My Mini Haul from Clinique and Bourjois

My Mini Haul from Clinique and Bourjois

By Poonam S.

My mini haul from Clinique and Bourjois

This is my latest splurge. I never thought, not even in my dreams that I would spend this much on beauty products, but not now, especially after attaching to IMBB.  It seems impossible to go to the market and not buy some product. It is sort of a craving, addiction of trying new products before finishing the one I already have. I still cannot believe, I went to the mall just for grocery shopping and the moment I entered into Lifestyle, I felt like all the SAs are trying to lure me, calling me. So, I tried a few things and ended up buying some of them.

As I have very oily skin, I am always in search of the products which can help me to reduce oil secretion from skin and can also improve skin texture. I had read so much about Clinique on IMBB, so when I saw Clinique counter, I thought of trying their products.  The SA on the counter was very nice, she checked my skin and told me that I am type 4 (Oily). She demonstrated a few products and I purchased the above and also got freebies.


I bought this 3 step skin care system which includes a face wash, a clarifying lotion and a moisturizing gel. This is a month trial pack. I wanted to see how actually it will work on my skin.

Clinique all about eyes

I do have lots of pigmentation and dark spots because of tanning, acne and hormonal imbalances, so I bought dark spot corrector.

rati beauty ad

Clinique dark spot corrector

An oil-free tinted sunscreen lotion too.

Clinique City Block Sheer

Best of all I got these freebies. One travel pack of 3 step skin care and an eye gel.

I was thinking of buying a new lipstick, but along with that, I bought Bourjois mascara 1001 lashes black quartz, felt-tip eyeliner Liner Feutre, Rouge a Levres- lipstick (sweet kiss), Bourjois blush (85 Sienne) and two shades of nail polishes (oops!! I forgot to include those in pictures).

Rouge a Levres- lipstick (sweet kiss), Bourjois blush (85 Sienne)

Bourjois mascara 1001 lashes black quartz, Felt-tip eyeliner Liner Feutre. I am already loving this felt- tip eyeliner.  After all this, I got so tired, so I grabbed just a few grocery items and came back home, planning go back next weekend to continue shopping!

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24 thoughts on “My Mini Haul from Clinique and Bourjois

  1. nice haul poonam….and when you go for ‘grocery shopping’ next week, do update us all on what all you actually buy…i mean, the second round of cosmetics…coz we girls from IMBB can never return from market/ mall without new cosmetics….:):)

      1. sure Ritu.. will do.. I totally agree with u….and the strange part is few mnths ago, I never use to look at those counters… but now (thanks imbb) i just cant resist… 🙂

  2. I’ve always loved Clinique, the skincare more than the makeup. The Dramatically Different Moisturizing Lotion is my fav 🙂 though I don’t use it a lot. Would ♥ to see more haul posts in the future!!

    1. Gauri, I havn’t tried Clinique make up range yet.. and its skincare… jst started using… so cant say much.. but it seems like i m gonna fall in love with it… the moituirzing lotion is indeed good… but the SA at the counter told me that dont decorate it on ur dressing table… use it as asked… 🙂

  3. WOAH @_@ that’s some Clinique haul! I haven’t tried anything in their skin care range, I have a blush-bronzer eyeshadow combo and a lip gloss duo which I reviewed here. I’ve heard mixed reviews abt the 3-step system though, so you should let us know if it works for you! 🙂

  4. Nice haul Poonam..i have a love and hate relationship with clinique apart for 2-3 products which always suit me 😛 i have a 400ml toner botttle and half full dramatically diff lotion sitting in my cupboard cos they dont suit me anymore 🙁
    Bourjois products i love 🙂

    1. Oh i m also loving Bourjois products. esp. my first blush 🙂 (somehow the pictures are not included in the review :()

  5. That is quite a lot of haul poonam. 😛 😛 so share your experiences once you use the products for a while. :)) Enjoyy :))

    1. Thanks Rati… will do that.. thats is the best part… i just love it when I share my views with all of you.. I am enjoying evry bit of it.. Thanks a lot for imbb. 🙂

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