Mini Makeup and Beauty Haul

My mini haul . 🙂 So I finally went out yesterday to buy my set of color sensational lipsticks and a couple of other things I had on my list… Here’s my mini haul

Makeup Shopping

I got the Fabindia Coral Facepack on Friday after reading Rati’s review.

  • Lotus Herbals Sunblock spray with SPF 50 – This one is a re-purchase for me. Picked up 2 bottles, 1 for myself and another one for my mom
  • Lotus Detan Face pack
  • Vega e/s brush
  • Maybelline colorama nailpaints in Chic and Starlight
  • Lakme Fruit Blast Melon Melt Facewash
  • Maybelline Color Sensational lipsticks in Plum Paradise and Copper Brown

I am most excited about the Facewash and Maybelline Color Sensational lipsticks. I also wanted to buy the colorbar peachy pink blush but it was out of stock . 🙁

Lakme Fruit Blast Facewash – Melon Melt

Lakme Fruit Blast Face Wash I was wanting to buy the Fruit blast facewashes right from the first time I saw the ads on TV.

Lakme has launched 3 facewashes under this range : Berry Lush, Citrus and Melon Melt.

I actually wanted to pick up all 3 but since I already have around 4-5 facewashes lying at home I decided to try them one at a time and picked up Melon Melt. The color of the tube and the facewash is such a nice bright yellow color. Used it twice already and loving it. Cant wait to try the other 2 ones now.

Maybelline Color Sensational Lipsticks : Plum Paradise and Copper Brown : Photos and Swatches

Maybelline Color Sensational Lipstick Pics

Plum Paradise is a wine kind of a shade. I basically purchased this lipstick to go with 2 wedding dresses which I got recently for a couple of weddings coming up. I don’t have any such dark lipstick until now and I definitely will not be wearing this shade directly on a routine basis, however I’ve figured out that I can use this lipstick with my light pink lipstick to get a darker shade of pink …already worn it this way today . 😉 Plush Purple

Copper Brown as the name says is a copperish brown color. Have bought this one mainly for my mom, but since she doesn’t use lipstick on a daily basis, I cant let it feel neglected OC I too am gonna use it…maybe more than her 😉

Warm Copper

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56 thoughts on “Mini Makeup and Beauty Haul

    1. yes, the facewash is good…I think Lakme is not as disappointing when it comes to skincare products…I love their strawberry facewash and this too is good…it smells like frsh muskmelon…

  1. True Radhika, need to think twice before buying any lakme pdt though there are quite a few exceptions like their rose powder…

    1. Thanks Rashmi…do try the facewash…infact I now regret not buyin the other 2…waiting to finish some stock of facewashes so that I can try the other ones also…

      The packaging is soooo nice…such a refreshing color

    1. 🙂 if u find it interesting you can give the smaller tube a shot…I am finding the fragrance v refreshing and not something I’ve in facewashes until now

    1. thanks Pooja….do try the face pack…Rati has some really good feedback abt it..I hvnt used it yet though but I am sure it will work as wonderfully for me too

  2. Nice haul HD, where did you get the Fabindia Coral pack from? u’ve tempted me to try the facewash too, but I will use restraint and finish the ones I have first (hopefully :D)

    1. Thanks Renuca…thats wht even I did na…I already have 4 facewashes in use and another one in stock so bought only 1 from the fruit blast range…though I was totally tempted to try all the 3…and you can always buy the smaller tube…less guilty 😀

      I bght the coral pack from the Oberoi mall, goregaon outlet…it was in stock at Inorbit mall too…You stay at town na…you can try the kala ghoda outlet

  3. The plum paradise ia really pretty colour. 🙂

    Lakme has come up with tempting packaging. I will pick one up soon. Target- finish up atleast one facewash before buying Lakme fruit Blast. 😛

    1. Ya the shade is really nice…I loooooooooooooved the color of this specially…its such a lovely yellow color…I feel like washing my face now and thn 😛 thats my target too….finish one facewash before getting the next from fruit blast range 🙂

  4. hi HD great haul.. the lakme face wash is looking very fruity n fresh. wil grab it soon .i liked the maybelline shades too, mostly the copper brown. :-))

    1. thanks dear…I m lovving the facewash…

      the plum shade is the darkest lipstick I have in my collection and i def cant wear it casually as is, but it goes perfectly with my 2 outfits so wont look so bright for marriage so got it 😀

      so which one are u getting from the sensational range?

      1. hey HD all the shades are so pretty isn’t it. im getting confused. will decided after i land up the store…
        the pink will go wel with sarees n party choice. :yes:

        1. Ohh i was utterly confused as well…and coz of that I even postponed my visit from sun to mon so that I could get more time at the store 🙂

          The whole range is lovely!!

          I wont be surprised if I buy another one after 1-2 months 😛

  5. I have had a terrible experience with Lotus sunscreen…. i bought SPF 30 and SPF 60 for my honeymoon… The SPF 60 coated my skin with a visible white layer and SPF 30 made me look as if i just had an oil bath… i stopped using it from the second day and took 6 months to regain my complexion 🙁 Weaned off lotus brand till IMBB introduced me to the kajal…
    .-= anks´s last blog ..Writing Vs Therapy =-.

    1. oopss…thats really sad anks..Many sunscreens tend to give an oily look but I’ve never faced tis prob w lotus…

      which sunscreen are u using nowadays?

      1. hi anks the lotus range is superb i bought the SPF 50 on HD’s recommendation n loving it…. :snicker:
        give it a try..

        1. u knw after my earlier bottle of lotus got over I got BK SPF 50 just to try it out but as you can see I am now back to lotus!!

            1. I found it very drying 🙁 mom too didint like it much….whn I asked her initially which one shud I get after BK is over she said anything is fine like she always does but thn on her own she commented just today morn that lotus is better na 🙂

      2. Well, I have been scarred with sunscreens once before too… now, i just pick a lotion with spf and dont use any other sunscreen… my current is bath and body that hubs picked on his travels…
        .-= anks´s last blog ..Writing Vs Therapy =-.

  6. Hey HD, what a great haul…especially the lipsticks…what lovely shades…..Rima and Rati picked up their shades and now these two shades, and I am kind of confused which one to chose. :-/ 😕 . BTW, I too picked up the Lotus detan and sunscreen after reading the reviews here on IMBB…..and hundreds of other things recommended by IMBB gurlz 😀

    1. Hey Mrun…where were you?? MIA?? I def want to try all the fruit blast facewashes atleast once…

      he he…I knw, if we call this a mini haul..whts gng to be major!!!

  7. Hi HD,

    I have removed the comment of that commenter. I just saw that she had posted another negative comment with a different name. I think this is another hate commenter. If you want, we can delete your reply also.

    1. Oh god…such sick ppl!!! Ya pls delete my reply too…doesnt make any sense to keep that..Thanks Sanjeev

      BTW is there any way I can delete my own comments?

  8. Nooooo…Jomol’s baby is ultra cute…I don’t want him left with meanies…nope nope…on the other hand..if he is going to gift meanie a half-eaten cockroach…oh okkk then. 😀

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