Men and Shoes: Do They Last? (Poll)


Men And Shoes

Buying your first pair of Missoni’s back when you were sixteen, and wearing them until the sole fell off, sure was a great start to growing up! But that was just the beginning of the lifelong battle with men and shoes.

We all admit that after wearing our new pair of heels on a night out, they are different the next time we slip them on. They have stretched, faded and basically worn out. Now is this the same with men? After trying then out for the first time, is the next time different? Maybe this is why some prefer the one night stand, for it is inevitable that the next test run won’t be like the last and you won’t have the disappointment if you just try a different one / pair!

The first time you wear your new shinny’s out they are cushiony, comfortable, loving, sparkling and a real confidence booster, now the first night with your man, it’s always, comfortable (usually after the first bottle of wine), a mild confidence booster, very accommodating and generous. Well what man isn’t the first night you meet? Then the comparessent…onto the second night….

They have stretched, no longer feel comfortable, people don’t notice them as much and the sex appeal has somewhat gone out the window. Now second time with the man – it’s that little more awkward, you get into the conversations about your family, work, etc…..BORING…, and that’s even if you get a call back.


The one thing I know is that no matter what, your shoes will always love and stick around for you when you are most vulnerable. So who really knows if men are best left for one usage or whether they are too different from shoes to even compare, but if you see real beneficial outcomes from purchasing either one then you have found your life partner. Shoes will always be able to be worn and worn again, over and over , and the greatest thing is they will only make you cry that moment they are un-wearable, otherwise they are there to keep us women smiling. But I do admit once you find that perfect man, it really does also last for ever!

For me, shoes and men fall under the same category. We love them both but they can both uncomfortable, smelly, fall apart and you can get sick of having the same ones! Finding a great pair of shoes takes time, diligence and looking at dozens of pairs to finally find the ones you love. Its exactly the same with finding your life mate; these things just can’t be rushed.

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12 thoughts on “Men and Shoes: Do They Last? (Poll)

  1. Awesome article Emma ! I wonder what men will think about this article 😛
    I love shoes, all kinds. But if i had a choice between those shoes and that man, i’d pick the man any day 😉
    Shoes are the first adult machines we are given to master. was my choice for your poll

  2. I, luckily haven’t reached that level of conspicuous consumption where I compare men to shoes. I admire your creativity, but am slightly offended at the notion that a real, live person with feelings falls in the same category as a marked up piece of leather.
    Same problem with objectifying women…

    / rant over.

  3. I kind of agree with Devie because shoes don’t hold so much value in my life as much as my man does. Infact I wouldn’t even compare the two. They really don’t fall under the same category for me. I’d rather live without shoes than without my man.

    But enjoyed reading it. A different school of thought. 🙂

  4. Agree completely with Devie and Rati, There is no point in comparing a man with a petty object like a shoe……. I do not really see the point here, and Comparing my man with a shoe is almost beyond my imagination…..

    However though, It was a well-written post. 🙂

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