Mikyajy Minx Twinkle Twinkle Eyeshadow – Royal Lolite

Mikyajy Minx Twinkle Twinkle Eyeshadow – Royal Lolite

Hello friends! How are you all? Today’s post is about a brand which I really really love that’s Mikyajy.The name may sound a bit strange but it means “My Makeup” in Arabic. This is a Middle Eastern brand is quite famous there.The USP of this brand is their girly, cute packaging. I think every product has a unique and distinctive design catering to the feminine side of you. I am reviewing an eye shadow by them under the label Minx Twinkle Twinkle named Royal Lolite. Read on to know more about it.


Product Details:

The tray provides you with basic shades of bright eyes and high-intensity color make your eyes bright and striking outlook, silky soft composition and color lasts long. Thick, spongy brush facilitates the use.


It is priced at Rs. 624 for 2.5gm


My experience with Mikyajy Minx Twinkle Twinkle(Royal Lolite):

Let us start with the most eye catching feature about the product that is the PACKAGING. It comes in an oval shaped aqua blue plastic case. There is a graffiti of colorful flowers on it. This adds a girly touch to the case. When you open the case there is a mirror on one side and the product with its applicator stylishly placed on the other side. The applicator is a sponge brush which is soft and takes in the desired amount of product required for application without much fallout. The applicator has an angular base to it which is ergonomically friendly and helps is easy application. It is altogether a compact, travel friendly, compact, feminine looking case.
Now, coming to the product, it is a deep, royal blue color with metallic finish to it and loads of shimmer to it.The color is so dark that I prefer using it on edges while creating cat eyes /smoky eyes look. I mostly team it up with silver eye shadow and that combo just makes my eyes stand out.
The texture of the product is smooth and creamy which makes it easy for application. Though the eye shadow has a lot of shimmer to it, there isn’t much fall out. Moreover, it is water resistant and doesn’t run or smudge on getting contact with water.

The shadow is highly pigmented that it can be used alone without any base or primer. The color shows up well on single application itself. It is quite a blendable shade. It stays intact for 4-5 hours straight without any need for touch up. It doesn’t crease also and remains smooth all time long.
The only drawback of this product is its availability. It isn’t available in rest of the world except  Middle East. I think buying online is also tough. But I am sure everyone has a friend or relative there, so you butter them to get you few of these product on their vacation. Hehehe


Finally, I would say this product is a complete winner for me in every aspect and would highly recommend you all to try this range and the brand. I am sure you all will be quite impressed by it.

Pros of Mikyajy Minx Twinkle Twinkle Eyeshadow – Royal Lolite

• Cute and sturdy packaging
• Smooth, creamy texture
• Highly pigmented
• Apt for creating smoky eyes
• Minimal fall out
• Decent applicator
• Staying power is impressive


Cons of Mikyajy Minx Twinkle Twinkle Eyeshadow – Royal Lolite

• Availability can be an issue


IMBB rating:6/5

Will I re purchase Mikyajy Minx Twinkle Twinkle Eyeshadow – Royal Lolite again?

Yes yes yes !!

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  1. Mikyajy my love, its so wonderful to c mikyajy product reviews on this blog. I own a lot of mikyajy prods my fav being the 22k collection. They have the most amazing foundations. Hope a store opens in india soon.

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