Mica Mineral Foundation Review

Mica Mineral Foundation Review

When I was in school, I had a teacher who came to class looking like her real face was hidden beneath layers of cracking paint. It was kind of ghastly and I have been so wary of face powders and foundations since then – afraid of cakey powdery whiteness. I try them on and off in stores at makeup counters at makeover events and have ended up with quite a few– but I find that either the color is never right – I have completely average Indian shading and they always seem either too light or too dark, or the texture is too creamy or too powdery. I usually use tinted moisturizers, and now BB creams to even skin out; but I discovered one brilliant face powder that works brilliantly when I really want to indulge in flawless skin.


Mica Beauty Cosmetics has a mineral foundation powder that is exactly the opposite of everything I have stated above – Chocolate Kisses is my shade and disappears onto my face evening out as it goes leaving no powderiness, no white cast, just even bronzey skin. I have to be careful because if I brush on too much of the powder, I do look a little too brown, and it has to be blended in nicely to look like that is what my skin is like.

Mica Mineral Foundation 2

Even my mom – who is leagues prettier than me and much more makeup savvy and is always annoyed that I refuse to wear makeup regularly or don’t fuss over my own face a lot looked at me one day and said – what have you been doing, your skin looks amazing? The only thing I had done that day was dust on some Mica foundation, which I didn’t admit too of course I just said “my lovely skin is all thanks to you my darling mum.” *she was very amused).

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It is a 100% natural and free from harmful chemicals, dyes, and talc. Apparently, “the natural ingredients work with the oil in your skin to provide flawless skin.” I am not convinced that the high antioxidant level helps “protect skin from future damage, premature aging,” but it certainly “reduces the appearance of damaged skin.” Whether it does protect skin from future damage or not, there certainly are a lot of iron oxides in the all natural ingredient list, and apparently the powder does provide a measure of added sun protection, which, in India you can’t ever say no to.

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Mica, Sericites, Black Iron Oxide, Red Iron Oxide & Yellow Iron Oxide.

I picked it up at a mall it was a standalone makeup counter (and is available online). The lady was super helpful and when I said I really don’t do much face stuff she picked out everything I needed and showed me what to do and I honestly thought I was going to walk away all apologetic having bought nothing but I ended up buying the face powder, eye shadow, blush and a series of perfect brushes – which are till date all the BEST makeup I own, hands down. I’m kicking myself for not having bought a lipstick as well 😛

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Pros of Mica Mineral Foundation:

  • Evens out skin, makes it look really nice.
  • Texture is perfect – in fact its not texture at all, its just ….skin.
  • The colours are great at least for my complexion – I find a lot of make-up isn’t made for my skin tone at all.
  • Good for skin (hopefully) lovely minerally ingredients.
  • Goes on forever – you just have to use a little, makes an immediate difference.
  • Better than all other mineral foundations I have tried (Body Shop, ELF, etc.)

Cons of Mica Mineral Foundation:

  • Price (50$ for a tub).
  • Not available in India (as far as I know).

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  1. They have amazing eyeshadow colors but I found they dont stay for longer hours even with a primer… I have used them dry..

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