Mica Beauty Velvet Rose Tinted Lip Balm Review

Oh my God! Guys, I am so excited to bring you this review. This product is amazing and unique in my collection. It is hands down the most pigmented product I have ever come across, but do the positives end there? Let’s find out.

Mica Beauty Velvet Rose Tinted Lip Balm

This product comes in a plastic see-through jar with a black cap. Is it the most convenient packaging ever? No. People don’t prefer jar packaging mostly because of the hygiene factor, but you can make it work if you make sure to wash your hands properly before using this. For all the pros it has, I can easily overlook this. This packaging is no longer available on their website. They have changed their packaging and name, but I am not sure if they changed their formula as well. The product description below is for their new packaging.

Mica Beauty Velvet Rose Tinted Lip Balm

Product Description:
Mica Beauty’s 24-hour Tinted Lip Balm conditions your lips without smudge while delivering sophisticated finish. Infused with Vitamin E, Mica Beauty’s Tinted Lip Balm helps keep your lips soft, smooth and protected. For a sheer wash of color, one swipe is all you need. Do you want even bolder pout? Simply apply another swipe and this lip balm will create lips every woman covets. Kiss-Proof! Smudge-Proof!

$14.95, Net Wt. 0.14 oz/4 gm.

My Views on Mica Beauty Velvet Rose Tinted Lip Balm:

This has to be the most wrongly named product ever. Considering this came out of an English-speaking place, that is surprising. This is not a lip balm or a lipstick. It is a lip pigment in a jar.

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Mica Beauty Velvet Rose Tinted Lip Balm

Shade:  The shade is a beautiful red with a brown undertone. If you like your blue-toned reds, you might not like this. It is a very warm-toned red.

Mica Beauty Velvet Rose Tinted Lip Balm

Consistency: It has almost no moisturising properties in it, so if your lips are dry and if you apply this product alone, your lips will still feel dry. It does not contribute moisture, but does not take away any moisture over time either. So, I highly recommend a lip balm underneath this. As you continue to wear it, you might have to reapply your lip balm over the course of the day. It leaves behind a reddish pinkish stain. I really like it. Because of all these things, it is incredibly long wearing. It mostly stays put through eating/drinking. Even though it is in a tiny jar, I don’t like to put it in my purse and take it out. I feel that is too much a faff.

Red tinted lip balm

Application: Just one tiny swirl in the jar will give you enough pigment to completely cover your lips and then some. To me, that is mind-blowing. I have tried applying it with my finger and a lip brush, and I would recommend you use a lip brush. Because it is such a punchy colour, your finger will not give you the most precise application.

Red lips

Pros of Mica Beauty Velvet Rose Tinted Lip Balm:

  • Pure pigment in a jar.
  • Beautiful color.
  • Leaves behind a stain.
  • Easy to reapply.
  • Stays put for a long time – can survive light eating/drinking.

Bright red lips

Cons of Mica Beauty Velvet Rose Tinted Lip Balm:

  • The “lip balm” provides zero moisture.
  • Requires a lip balm underneath.
  • This shade requires a lip brush.

IMBB Rating:

Would I Repurchase Mica Beauty Velvet Rose Tinted Lip Balm?
I am interested to try other shades from the new range.

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8 thoughts on “Mica Beauty Velvet Rose Tinted Lip Balm Review

  1. Color looks good on your lips, but sad that a lip balm does not provide moisturisation. A lip balm requires a lip balm underneath?

  2. Does not qualify to be a lip balm. Disappointing :/ but for a balm, it delivers good levels of pigmentation and offers good staying power:P . Well reviewed and lovely lip swatches Ramya 🙂

    1. Thank you Rama. I love the staying power. It does transfer a bit but still the intensity on the lips remains for a long time. Very happy to have this in my collection 🙂

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