squeaky feeling
• Removes oil and dirt efficiently
• Contains extracts of badam and shikakai
• Does not cause hairfall for me
• Affordable


Cons of Meera Shampoo with Kunkudukai & Badam:

• Contains SLS and other harmful chemicals
• Availabilty might be an issue

Last Word: Overall this is a nice product and can be used as a clarifying shampoo once in a week. (Sometimes you do not get satisfaction using SLS-free shampoos). The brand has got many other variants to choose from.

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