Mini Haul From Faces Cosmetics

Mini Haul  from “faces Cosmetics”

This Saturday I went to Pune central and still did not pick up Color Sensational lipsticks by Maybelline although I am eyeing two or three shades. Instead I picked up some stuff from a brand called faces which has products on hair, nail, foot, face, bath and body. Most of them are tools and I love to pick up such stuff. The display was good and so here is what I picked.
Faces Cosmetics
4 Way Bail Buffer price Rs 65:

4 Way Nail Buffer

The buffer has the first step to remove the layer of dead cells form the nail surface. It removes a powder sort of from the nail kind of like scrubbing the nail. I found it pretty helpful to remove the yellow and mattifying the nail surface. Second step, the pink part is to buff the nails before the final step of shining them up. The third step the grey part is to make ur nails dazzle with natural shine. The black part is plain emery to shape nails. the step with the grey part makes a squeaky sound when rubbed on the nail surface. It was incredible to see the sort of healthy shine this product gave to my nails. it was good enough and may be better than my other nail buffers by street wear (got free with shopping) and other general non brand buffer. must have if u want to skip nail paints. (compared with other buffers)

Rating :-* :-*:-*:-*

Flat Tweezer:Price Rs 55

Flat Tweezer
I use tweezers for stray hair on eye brows and have a couple of others too apart from this. I just feel they lose their sharpness after a while. Some of them may be so sharp as to hurt the skin. but this one is amazing. It has a small flat tip which picks up small hair as well and does not feel sharp on the skin. its an amazing product for 55 rs . I may pick up more of these in case I lose this. The other ones in the pics for comparison are one I picked up from lifestyle and the other from UK and is made in Pakistan. The UK one hurts the skin like crazy and the lifestyle one is good but has lost sharpness over time.(compared with others)


Rating :-* :-*:-*:-* + 0.5

Nail shiner: Rs 85

Nail Shiner
Now this product bummed me as the plastic had gotten stuck to one side of the shiner and it stripped off the paper from the shiner in my attempt to remove it(will call customer care about the packaging). It also comes with a long orange wood stick to push back cuticles and to clean underneath nails from the pointed side of the stick, it very long and better in quality when compared to my other orange stick I picked up from a beauty supply store.

Orange Sticks
Now about the shiner. The white side of  the shiner when used on bare nails makes a squeaky sound, first off I doubted what it would do but when I finished, it made my nails dazzle like LIQIUD! I could not believe those were my nails shining like liquid. The shine will not last  of course. amazing product for glossing up nails.(compared with Vega nail shiner and orange wood stick compared with another)

Nail Shiner
rating 4 on 5

Faces Side Combs: Pack of two Rs 100

faces Side Combs
It’s a great product to keep irritating hair away from face when u want specially when u are doing ur make up. These are in black and brown color. It holds the hair very well and look pretty when worn. Wear it on the side of the hair or lift the centre of the hair up from the front with these. The quality of plastic is above average. How brittle they are, I am yet to see.

Rating :-* :-* :-*

Dual pencil sharpener price Rs 80:

Faces Cosmetics Sharpener

Aow the last thing is a very cute looking make up pencil sharpener. Although I have lakme, oriflame and Avon sharpeners, I loved this one for the round shape and for the fact that it will collect all the shavings inside well. It is very sharp and it gives a perfect rounded edge to the pencils and I find it easy to clean. Open the sides and tap tap, and all the dirt goes off. Should last me for while.

Rating :-* :-*:-* :-*

I am keen to pcik up other stuff from faces as well now. the other miscellaneous stuff is from curls and gurlz and just got a monogram hair band and side combs with wooden design , all from pune central. Loving all my faces stuff. And my nails are very happy with all the pampering and that way I can give them a breather and go easy on the nail polishes.
In case u are interested where u can buy these, their customer care number is 1800-103-1201 email at

All these are made in China.


36 thoughts on “Mini Haul From Faces Cosmetics

  1. I liked the sharpener the best 🙂 is cute! If its all made in China..why is it Faces Canada?? Or is it some other brand..cos I have seen that here in Bangalore.

  2. Nice haul Neha, Ive seen their stuff at Sobo Centre One too, I was actually hoping to find some brushes in this brand..unfortunately No. I like the tweezer tho, its high time I replace the one I have (actually stole it from my mom, so you can imagine) 😀

  3. Cute haul Neha… Try the Eye shadow brush from Faces.. It’s just Rs. 70 and is one of the softest and fluffiest e/s brush i have ever used.

    I even got them for ki… Pls pls pls try it… I am totally :inlove: wid them.. :-)) :-))

  4. Faces is the beauty and personal care brand of pantaloon retail which owns all the centrals …will not get this brand anywhere else apparently.They also have a range of cosmetics…makeup etc….Great haul Neha…they have some good lippies too i hear,hehehe

  5. great haul Neha, i have seen faces counter in some shops but i did not check out their stuff, now i will surely do. 🙂

  6. I feel a little inept when I ask this : p, but what in the world is a “nail shiner” and how does it work? You have to tell me!
    It’s lovely to see a tools haul 🙂

    1. u have to rub it across bare nail surface and makes ur nails dazzle like a liquid
      so much so that u can skip paint and nail gloss

  7. Hey Neha…good picks…oops…that tweezer from UK looks like a knife….how did you use it??????…..BTW, I went to the Big Bazaar in Rajkot and saw these side combs there and was wondering how to use them…………………. :-))

  8. hi neha
    had seen thse products out here n had bought sum tic tac clips…thgh wanted to buy the after readin this…i got maself this nail shiner n buffer.. also gt maself an eyeshadow brush..( rs. 70) now i thnk m gettin addicted to this IMBB..LOL 🙂

  9. Hey! i hav been using Faces products for a while now, believe me they hav awesum products…. Do try the nail shiner- the shines that it gives is unbelievable…. another product that u can’t afford to miss is the dual sharpener which is vry easy to use and all d dust collects in the catcher. I believe that they provide value for money :waytogo:

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