Mirrored Nail Polish – The Hottest Manicure Trend to Try Right Now

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This post is especially for our very own Shikha. She wanted to know about this new mirrored nail polish trend on MG forums. So I decided to do a post for her and all you ladies about this new and hot trend.

Mirrored Nail Polish - The Hottest Manicure Trend to Try Right Now

What is mirrored nail polish trend?

This nail polish trend has become the latest rage in the beauty industry. Mirrored nails are also termed as chrome nails. Mirrored nails look highly polished and sophisticated. You can turn your nails into a small mirror by using a special nail polish, foils and applied plates. This trend is not tough to master and make for a statement look.

Tips and tricks to achieve the mirrored look

⦁ Your nails should be properly filed, trimmed and cleaned before the application of the nail polish.
Duo chrome Mirrored Nail Polish

⦁ The application of nail polish needs to be really precise and smooth. No streaky finishes are allowed when it comes to achieving the mirrored look on your nails.

⦁ Make sure to apply a base coat before using the polish to enhance the mirror effect finish. A base coat is a must for a perfect polish and also to protect your nails from high pigments of the nail paints.

⦁ This trend became a rage with silver polish but you can try any colour of the rainbow. Golds, silvers, reds, blues or greens, they all look great when it comes to mirrored nails.
Mirrored Nail Polish with chrome effect

⦁ If you don’t want to try the full-on mirrored effect on your nails then go for chrome effect only on the tips of your nails which look really sophisticated and elegant.

⦁ These kinds of nails also require maintenance so it is better to save them for special occasions.

⦁ If you are going for a black and white outfit then try wearing mirrored nails as the only accessory and you will be the talking point in no time.

⦁ You can do a striped nail art with a mish-mash of matte nail polish and chrome nail paints for a perfect fusion that looks oh so stylish!

⦁ Several coats of reflective nail paints are done over the base coat to achieve the perfect look. Once they are dry, seal with top coat, and voila! You are done.
Mirrored Nail Polish

⦁ The look can be achieved using chrome nail polish, metallic nail wraps or highly pigmented powder.

⦁ The other way to do it is to wipe highly pigmented silver powder across a nail, with a black gel base coat, until the nail begins to reflect light.

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Sephora Formula X Mirrored Nail Polish

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Essie Mirrored Nail Polish

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