Mini Reviews : MAC Honeylove, Freckletone, Siss, Chanel Egerie, Precieuse

mac freckletone lipstick

Hi Everyone,

We are introducing ‘ Mini Reviews’ on IMBB from today onwards. I have a ton of makeup especially from MAC and Chanel that is  waiting to be reviewed. There are so many different shades and colors that I try but I never end up reviewing them on the blog. 🙁 With mini reviews I have decided to combine a few products somewhat from the similar category and put them in one post. This way not only I’d be able use more of my products but would also be able to share them with you. 😀 All the reviews would be in tabular form. If you have any queries, you may ask me in the comments below. I would also like to mention that I have all sort of weird shades in my stash 😛 , some of them I would never wear in public but I’d test them at home and put a review for you. Those shades may work for you so don’t discard a product just on the color basis.Try the product if you like it.Some lip colors work the best with different glosses and lip pencils than on their own. If there is problem with texture or anything of that sorts, I’d def mention it in the review. Hope this helps. 🙂

To start with, I have light to medium skin tone (MAC NC 35). Let’s go! 🙂

MAC Siss Lipstick

  • Price : Rs 990
  • Shade : n*de beige with strong yellow undertone
  • Texture : matte and opaque
  • Staying Power : 4 + hours
  • Fragrance : vanilla, no taste
  • Works best with : dark smokey eyes or else would completely wash out color from your face. Check HERE. It is best used with a warm brown lip pencil ( MAC Spice) underneath to add a bit of color. It is a difficult to pull off color.
  • Pick it up : if you like that super n*de look for your lips.
  • Skin tones : light to medium
  • Do I like it ? No
  • Rating : 3.5/5

mac siss


rati beauty ad

MAC Freckletone Lipstick

  • Price : Rs 990
  • Shade : a warm brown peach
  • Texture: soft glossy and medium pigmented.
  • Staying Power : 3 + hour . Not one of the long stay lipsticks.
  • Fragrance : Vanilla ; no taste
  • Works best with : smokey eyes and lots of peach /neutral/ orange blushes
  • Skin tones : warm medium to dusky skin tones
  • Pick it up : if you want a neutral lipstick with a hint of shine and that does not go completely opaque.
  • Do I like it ? Yes
  • Rating : 4/5

mac freckletone


MAC Honeylove Lipstick

  • Price : Rs 990
  • Shade : a pinkish n*de
  • Texture: matte and completely opaque
  • Staying Power : 4-5 hours
  • Fragrance : vanilla, no taste
  • Works best with : dark smokey eyes ; can also work as a great everyday color for very fair skinned women.
  • Skin tones : light skin tones or very dusky skintones if you like that contrasting pale lips look on you.
  • Pick it up if : you are very fair with pink undertones and looking for a perfect n*de lipstick for yourself. It can be a difficult to pull off shade.
  • Do I like it ? No
  • Rating : 3.5/5

mac honey love

honey love

Chanel Rouge Coco Egerie

chanel egerie

  • Price : Rs 2100
  • Shade : a deep pink coral with soft goden sheen
  • Texture: very light and feels almost nothing on lips. Medium pigmented but is buildable without getting cakey.
  • Staying Power : 3-4 hours
  • Fragrance : rose, no taste
  • Works best with : peach and coral blushes. Great summer shade.
  • Skin tones : light to medium to soft tanned skin tones.
  • Pick it up : if you are looking for a perfect coral shade with slight pink undertones.
  • Do I like it ? Yup!
  • Rating : 4/5


Chanel Rouge Allure Precieuse

Chanel Rouge Allure Precieuse

  • Price : Rs 2100
  • Shade :  a rose biege with goldeny sheen
  • Texture: light weight but is a bit drying.It is buildable but it cakes up if you apply too much of it. Also, I find that it accentuates every fine line on lips
  • Staying Power : 4 hours
  • Fragrance : rose, no taste
  • Works best with : deep eye makeup
  • Skin tones : light skin tones
  • Pick it up if : you you like a bit of frost finishes
  • Rating : 2.5/5


Swatches : l-r MAC siss, freckletone, honeylove, chanel egerie, chanel precieuse

chanel egerie swatches


mac honey love swatches


60 thoughts on “Mini Reviews : MAC Honeylove, Freckletone, Siss, Chanel Egerie, Precieuse

  1. superb rati 🙂 a great idea to put together more products in one post 🙂 😀 i loved rouge coco egerie *jai ho*

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    u have done a great job rati di… *jai ho* n i like this mini review version more… *haan ji*

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    oouch…mac siss is makin u look sad and unwell..
    *smack* to mac siss

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    Ilike the chanel ones..but i cud nt convince myself to buy such a high ended lippie.. *specs*
    i always thnk tat i can have lots of inglotfor this money..heheheh rofl rofl rofl

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    wud love to see an OOTD in that Blue dress ur wearing.. the colour looks so rich..

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  13. Hi Rati…..nice review…. 🙂
    however, i hav some off-track ques for you….how do you take care of ur hair…..looks really awesome….can u plz suggest some hair mask if u use any…. *thankyou* in advance…. 🙂

    1. neha at the moment I am not using any hair mask. but i used to like loccitane hair mask a lot. Loving the kerastase hair serum atm. 🙂 both reviewed. Thanks 🙂

  14. Love d concept of mini reviews, i will wait for concept plus purpose review
    Eg-bridal lipsticks mini rev or summer colors mini rev *pompom* *happy dance*

    U look lovely in all,1st one the most *puchhi*

  15. The shades look so very pretty in the hand swatch but I think they will wash me out too! I think a little bit of pink liner underneath all of these would make the colors pop out a bit making them more suitable for wheatish skin tones – what say?

  16. Hey Rati, I love Siss! It suits my everyday smokey eye so beautifully <3 I tried Honeylove at the MAC store and I looked like an ill patient :O It washed me out I think. I love Freckletone too! I have Siss and Freckletone 🙂 I like how Siss looks on you as well, sad you don't like it!
    Coco Egerie looks so hawt on you! I don't like the Rouge Allure lipstick though :\

    Hugs to you!

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