A Message for ColorBar Cosmetics

logoAfter reading a lot of raves and praises about some great products that Colorbar has to offer on IMBB and other blogs, I too went out to hunt for them in my city (Jaipur). I had a big list of items to check out – I glide pencils, blushes, lipsticks, Eye shadow palettes, concealer, lip liner and of course nail paints. I tried to order them online but I couldn’t find all the products listed on the Colorbar website. It seems the website hasn’t been updated for ages. After several visits to the market, I found out a store that had most of the Colorbar products and testers too.

I was too excited. However, the shop owner hadn’t even heard of a few products that Colorbar makes. He didn’t know anything about the existence of ColorBar warm and cool eye shadow palettes. He showed me singles instead. I asked him for eye glide pencils: he showed me the six colors. I asked him for the new launches. He stared at me. He wasn’t aware of new launches at all. I asked him for blushes he showed me 6 testers. I asked him for “Peachy Rose”. He replied saying he didn’t have a tester and no such shade exists. He showed me “Cosmic Rose“instead. I requested to check again and he said he would have to check in his warehouse. He went into his warehouse and came back with peachy rose blush from his warehouse. I was too happy and he was surprised himself. The shop owner and the SA were very friendly. After a lot of swatching and playing around with testers I picked up a few products.

I finally picked up I-glide pencils in Prunella and Jaded for myself and Electra and Silver Hue for my sister, Peachy Rose blush (my first blush) and Star Shine lip Gloss for both of us. We got two pouches free. Yay! I totally am in love with all of these products and I wonder what took me so long to have these wonderful products in my life. I know what I was missing.

My sister has picked up lot more lip glosses after that. I have visited the store almost 10 times after this hoping that they would have the new I-glide pencils but they have no updates about them yet. I have even left my Contact information with them so that they would inform me the moment they get them. I hope they come here soon- I am dying to get those. Unfortunately the website doesn’t mention about the new shades either.

I visited Mumbai few weeks later and being a big city I thought I would find them in Mumbai. May be there was supply problem in Jaipur. But the situation there was worse. Something or the other was out of stock.

I really want someone from ColorBar to read this. After using these products I am a total Colorbar convert. I love, love and love the products I own. I confess – I am a diehard ColorBar fan. My list of products to check out doesn’t end. Being a newbie in makeup, it’s a great way for me to learn before I graduate to move onto higher end products. They have some great products to offer at very good prices. I have a lot of faith and respect for Colorbar as a brand and I hope they keep making better products. I am eagerly waiting for them to re-launch the Concealer. ColorBar, please don’t launch your most sought after and raved products as Limited Edition products.

If supply in all cities is an issue please and that could take time to work out, please update your website so that we have the flexibility to shop online.

I am sure a lot of people using ColorBar products might have faced a similar situation sometime. ColorBar, please keep making good products and I hope you solve this issue soon.

Last but not the least, Thank you Rati and Fellow IMBBians for introducing me to Colorbar and keeping us updated about new launches. I can’t thank you enough. Love you all.

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58 thoughts on “A Message for ColorBar Cosmetics

  1. awwwww 🙂 This was such a sweet and a heart-felt post AyeDee 🙂 Though I must say I haven’t really had a problem of “out of stock” with COlorbar as of now but then u never know 😛
    Great POst! :waytogo: :waytogo: :waytogo: :waytogo:

  2. I have something to add..I went to mantri (bangalore) pantaloons searching for colorbar warm eyeshadow pallete.The SA tells me,that its not available here because we don’t have bar code for the same in systems.? And i was like.? Wat.? ? ? I so badly wanted to check it out.:-( :weep:

  3. Anoma, I’ll try to bring this letter to notice. :)) Glad you liked the products. Their stuff is awesome. Thankfully since i stay in Delhi and they have their flagship store here so I have access to most of their things but I really wish that their products are more easily available.

    Btw their warm palettes (which apparently went gaayab from the market) are available again.

    1. Thank you so much Rati Di :).
      I was just wondering if it were possible to have a list of ColorBar counter in various cities like you had posted for Lotus Herbals.
      Glad to know the palettes are back :). I thought they were discontinued .

