Mikyajy Minx Twinkle Twinkle Frosted Eyeshadow – 16 White Diamond Review

by Dania F.

Hi my IMBB dolls,

Today I am sharing with you all, my take on the Mikyaji Minx Twinkle Twinkle Frosted Eye Shadow in the shade 16 – White Diamond. Although the brand Mikyaji is not well known in the West, it is extremely popular in the Middle East. Having lived there most of my life I am a true loyal to this brand and the moment I laid my eyes on this frosted eye shadow, I bought it without a second thought. Let’s get right into the details:

Mikyaji Minx White Diamond


I bought this product for AED 36/- for 25 g., which amounts to around Rs. 600. (Not bad for the amount and quality.)


Mikyaji Minx White Diamond

My Experience with Mikyajy Minx Twinkle Twinkle Frosted Eyeshadow – 16 White Diamond:

The outer package is a small rectangular cardboard box with beautiful colourful flowers on the top left corner and the name printed on the bottom right. The cardboard box consists of a tiny oval shaped eye shadow case with a mirror on one side. It also comes with a tiny sponge brush which is slightly curved and so easy to apply with.

Mikyaji Minx White Diamond

This shade is a staple in my makeup drawer because I use it in the inner corner of my eyes to highlight and open up my eyes. The first time I wore this was at my brother’s engagement and I received so many complements on my eyes that from that day on it became my makeup staple.

This product photographs beautifully and it can be mixed with different coloured eye shadows as well to create a lovely frosty look. It is a basic frosted eye shadow which is silver in colour. The name ‘White Diamond’ is totally apt for the colour as it is a very light shade of silver with a lot of shimmer to it. Although it is an eye shadow, it can also work as a beautiful highlighter if used sparingly.

Mikyaji Minx White Diamond

It is highly pigmented as all I needed was just a tiny bit of the product on my sponge applicator and that was enough to coat my entire eye lid. It reflects light beautifully and can be blended into the skin to make it more subtle.

It also works wonders as a highlighter for light skinned people – under the brow bone and on the bridge of the nose. The product is highly pigmented so you have to have a light hand if you’re using it for highlighting; or a heavy hand depending on the area of usage. I have provided swatches of the product with a heavy hand, medium hand and a light hand.

Mikyaji Minx White Diamond

Pros of Mikyajy Minx Twinkle Twinkle Frosted Eyeshadow – 16 White Diamond:

  • Highly pigmented.
  • Reasonably priced for the quantity.
  • Photographs really well.
  • High Longevity – stayed for a good 4 hours before it started fading.
  • Can be blended out for a more subtle look or built up for a more intense dramatic finish.
  • Finely granulated shimmer.
  • Amazing applicator, very easy to apply with it; especially in the inner corner of the eyes.
  • Doesn’t smudge.
  • Travel friendly.

Cons of Mikyajy Minx Twinkle Twinkle Frosted Eyeshadow – 16 White Diamond:

  • This shade is not very flattering on dark skinned ladies.
  • Availability: Mikyaji is not available anywhere apart from the Middle East, neither do they have an online store.

Even after giving it so much thought I could not find more cons about this amazing product.

Would I repurchase Mikyajy Minx Twinkle Twinkle Frosted Eyeshadow – 16 White Diamond?

To conclude, I think this product is true to its name “White Diamond”. It is a beautiful colour for a very good price and quantity. This brand is very well known among the Middle Easterns. All in all, I would definitely repurchase this product, that is, if at all it gets over. I am DEFINITELY going to buy more colours during my next visit to Dubai.

IMBB Rating:

I would rate this product 4.5/5. I would have given it a 5 but the availability is definitely an issue.

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