Egyptian women, wanting to remove minor skin flaws, used fine sand and abrasive masks with alabaster particles to peel their outermost skin layers. That’s where the concept of microdermabrasion comes from. Not very long back it shifted places from Hollywood/elite lanes to our common lives. Also called instant face lift, and being relatively easiest one at that, it got popular instantly. And now, even when I am from a small town, I see ladies, especially prospect brides, eager and enthusiastic to undergo microdermabrasion for an immediate better looking skin. So, in my first article for IMBB, I am going to lead you beauties to an overview of microdermabrasion.

On a completely different note, I am in love with IMBB .I love reading its articles, reviews, and comments. While the articles are informative at so many levels, comments section makes my day. Hilarious, silly, girly comments, from products, to shopping, to family, to routine. I almost feel like I am watching an entertaining group of girls chatting, whining, gossiping and laughing . I am glad that I landed here…

Okay my love all professed, back to the business, microdermabrasion …

What it does?

It removes very superficial layer of skin mostly stratum corneum. This layer is the protective layer of the skin that regenerates every few days. This is the same layer we try to shed off by exfoliation but the scrub granules that we use is not powerful enough to do so effectively, and scrubbing harder leads to microinjuries. So microdermabrasion does this sloughing of superficial layer and debris through gentler but very powerful crystals.

How it works?

It uses powerful machine exfoliation by one of the following means :

1.Aluminum oxide crystals: In this, device draws in air, creates vaccum and minute aluminum oxide particles are blasted on skin surface that bring dead cells and impurities along way , which are then suctioned and sucked in along the way.
microdermabrasion wand
2. Diamond tip: No blasting, and hence less uncomfortable. Diamond micro tip does all the exfoliation.
3. Hydra Facial: newest advancement in microdermabrasion, not available in India, that uses water to exfoliate while infusing serums in the skin.

Time duration and cost:
The procedure takes about 60-90 minutes with very less discomfort, costing you from 1000 bucks to 2500 bucks depending on where/who you get it from.

How often:
Depending on the status of your skin your consultant will give you a schedule of sessions, most often 5 sessions within 3 months. After that you may get the microdermabrasion procedure for maintenance anywhere between 6 monthly to yearly.

To do or not to do (Scooby doobie doo) 😛 😛

Works on:

1. Decreasing pigmentation: It removes superficial dull skin, and also increases cell division rate for a healthier looking even skin.
2. Age spots/ blemishes: While it may not remove the blemish completely, it will definitely lighten it. In fact, experts suggest, microdermabrasion at regular intervals may influence the way skin grows from underneath, and thus very much improving the look of blemishes/ spot.

3. Fine lines and crow feet: As I mentioned earlier, its called instant facelift for its anti ageing wonders by removing damaged stratum corneum as well as increasing cell turnover. But yes, no dramatic improvement will be seen in one session, might require 5-6 sessions for people to compliment you the way you look.

4. Acne: As it unclogs pores, it definitely helps in mild acne, but not in extensive cystic one.

5. Enlarged pores: Enlarged pores is one of the five signs of ageing skin. UV light damages the skin composition and hence pores. Microdermabrasion tightens pore to some extent.

6. Blackheads, whiteheads, clogged pores: I definitely don’t need to give an explanation to this one, to you IMBB beauties. ‘EXFOLIATION’, and an intense one at that, pretty much gives it away.

7. An added benefit is that it improves the penetration of beauty products we use giving much better results.

All this sounds and looks yummy, right? So before pick your phone to get an appointment, I would like you all to give a look below too.

Doesn’t work on:

1. Severe active acne

2. Deep acne scars: Since it removes only the superficial layer, deep scars wont be benefited much. Although as stated, over multiple sessions, it might get lighter.

3. Profound wrinkles: Though it might help in the better penetration on antiageing creams/serums.

Side effects:

1. Sun sensitivity: Stratum Corneum or the protective layer of our skin is sloughed off, so it gets sensitive to sun. A sunscreen with high protection is advised post treatment.

2. Swelling and redness: These are common post procedure signs that are likely to wear off within a day or too.

3. Bruising: Due to mishandling of hand pieces by the esthetician. OUCH ! might take several days to heal.

4. Dry skin: You may experience dryness/stretchiness on your facial skin. So moisturize it well.

Words of caution :

Don’t undergo microdermabrasion if you have :

1. Active extensive acne
2. Open sores, cuts or abrasion
3. Any facial skin lesion
4. Broken capillaries
5. Diabetes
6. Skin conditions like eczema, dermatitis etc.
7. Been on Accutane (isotretinoin) within prior one year
8. Underwent chemical peeling in last 2-3 months
9. Been using products with retinol/salicylic acid/AHAs. Stop using it 10 days before treatment.

Personal advice:
To achieve best results only go to an esthetician that you trust and know. You definitely don’t want anything to go wrong with your most prized possession, your face. So, prefer a dermatologist, and a good one at that. If you get it done at a day spa, make sure you get it from best expert hands. And always get some follow up sessions.

Stay beautiful 🙂

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39 thoughts on “Microdermabrasion

    1. No Vish, wont help. Infact no medicines help old stretch marks per se because the scar is deep. You can exfoliate regularly and massage regularly with shea butter/olive oil to lighten them a bit by increasing circulation and promoting healthy collagen formation. Only solution to old stretch marks is laser.
      you can apply a thin film of retinol preparation everynight on the new ones though.

