Michael Todd Knu New You Anti-Aging Face Lift Review

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If you ask me what is the most peculiar beauty product I have tried till date – my answer would be Michael Todd True Organics Anti-Aging Face Lift Knu New You.  You would ask, it looks like a standard face cream, doesn’t it? Hold your breath because it contains purified natural bio-active snail serum!  It would be an understatement to say that I had contemplated multiple times before buying this product. Anything to do with bugs and insects creeps me out and on top of that, price was a hindrance too 😛

Michael Todd Knu New You Anti-Aging Face Lift

I finally bit the bullet and bought this product. At the end of the day, it is a cream and not snails sliding on my face 😉 Now before I gross you out completely, let me go ahead and share my experience.


The cream comes in a purple jar with a silver cap. The amount of cream present in the jar is very small compared to its exorbitant price. The face cream is lightweight, but has mild creamy texture. The cream is white in color. I found the fragrance of the cream very off-putting. It smelled very weird, similar to vinegar. The fact that I have to dip my finger every time to use the cream also makes it unhygienic. The company has launched a pump version of the product along with jar packaging.


$150 for 1.7oz. (50 gm).

Product Description:

Michael Todd Knu New You Anti-Aging Face Lift

My Experience with Michael Todd Knu New You Anti-Aging Face Lift:

The first time I tried the product, I was scared and nervous. This was the most unusual product that I had ever tried till date. I took a little amount of the cream and applied on my cleansed face. The cream is lightweight, so it gets easily absorbed into the skin on application and that is when the horror started.

As soon as the cream got absorbed into my face, I felt the moisture of my skin vanishing. My skin felt very dry and dehydrated. The product claims to lift, firm and tighten the skin, but this was not the kind of “face lift” I was expecting!

Michael Todd Knu New You Anti-Aging Face Lift

Panicked, I took more amount of the cream and applied on my face. It did not help as I continued to feel as if my skin is getting stretched in opposite directions. I had to immediately wash my face and apply my regular face cream.

I have dry skin with no major wrinkles, so I was wondering if I was wrong to use an anti-aging product. However, I have used serums earlier, but I never had this kind of experience with them. The product claims to maintain optimum moisture on skin, instead I found it super drying for my skin.

Added to that, the fragrance of the cream is very hideous. It smells like vinegar with chemical odor. The fragrance does go away after a while. I did try using this face cream by layering it with other face creams. However, I did not find any significant difference on skin texture. I did not notice any skin suppleness or improvement in skin tone. Comparatively to other serums that I have used earlier, I found this face cream very inadequate.

Michael Todd Knu New You Anti-Aging Face Lift

The product does boast of containing very opulent content list of organic sea-weed, fruit stem cells, epidermal growth factor, peptides, cranberries, green teas and aloe butter. All the ingredients claim towards helping in providing antioxidant protection. The product is also without water, parabens, sulfates and dyes making it 70% organic. However, none of this helped in achieving the purpose of providing benefits to my skin.

The product mentions that it can also be used as mask by applying for 10 minutes and then rinsing the face, but this makes me wonder if the product would be able to do justice as it does not stay on skin long enough to weave its magic. The primary reason of buying this product was it containing snail serum.

However, the whole experience has left me more bewildered than fascinated.

Pros of Michael Todd Knu New You Anti-Aging Face Lift:

  • Contains purified natural bio-active snail serum along with organic sea-weed, fruit stem cells, epidermal growth factor, peptides, cranberries, green teas and Aloe Butter.
  • It is 70% organic and does not contain water, parabens, sulfates and dyes.
  • Can also be used as face mask that can be rinsed after 10 minutes.

Cons of Michael Todd Knu New You Anti-Aging Face Lift:

  • Exorbitantly priced for the amount of product available.
  • Does not smell very pleasant (though the fragrance fades away after a while).
  • Jar packaging makes it unhygienic as we need to dip fingers to extract the product (the company has now introduced a pump version).
  • Skin feels vey dry and dehydrated once the product gets absorbed in the skin.
  • Instead of skin firmness, found the skin to be uncomfortably stretched.
  • Did not notice any significant difference in skin texture.
  • The ingredients did not provide any anti-aging benefit or improvement in skin tone.
  • Has to be layered with moisturizing face lotions while using this product.

IMBB Rating:


Would I Repurchase Michael Todd Knu New You Anti-Aging Face Lift?

This was a “googly” product for me, hence not buying it.  May the snails have their peace, as I am not going to venture anymore in their path 😛

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