Mentholatum Sunplay SPF 80 PA+++ UV Body Mist Sunblock Review



by Samrita N.

Ola bonita chica’s!

Whether it is winter or summer sun screen is a must in everyone’s daily skin care regime. While we can get away with something around a SPF 30 or less in the winters, we need to up the sun screen level once the Indian summer approaches. A minimum of SPF 50 is required then, at least for me. I also think everyone is on the lookout for a sun screen that doesn’t make your face look like a fried delicacy. So let me tell you more about something that I found that will tick all these boxes for you!

Mentholatum Sunplay SPF 80


This sun screen comes in a metal pressurised container with a transparent plastic cap which closes securely. Mentholatum is an American brand with certain products available in stores in India, but more available easily online. What isn’t these days, eh? When you want to use this product you need only gently press on the finger groove on the white top and a fine spray is emitted. The directions, a caution message and ingredients are all listed on the back of the canister and the expiry date is also printed on the bottom. I have been using this particular sun screen on and off for a year.

Mentholatum Sunplay SPF 80


New Solarex 3 technology provides a unique UV defense system which provides superior photostability, high moisture retention and anti aging.

  • High SPF 80 PA+++, broad spectrum UVA and UVB protection
  • Water and sweat proof, ideal for long hours water and outdoor activities
  • Contains vitamin C & E which helps to enhance skin health & prevent premature aging
  • Instant refreshing and long-lasting cooling sensation, non greasy


Mentholatum Sunplay SPF 80


SGD 17.90 for 150 ml of product.

My Experience with Mentholatum Sunplay SPF 80 PA+++ UV Body Mist Sunblock:

Where most transparent plastic caps are usually lost by me as they don’t close tight enough, this cap has sustained all the abuse I’ve put it through, chucking it about in bags. It has never once leaked through this and because the cap is so secure I don’t have to worry about this accidentally spraying it in my beach bag or purse due to some external pressure. This product sprays very evenly with a thin mist of aerosol coming out as you spray; I have no complaints of any blotches anywhere. Like any pressurised canister please don’t pierce it when it’s finished because you want to try to remove any leftover product. Also because this is a mist it doesn’t leave any white cast on your face that normal sun screen creams do leave behind so I’m photo ready straight after an application.

Mentholatum Sunplay SPF 80

This is one of the main reasons I love this body mist compared to a sun screen cream or lotion, it is so quick to apply and I don’t need to massage it in for it to absorb, so it has cut down my application time in half. I just spray this quickly on my arms and legs without needing to work it into my skin; I can do my own back and the back of my neck without anyone’s help and without worrying about some random white splotches left behind on my body somewhere. The nozzle too has not gotten blocked at all; I’ve not needed to clean it with a pin or anything. This canister has survived a few falls too, the plastic top is quite sturdy and I’ve dented a few Dove deodorants with similar packaging.

Mentholatum Sunplay SPF 80

For application on your face and ears it says to apply on your palms and then transfer it to your face. Since I’m quite the rebel I do spray this directly on my face and if you want to follow suit please remember to close your eyes and hold your breath (especially if you’re an asthmatic!). You don’t want this product in your eye ball or in your lungs. The smell of this is the first fantastic thing; it smells like cucumbers mixed with a mild jasmine flower fragrance or like a light orchid floral scent. It is also cooling when you spray it on.

Mentholatum Sunplay SPF 80

It’s very non greasy and non sticky on application and absorbs into the skin beautifully giving a moisturised and plump feel to the skin. At random times and mostly at hot humid destinations I have found it to have a greasy feel, but in other parts of the world at colder climates its fine (weird). I think that’s due to me maybe over applying, a thin layer works best, if you apply too much it can give that oily feel and an oily shine to your skin plus that’s just a waste of product! UVA causes aging and UVB causes burning of the skin so a positive of this product is that it covers both types of UV rays!

Mentholatum Sunplay SPF 80

PA+++ is the maximum protection a sun screen can give you (lowest being PA, PA+, then PA++ etc) so I like that I’m well protected with this. This is why the cost of this product is a bit more. Also SPF 80 is a ridiculously high ‘Sun Protection Factor’. Is this actually possible? Anyway I do reapply this easily after I towel dry any sweat or water off my face or body. Otherwise I think it’s best to reapply every 2-3 hours if you’re actively out in the sun. A once in the morning face and body application is okay when using this on a typical office day, especially under makeup. Yes ladies you need sunscreen even if you’re indoors and especially if you sit in front of the laptop! IMBB editors- handy tip right there 🙂 .

Now sunscreen works best when it is in contact with your skin, so use this right after your toner, before you moisturise. All sunscreens dry out your skin and foundation when layered over sunscreen can flake throughout the day due to this. So the general rule is to moisturize well after using sunscreen if you’re going to apply makeup over a sun screen cream or lotion (Tip- buff your moisturiser in with a stippling brush so that nothing flakes). But I’ve found with this product however that I don’t get that flaky foundation effect, it really is moisturising so I don’t have to do that extra step of moisturizing super hard and it saves my time!

Mentholatum Sunplay SPF 80

Mentholatum Sunplay SPF 80

Pros of Mentholatum Sunplay SPF 80 PA+++ UV Body Mist Sunblock:

  • Cooling.
  • Moisturising.
  • A little goes a long way.
  • PA+++.
  • Blocks UVA & UVB, therefore is anti aging.
  • Non greasy, not sticky and it is not oily.
  • Lasts a long time.
  • Sturdy packaging.

Cons of Mentholatum Sunplay SPF 80 PA+++ UV Body Mist Sunblock:

  • A little expensive for a sun block.
  • Due to it being dispensed as an aerosol, there is some wastage of product which can even be inhaled.
  • The weirdly cute cat on the front kind of freaks me out- haha! This is not really a con ladies. Unless you’re a dog person..

Would I repurchase or recommend Mentholatum Sunplay SPF 80 PA+++ UV Body Mist Sunblock?

That is a double yes!

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