    2. No Vish, wont help. Infact no medicines help old stretch marks per se because the scar is deep. You can exfoliate regularly and massage regularly with shea butter/olive oil to lighten them a bit by increasing circulation and promoting healthy collagen formation. Only solution to old stretch marks is laser.
      you can apply a thin film of retinol preparation everynight on the new ones though.

  1. does anybody know a gud and trusted place in Bangalore to get this treatment done? I have sum acne scars and wud like to get rid of it.

    1. Hi Roopa, I go to Dr.Mukta Sachdev in Indiranagar/Ulsoor, she’s very professional and I would say the best I’ve been too. IMBB encouraged me to see a dermatologist when I sent in a query regarding acne scars and I’m happy I took the advice. She charges around Rs2000 per microdermabrasion session. My skin has improved vastly and people have noticed. I had pretty bad marks all over my face and after some more sessions I’m sure they’ll be almost gone.(80%)

    2. Dermatech is one name i would recommend for this treatment…i hd acne skin and before marriage i took thr pkg..it wrkd wnderfully fr me :love: :love: :teddy: :teddy: i gt tht glow and smooth skin also wen the treatment going on :specs: :specs: :specs: :yes: :yes:

  2. Very Informative post rashmi… :clap: :clap: after reading this i find this procedure quite scary especially the Aluminum oxide crystals method.. :tremble: :hypnotized: :tremble:

    1. Thank yu rajiii :yahoo: :yahoo:
      Btw its not scary at all :nono: :nono: , very slightly uncomfortable (if at all) . . . its what we medical fellas call an out patient process, itna simple that it can be done in an OPD :doctor: :doctor:
      But yes, i insist visit a trusted and experienced esthetician, rest assured it’d be a smooth experience if you keep in mind the caution and side effects . . . :hihi: :hihi:

  3. very informative so thanks a ton. i quite like the process of sucking out all the dead cells and impurities and white heads too. :yahoo:

    1. Thank you aru :dance: :dance: :dance:
      Yes results are fastest on blackheads, whiteheads ang clogged pored, Imagine . . poora ek layer exfoliated, new new soft soft skin :makeup: :makeup:

  4. Guys please don’t go to Kaya.I read mentioning about Kaya here, that’s why im telling. My friend and few people I know had real Horrible experience from there.They literally damaged her face.With acne and pores her skin was much much better.Seriously.

    1. As i mentioned earlier you should avoid getting microdermabrasion with active acne. And thats where your trusted dermatologist comes in action. Will tell you if its suitable or not for your skin, not just do the process for monetary benefit. M really sorry for your friend :struggle:

  5. I have done Microdermabrasion…I had pigmentation marks on my skin and I visited Laser Skin Home in Cochin,Kerala and the doctor asked me to d Microdermabrasion 3 courses were enough for me..and later on she gave me Kojic cream to apply and also a sunscreen..results were amazing…Skin completely became changed….Long lasting too 🙂 Price was around 1500 for one sitting plus additional charges for medicine….

    1. Thank you, Thank you rati. . . Its been such a busy day for me. . , and when i came up and saw this post i became so happy, all exhaustion choooooo :woot: :woot:
      yes its really kind of one stop solution for mildly damaged skin, m getting it soon before my wedding :pompom: :pompom:

  6. Wow, excellent post, Rashmi. :yes: :toothygrin: Thank you for providing all that useful information about microdermabrasion. I’d probably try it in a few years’ time if nothing works on my acne blemishes. :-/ Does it work on teenage stretch marks?

    1. jabberwocky . . whaaddaa name . . .thank yu :yahoo: :yahoo:
      if your acne blemishes are deep and old, it might not remove it. however in a few seatings they’ll definitely lighten up . . . nonetheless worth giving a try 🙂 🙂
      but no, not useful for stretch marks, definitely not the old ones. As i already stated in response to a question above, almost mo meds work on old ones. yu have to get laser for that. For new ones retinol preparations work !!! exfoliation plus regular massage with shea butter/olive oil might help a bit. . .but only a bit :smug: :smug:

  7. I’m probably going to get this done soon after reading the post and comments here 😀 but does it work on pits caused my pimples?? i have a few which are not very deep but i still get conscious 🙁 🙁

  8. hey!i have post acne scars on my face n i’ve been plannin on doin dis for a while, but cant decide on where to go..can anybody please suggest a good place/dermatologist in hyderabad..?
    wud be of great help! thanx! :))

  9. very informative article!!! :yes: , any one knows a good dermatologist in Pune??? I don’t wana go to kaya!! :no:

  10. Hello Renji,

    I am suffering from hyperpigmentation problem on my neck. Tried everything from topical applications to laser. But not of much help. The spots are spreading now Booohoooooo.. Am scared and really donno wat 2 do. Can u pls share the name or contact number of the Laser Skin Home in Cochin,Kerala — will try if I can travel from bangalore once a month and get some positive results…… Pls pls…… 🙁


  11. Hi.. After undergoing this treatment how to protect my skin? Like some one mentioned above to use kojic cream and high spf sunscreen?

  12. Hi,
    My dad skin was very fair 10years back and then he started working in sun and due to overheat, his skin became dark. I would like to treat him and wants his skin fair like before. I heard about micro dermabrassion treatment. Who is the best to treat in hyderabad for this condition. Please help me out guys. And I really appreciate it.
    Thanks and have a great day.

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