Milani 04 Violet Addict Lip Intense Liquid Color Review

Hi guys! I got this product in a beauty box and it is my first experience with Milani products. I have heard great things about their blush and lip products. Is Milani 04 Violet Addict Lip Intense Liquid Color, one of the great ones or can you just give it a pass?

Milani 04 Violet Addict Lip Intense Liquid Color

The packaging of this product is gorgeous. It is a flattened plastic container with a gold cap and gold font is used all over. The cap twists up and the container is of the exact colour as the lip product, so you get an idea of how the lip colour looks. There is 6 mL of product inside.

Milani 04 Violet Addict Lip Intense Liquid Color 2




Product Description:
Weightless, bold colour – si, you really can have it all. This high-drama dazzler is infused with pure pigments, yet feels utterly light and airy. Boasting a sponge tip applicator that delivers eye-catching colour in just one swipe. It goes on like a gloss, but performs like a lipstick. It provides full-coverage, with mega-watt shine. It is the best of both worlds – and then some.

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Product Application:
Apply the lip gloss with the wand’s soft tip applicator by starting in the center of your upper lip and work your way to the outer edges. The same technique applies for your bottom lip.

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To extend the wear of your lip color and prevent bleeding, trace over your natural lip line with Anti-Feathering Lipliner and fill in you lips before applying color.

It is a very bright, magenta fuchsia pink/violet. It has the perfect balance. I would say this is a great shade, if you are in the mood for experimentation with colour. This is such a beautiful, bright colour but it might make your teeth look a little yellow. So, be aware of that.

Milani 04 Violet Addict Lip Intense Liquid Color 6

lt goes on a little patchy but the wand applies the product well. The wand is flattened on both sides and does not have a ‘scoop’ type structure like in Rimmel Apocalips. I think, this product could have benefited from such a wand. That being said, it holds on to the product well and transfers on to the lips nicely. The colour does not bleed or do anything weird.


It has medium to full pigmentation, depending on the number of layers you want to apply. I would say, it has about 80% opacity with one thin layer(this is more because it applies patchy, the product itself is intensely pigmented). I like to apply 2 layers to get full opacity.

The finish of this product is like a gloss, so it is quite shiny and wet on the lips. I absolutely love this aspect of the product. It feels very comfortable and lightweight, so you can layer this under or on any other product and it would work wonderfully.


How I like to wear it:
Since it is so bright, I prefer single, thin layer combined with another lip product like Chanel lipstick. If I am wearing it on its own, then I only put on mascara on my eyes and nothing else because this colour is so bright and eye-catching. But of course, you can mix and match, however you want.

swatch 2

Staying power:
The staying power is just about average; it lasts about 3-4 hours, even lesser if you eat/drink in between. But, as it is just as easy to reapply, I do not really mind it. Even when it wears off, it leaves behind a slight pink colour. But, I recommend a lip liner underneath to prolong its wear time.

Pros of Milani 04 Violet Addict Lip Intense Liquid Color:

  • Beautiful colour.
  • Leaves behind slightly pink colour, even after it disappears.
  • Fully opaque pigmentation.
  • Wand applies product well.

Cons of Milani 04 Violet Addict Lip Intense Liquid Color:

  • Applies patchily – requires 2 layers to get full opacity.
  • Staying power is 3-4 hours.

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  1. Lovely shade! Shades like these are slowly becoming my favorite. They flatter everyone beautifully. Your lip swatch is lovely.

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