  4. yes u r right. the colorbar SA’s are not well informed. i know most of the shades like the back of my hand…but th emoment i speak the name of a shade the standard reply is ” there is no shade by such name”. at least plz open some catalogue n confirm before u say that to a knowledgeable customer. on many occasions, i carry things in my purse to show them that yes they exist! that i only wanted a cak up! besides be it mumbai or delhi, for some odd reason, colorbar SA’s specially in pantaloons have weekly offs…many times they r out for lunch/tea etc…colorbar coun ter pantaloons ambience mall vasant kunk is always closed on wednesdays…n nobody even has the keys to the stuff…i jsut say ki i dont want any testers i dont want any suggestions, just gime me fres piece of what i want, i have to buy….but no luck….i think colorbar ought to spruce up….they really need to tran their SA’s n have more ppl employed in case they r going to give SA’s so many breaks, it shud happen on rotation basis.

    1. o by the way, i am unable to find all the older shades in eye pencils…just see all the new shades in delhi n mumbai malls…n u r able to find only old shades in i glide 😆 actaully , i had gone looking for their “jaded” i glide pencil…but as always the SA at the mumbai pantaloons counter (like delhi pantaloons) was on leave so the faces SA showed me the faces green pencil n my o my….i ended up buying lots of stuff other than just the eye pencil from faces…i am gradually moving to other brands bcoz like faces n boujois bcoz colorbar is getting a wee bit too problemetic with its SA’s/stocking problems/continuing,discontinuing stuff etc 😐

      1. 😐 😐 😐 😐 – for the experience you have had.
        Good to know that I am not the only one who has faced a similar situation. I have been wanting to write this post for so long. I wonder why I didn’t do it earlier.
        Better late than never.

  5. hi,
    earlier colorbar was available at bigbazar at my place but however they had closed their counter for some unknow reason….. :yawn:
    even nt available at pantaloons. :worship: ..
    me sad :spank: :spank: :spank:

    1. hey such… dunno bout Big Bazaar and Pantaloons, but I generally get my colorbar stuff from either Central (Pune and SoBo) or from Beauty Center (Mumbai)… and they are pretty well stocked! I love the colorbar lippies especially the Velvet Matte Range… and most of the shades are generally in stock! But yeah I ve faced problems with some shades in the I-Glide pencil range 🙁

  6. I fully support Ayedee on her view-Not only has Colorbar few outlets-the outlets dont even stock all the products and the SAs are not even aware of the full range of products-at a Colorbar outlet in Big Bazar Kolkata, they dint have the blushes!!! They said -the outlet is new and all the stuff haven’t arrived ..although they had their supplies of other brands up to date-I just wrote in Ankita’s post yesterday-in such a situation-I have the only option to order online from their website-now thats not what I usually love to do about such a popular brand :(( Colorbar people please upgrade the marketing of the lovely products you have!!!!!

    1. bt online shopping in their case is of no help.. the swatches are all photoshopped and you never get a blue of their whole range. they offer one of the most gorgeous range of nail paints but you dont see the shades on their site. sad!

    2. Hey Anuradha, just wanted to share with you, I bought the lotus herbals foundation stick 2 days back itself , it was the best foundation I have ever used, no cakey appearance, and excellent concealer too, I bought the Natural biege shade !! I bought many other things too, So I got a big trousseau box free !!!! :yahoo: :yahoo: :thanks:

      1. From where did u buy it Tapaswini!!! me want the trousseau boxx!!!!! :woot: :woot: :woot: and whats the offer??? I made a large makeup haul from New Market last monday-wish I knew about the offer-As for the foundation-even Ankita said she bought it and it rocked!!!!! :happydance: :happydance: :happydance:

        1. I bought from New National variety store after you had told me, I bought products more than 2500 , however the trousseau is leather kind of, awesome, I had seen one of those with celebrities on TV only, must be very very pricey :))

          1. But Tips and toes gel eyeliner is already very dry dear, I have to apply many times for desired result :((

            1. Ohh!!! I too found it dry-but on the lids it glided like a dream-it looks almost solid but the brush makes a perfect swipe-I have forgotten my eyeliner pencils because of the TnT liner 😀 😀

              1. Which all things can we use to a bit dilute it?? May be am so used to liquid eyeliner that other things donot impress me :toothygrin:

                1. I asked the TnT SA about this in Modern Museum-she said add a bit of water-and I was like 😯 😯 as far as I know-there is only a dilute-er from Inglot-that costs 550 bucks 🙁 :silly: I would suggest-dip the brush in the liner-swipe it 2-3 times to pick up some product and then apply-it is darkest liner and stays the same way longer than any liner I have used !!!! :waytogo: :waytogo:

