Mini Makeup Haul for Festive Season


Hi everyone,

Today I’m writing this make up haul article on the products that I bought last week .Although I have reviewed many of the products, you see here, on IMBB.But yet I thought I would share with you what all I bought…
I am particularly a big fan of eye makeup and lip colors/balms. Hence almost all the products are either for lips or eyes. I didn’t buy any nail color as I have plenty of them in stock which I still haven’t used.

What I purchased:

  •  Jordana INCOLOR Lipshine Natural Glaze In “02 Watermelon Punch”
  •  Jordana Semi Permanent Liquid Eyeliner In “04 Endless Black”
  •  Jordana Color Effects Powder Eye Shadow Duo In “Ced-03 _Two Fold”
  •  Jordana Easy Liner For Eyes In “Qe-01 Black”
  •  Miss Claire Eye Shadow In “ 0804 Pebble Black”
  •  Elle 18 Color Pops Lipstick In “31 Pinken”
  • Maybelline Fruity Jelly Gloss In “Cherry Kiss”

i) Jordana INCOLOR Lipshine Natural Glaze in “02 Watermelon Punch”

Jordana Lip Jelly
Price: 180 INR for 1.75ml/0.58fl oz
Rating: 4.5/5

ii) Jordana semi permanent liquid eyeliner in “04 endless black”

Jordana incolor liquid liner
Price: 150 for 4.5ml/0.15 fl oz
Rating: 4.9/5

rati beauty ad

iii) Jordana color effects powder eye shadow duo in “CED-03 _two fold”

Jordana Color effects eyeshadow


Price: 160INR for 2.66gm/0.94fl oz
Rating: 4.5/5

iv) Jordana easy liner for eyes

Jordana easy eyeliner for eyes
Price: 110 INR for 0.185gm/0.006 fl oz
Rating: 3.5/5

v) Miss Claire eye shadow in “0804 pebble black”

Miss claire eyeshadow

Price: 100INR
Rating: N/A (not yet used)

vi) Elle 18 Color Pops Lipstick In “31 Pinken”

Price: 100 INR for 4.3ml
Rating: 4.9/5

vii) Maybelline fruity jelly gloss in “cherry kiss”

Price: 150INR for 10ml
Rating: 5/5 🙂

So this is all I have purchased as of now. Hope you all like it. Will definitely share my next make-up haul again in the future. Bye-byes. 🙂


10 thoughts on “Mini Makeup Haul for Festive Season

    1. same.. one or two products present in Sites are always out of stock, and in chennai where to find 🙁

      Nice haul devleena!! enjoy:)

      1. Even I’m looking for jordana eye liner! And its not available online. Plz let me know na if u know from where can I get them in navi mumbai..!

  1. I love miss claire eyeshadows!! Got brown, khaki, silver grey and white for highlight…. 🙂 they re very good for the price 🙂

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