8 Mind Blowing Benefits of Exercise Other than Weight Loss

By Priyanka Dixit

Hello everyone!

Today I am back with another fitness related topic. Some people believe that we ought to exercise just to keep our weight under check. But, did you know regular workouts can change your life, not just your weight or how you look? So without wasting any time, let me begin! 🙂

1. Alleviates anxiety and depression

People are often misguided that physical activity equals only physical health. But, you will be surprised to know that you can gain ample mental health while overcoming issues like anxiety, stress and depression.  People with such mental issues need to workout at places in which they feel comfortable like their terrace or living room. Working out in fresh morning and evening air will calm your mind and release happy hormones.

2. Helps Control Blood Sugar:


Exercises such as cycling, walking, jogging etc are the best for people suffering from various kinds of diabetes. If you are bothered about your health and suffer from diabetes, start drinking more water, reduce sugar intake and exercise on regular basis. A minimum of 45 minutes is all you require to control your diabetes over time.

3. Decreases constipation

Constipation is a normal health issue these days. If you also suffer from it, start indulging in more physical activities. Daily running, jogging or even dancing can prove to be very beneficial for you. If you are regular at it, exercise will improve the health of your digestive system manifolds and you won’t have to struggle again.

4. Reduces body pain

We cannot emphasise enough on how beneficial working out is for you. Minimum 15 minutes of aerobic exercises can make your bones stronger. So start walking, running or invest in a treadmill to relieve chronic pain and to relax your muscles. I know a lot of people face pain initially when they start working out, but in the long run it will prevent many muscles and bone related ailments. Activities such as dancing, hiking, jogging, jumping rope, climbing stairs help in preventing osteoporosis in later stage.

5. Stronger immunity

better immunity

Daily exercises improve the immunity of our body a lot. It becomes easier for you to kick various diseases such as common cold. A forty minutes walk, 4 days a week is all it takes to strengthen your immunity.

6. Mood changer

Busy and hectic days frustrate the life out of us! Such days often lead to lethargy, grumpy mood and irritable nature. Only thirty minutes of jogging, running or even weight training (if you dig that) can instantly perk up your mood. The surroundings appear better and head feels lighter when you exercise. People who work in crazy-hectic office can opt to workout after work. Or if they need energy and boost for the day, they can workout in the morning. Did I say how exercises can give you amazing energy for the entire day?

7. Improved sleep

better sleep

Are you suffering from sleeping disorders? Do you have hard time while trying to fall asleep? Then, a gym membership is all you need. Daily exercises can soothe your mind, body and soul. Since all of your organs start to work well, you mind becomes less stressed.

8. Confidence Booster

If you workout regularly, your mind and body stay in good shape and hence your confidence gets boosted. It’s not about achieving a slim body; it’s about achieving a body that’s healthy, and about being committed to taking good care of yourself.

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