Milani Sweet Nectar Color Statement Lipstick Review

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I am reviewing the Milani Color Statement Lipstick in the shade Sweet Nectar. I adored this shade from the minute I saw it on the shelf and I had to have this one. So read on to know what I felt about it. 🙂

Milani Sweet Nectar Color Statement Lipstick (7)

Price: $5.99

Bellissimo! You know how some (lesser) lipsticks look one way in the store, and then completely different in your bathroom mirror? Color Statement is the antithesis of that. A super-luxe, grown-up girl lipstick, it delivers true instant colour in a single swipe. Laced with vitamins A and C to hydrate and nourish, this collection is all about options: Corals and Reds, Orchids and Plums, Nudes, and Pinks. Trust us, you’ll want an entire wardrobe.


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The lipstick comes in a traditional bullet packaging, the colour of the lipstick case is the shade indicated at the bottom. Otherwise, it comes in a beautiful gold packaging. It looks very expensive and doesn’t feel like a $6 lippie at all. It has Milani written on the cap and it clicks shut tightly. I am a huge fan of this packaging

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The lipstick is very buttery to touch and glides when I swatch on my hands. It is a creamy to matte finish with no sparkle or shimmer. When I apply, it smooths right on, but some shades settle into lines when I don’t exfoliate. It does not moisturize/dry out my lips. I don’t need a lip balm or anything and my lips don’t crave for moisture. I love the way it feels and it is one of the most comfortable lipsticks I have ever tried.

The lipstick also had a weird melon-like smell. You can smell it just as you open the lipstick and You can smell it while applying but it fades away. I don’t like it but since it doesn’t last long, I am personally okay with it. If this bothers you at all, beware. It also has a hint of the taste.

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The shade is called “Sweet Nectar”. On the site, it is described as “Bright Orange”. On me it is a lovely, warm, orange. Initially, I thought it looked weird, but after a couple of times, I loved it. I am absolutely in love with this shade for summers. This is a pure orange shade. There are no hints of coral or anything, it’s a straight up, true orange. It has great pigmentation and one swipe will cover all kinds of lips. It lasts on me for 3-4 hours.

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Pros of Milani Sweet Nectar Color Statement Lipstick:

● Smooth and creamy
● Not drying, but then again, not hydrating
● Good packaging
● Very inexpensive
● Good pigmentation
● Nice bold, bright shade

Milani Sweet Nectar Color Statement Lipstick (5)

Cons of Milani Sweet Nectar Color Statement Lipstick:

● Highlights imperfections on lips, exfoliation is a must prior to application
● Has a slightly weird smell

IMBB Rating: 4/5

Overall, a good collection from a trusty brand, Milani.There are loads of great shades in this collection. Do check it out. It’s really easy on the pocket so great to try out some shades.

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