                  1. Thanks dear, I will do that then, its price has now incresed to Rs 225 from Rs 210, so am thinking after using this I will buy the loreal or maybelline gel eyeliner :))

  7. 🙁 🙁 🙁 thats even bad news 🙁 :(no wonder this brand is much lagging behind the popular ones like lakme and streetwear even with much better and cheaper products 🙁

  8. ayedee…. it happnd wid me too… i asked for peachy rose n the SA told me the shade is cosminc rose n not peachy rose…. :pissedoff: :pissedoff: :pissedoff: :pissedoff: n i thot i must hav heard it wrong.. i ended up buying cosmic rose hiii 😐 😐 😐 😐 😐 😐 😐 😐 😐 😐 😐 😐 😐 😐
    i was soo planning to buy the lip pip ankita reviewd last night… i ll take a print out of the whole review n tak along so dat thy cant deny abt shade

    1. Same experience with me. Having read it several times – i was damn sure that both shades existed. I forced the shop keeper to check his warehouse and Voila! it was there.
      I was carrying a long written list of products with shades in my bag so that I don’t get carried away by the SAs.

  9. I have so few Colorbar products cos the Colobar counter at the Pantaloons and Big bazaar near my place is always understaffed or out-of-stock. So many times its closed down altogether. And if its open, the SAs are really ill-informed. I love Colorbar products and I hope the message is conveyed to the company. Their products are so good, with good service this brand will out-do the overpriced over hyped drug store brands !

  10. I’m glad that you wrote this AyeDee. I completely agree with you. I’m from Chennai & as far as I know there is only 1 shop that sells Colorbar stuff. That too really old stuff which is often out of stock. I tried writing to colorbar several times to ask if they had any other outlets in Chennai, but I got absolutely no response. It’s shocking that such a popular brand has such poor service. I really hope they read this and improve as I really like the few items of their’s that I did manage to buy.

    1. Thanks Poohkie. I too emailed Colorbar through their website several times – No response.
      I wish they had a list of suppliers in different cities on their website. That would be so useful.
      I hope they solve this issue soon.

  11. Its the same story in Indore too,the first two Colorbar counters I went didnt have the I glide pencils,infact the SAs there thought Iglide and I define are the same !

    Finally I found the Iglide pencil at there pantaloon counter bt the pencil I got is 2009 manufactured,I didnt have a choice ,it was that or nothing so I took it anyway,I made the SA search for a 2010 manufactured pencil a lot but he didnt have any at all ! Infact at all the counters I went,the SAs said one same thing “stock isnt really coming these days”
    Seriously,Colorbar is such a nice company I hope they read this letter of yours 🙂

    1. I too didn’t pick up Blackout shade in the i-glide range as it was too old and about to expire. I like the fact that Colorbar mentions the expiry date in all its products which many other companies don’t.I even asked the shop that why some pencils are newly manufactured and some are so old. He had no answer.

      Who would want to buy old stuff.

  12. I once went to Coimbatore Big Bazaar and i saw the colorbar counter there…and i got so excited and asked wat products they had..and the SA said that they dont have ANY products..i asked her why there was a counter there…and she said she dont know..in an annoyed voice… and then continued to herd me towards the streetwear counter…!! I was so bummed..!!! i also contacted the colorbar people to know if there was any outlet in kerala and they didnt have the courtesy to reply to say “NO” even..!! For a company with such great products,the PR is surely Horrible..!! :/ :/

  13. since i moved to Chennai i havent been able to spot colorbar
    bloggers informed me that thats avlbl in saravana stores in chennai
    now i doubt whether the stock there woud be worth a visit

    pune n jaipur had gud stock when i used to buy from there
    n unfortunately the counter in pune in pantaloons closed down literally after i left
    thatwas shocking as revlon was planning to come there :((

  14. well i was in college there then n i was staying in raja park
    but i bot it from big bazaar
    🙂 also gaurav towers underground stores
    left jaipur 3 years bk

  15. You know I have visited so many stores now but unable to find products.Now, I just call them up to check if stock has arrived. It saves me time and i feel less disappointed.

  16. I totally agree. They have a stunned look on their faces when I ask for their warm and cool eyeshadow palettes, and they immediately take out the singles or the complete makeup palette. They always have old stock too and so many new products never make it to the counters here. Recently I was sold an already-expired lipstick too. I hope they take necessary steps to improve since they have already established themselves as a popular brand in India.

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