Milani 03 Florence Fierce Foil Eyeshine Review

By Palak B

Hola pretty girls,

I have a new product to share with you all along with a new technique that is trending these days in eye makeup. The product is called Milani Fierce Foil Eyeshine in the shade Florence. It claims to give a high shine look to the eyes by including this new trend “foiling”. Foiling can be achieved with regular eyeshadows as well by wetting the makeup brush with some fixing spray or just water. What that does is gives the shadow a more wet, high shine, hence “foiled” look which stays longer and is more pigmented.

Milani Florence Fierce Foil Eyeshine Review


Product Description:
03 Florence – Molten Gold, Rose and Bronze

This isn’t a shadow, it’s a shine. This extraordinary eye-enhancing, game-changing gloss can be swept on bare lids. Just tap the applicator onto the color and glide over the eye, starting close to the lashline. From there, simply blend and build with the applicator or your fingertip. In fact, it’s so easy to get glowing with this gloss, your hardest task will be picking a palette.

My Experience with Milani 03 Florence Fierce Foil Eyeshine:

After I heard everyone on the internet raving about the Makeup Geek Foiled Eyeshadows, I was restless to find them or something similar. So when I got my hands on this mini quad by Milani, I was ecstatic as I thought it was a dupe for the Makeup Geek ones. I was highly impressed by the chic, golden packaging that comes with a silicone applicator (different than our regular sponge-head mini applicator) and 4 neutral shades (Champagne, Rose Gold, Bronze and Copper) that will go with every look. I decided to give it a go and primed my lids with the Too Faced Shadow Insurance, which is an anti-crease primer.


I swept some of the Rose Golden shade on the silicone head and applied on my lids only to find out that I had small chunks of the eyeshine cluttering my eyelids which didn’t look attractive at all. Then I decided to use my finger and mind you, a little goes a long way with this one. I dabbed some of the product on my eyelids and it looked nice. The gloss effect was there and I said to myself, “Not so bad!”. Then as I blended other shadows from the quad along with it, it became challenging as I couldn’t use brushes and fingers don’t give you the control of a brush. So, it just spreads a little more than you would like.

eyeshadow palette

So I switched to other regular shadows for blending purposes. I wasn’t even done with my makeup yet and I noticed it had already started to crease. I was totally turned off and I knew it wasn’t my primer that failed. Any wet or creamy product always needs to be set with a powder in order to prevent it from creasing. But it would just defeat the whole purpose of this eye shine/high shine look if I layered it with some other shadow.


As time passed, I could see flakes of shimmer floating everywhere around my eyes. These eyeshines don’t have a base of its own and even with a primer they don’t stay put. I do still use these sometimes, but I can’t trust the product as it creases and looks shabby. The shades are very pretty and neutral, but as I mentioned it’s sad to see chunks of shimmer all around your eyes even after you wash it off.

Pros of Milani 03 Florence Fierce Foil Eyeshine:

• Attractive and expensive looking packaging, in less price
• Gorgeous choice of neutral, must-have shades

Cons of Milani 03 Florence Fierce Foil Eyeshine:

• Lacks a base of its own and it’s messy
• Silicone applicator is good for nothing
•Biggest con is the CREASING, even after using an anti-crease primer

IMBB Rating:

Would I Repurchase Milani 03 Florence Fierce Foil Eyeshine?
No. If I want the foiled eyeshadows, I will get the “foiled eyeshadows”. I won’t settle for foiled “eyeshines”.

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