Mineral Makeup For Mature Skin

As you age, your skin also undergoes transformations. No longer do you find usual makeup products flattering on your changing skin.
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Mineral Makeup is a wonderful invention in the world of cosmetics that mature skin can greatly benefit from. It gives you a fresh youthful appearance by hiding the fine lines, dark circles, age spots, redness, pigmentation, freckles and wrinkles. You can choose from high quality brands such as MAC, Bare Escentuals, Lauren Hutton just to name a few.

Natural minerals, being finely ground and lightweight, come with inorganic colourings and no preservatives. They contain iron oxide for subtle tints, zinc oxide for its anti-inflammatory properties and titanium dioxide as natural sunscreen. All you need is a simple application to cover all kinds of imperfections. The range of mineral cosmetics out there is specifically designed to give you coverage that is sheer enough to not appear heavy, and yet effective in masking flaws.

Basic Rules for Mature Skin

• Mature skin is more prone to sun damage. Protect it with a layer of mineral sunscreen underneath your makeup at all times.
• Always use a primer. It will even out your skin and make sure your makeup blends better and lasts longer.
• The basic rule for mature skin says ‘less is more. The less caked-on your makeup is, the more natural you look.
• A mineral concealer is a must-have. It can work miracles in hiding blemishes and discolouration.
• Avoid looking awkward and highlighting your skin’s flaws with the use of too much loose powder. Try opting for liquid foundation and cream blushes instead. Powder has an annoying tendency to settle in the fine creases of your skin.
• Steer clear of shimmer in blushes and frosted eyeshadows. These things look gorgeous on younger people, but look too loud and take the grace away from a mature face.

Applying Mineral Makeup on Mature Skin

1. Use aloe vera gel or pure hyaluronic acid as a natural primer to tone and even the complexion and plump the skin. This way you avoid harsh chemical-based primers which tend to clog pores. Aloe vera has the added advantage of having astringent, sun-protecting and healing properties. It is non-sticky, easily absorbable, and dries fast. Apply a thin coat to create a smooth base for the makeup.

2. Use natural moisturizers like jojoba oil that absorb well within 5-10 mins and don’t sit in a layer over the skin. The very reason for using mineral makeup is to let the skin breathe easy. Pay special attention to wrinkles around the upper lip, crow’s feet and laugh lines. Very thick or heavy moisturizer will result in streaky uneven makeup.
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L to R- Meryl Streep, Julianne Moore, Faye Dunaway, Cate Blanchett

3. Preferably, use liquid mineral foundation. Powders are good for younger skin which exudes a glow due to the natural oil secretions. But when you age, skin tends to dry out. So a liquid foundation is your best bet as it wont make you look parched.
Another alternative is to mix some loose mineral foundation with a dollop of moisturizer in your palm before application. Apply with light strokes.

If you must use powder, apply a very fine layer evenly with a kabuki brush. Build upon the fine layer to get the amount of coverage you want. Not doing this correctly can cause you to look caked! Begin at the perimeter and when there is little powder left on the brush, end under the eyes and the upper lip. Work around for your minerals to settle into a subtle dewy finish. Use a powder brush to dab away excess powder.

4. If you want to use concealers to hide blemishes, you may use a mineral powder that’s one shade lighter than your foundation to serve the purpose. Cover all visible dark spots and capillaries.
You also get special mineral concealers which are more convenient to use and provide excellent coverage.

5. Highlight underneath the brow bone and do a subtle natural-hued shadow on eyelids. Use a nude or pale pink eyeliner along the inner eye to make them look bright and awake. For concealer under the eyes, start to dab from the inner corner of the eye to the middle. Be scant along the outer corner or you may end up highlighting wrinkles.

6. Use mineral blush in cream base instead of powder blush. Mature skin sometimes develops fine downy hair, to which powders can cling, making them more prominent. Bring about a dewy glow of colour that’s not too heavy or overt with a mineral cream blush. Try to avoid products containing too much mica, as excess shimmer looks awkward on aged skin.

Finish off with dark brown or medium black mascara and a nude or rosy-tinted lipstick!!

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13 thoughts on “Mineral Makeup For Mature Skin

  1. Wonderful article ! :thumbsup: Bhumycka, I dont have matured skin but I wanted to know can aloe vera gel be used as a face primer???? Can we use liquid mineral foundation too?? I had seen one at the faces cosmetics counter !

  2. Nice review Bhumycka.. :waytogo: i personally feel mineral makeup is good for young also if ur a regular makeup girl, as it doesnot clog the pores… :methinks:

  3. wonderful tips. very useful for me. ..what about the compacts that go from foundation to powder? I bought one from Chambor yesterday..looked pretty nice on me in the store. 🙂 also picked up the mineral blush from Faces. btw i am 40+

      1. i think it was 900+..i bought the concealer for about 650 bucks which btw is fantastic..the concealer is not the stick one but the liquid one that comes out of that brush..

  4. Is it Aruna is that concelaer good ? howz it wrking fr dark circles? Does it give any gray cast in pics?
    Can u plz do a review fr it

    1. i am not very good with reviews cos I really dont know how to make it sound interesting, witty and all 🙂 but let me just tell you that I have really really bad dark circles and what the SA did (amongst the first ones to do it) – she removed the entire makeup from underneath both my eyes (to show the difference) and applied the concealer and the wet to dry compact powder under one of the eyes. There was a very visible difference between the one that had the concealer and the one that didnt so i didnt think twice before buying both the products. It comes in a few shades too so I personally think you should not have a problem finding your shade.

      I am a bit confused after reading this article becos it says to use liquid foundation for mature skin 🙁 but i think that since I have spent so much money already i’ll stick to this for the time being :preen:

    1. hey ya..i live close to Inorbit so i picked it from there but I think u get them in Lifestyle and shopper’s stop too..so any mall shud do..health and Glow also has it if I am not mistaken.

      do get the SA to try it on you first..

  5. I :heart: mineral makeup. In fact, I’m afraid to use any other type of foundation for me acne-prone skin. Great tips too Bhumycka. I should remember to use primer on bad skin days. :))

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