Miss Claire Eyeshadow Part 2 : 0230, 0951 Review, Swatches

Miss Claire Eyeshadow Part 2: 0230 and 0951 Review, Swatches

Hi there ladies!

I am reviewing two more gorgeous colors from Miss Claire again today. I have already reviewed a golden yellow and a silver grey from small eye shadows from miss Claire. But I am too much in love with these so had to pick some more use try them out and review them. I have some more too but haven’t been able to try them out much.I love these eyeshadows as they are awesome quality for rs 95 a pop, sleek packaging, pretty colors and great pigmentation, satin smooth very wearable colors with a satiny metallic finish …these are few of the great features miss claire eyeshadows have. The shop also had some palette but I wanted these small singles as they are convenient to carry and I can pick and chose from them . The palettes belonged to the same color family even though I had wanted browns and neutral wear so I chose many of these.

miss clair eyeshadow

I am totally loving them. The golden and grey reviewed earlier  (HERE) were a lil ott for everyday, though I really like the silver one but the others are very everyday colors and they are so pigmented so u just need to touch it and dab and blend and you are done for office as well. The metallicy satin finish may be lil over the top for office but you can just blend them and they lose the sheen into a softer look and set very well and there is literally no fall out for these beauties!

miss clair eyeshadow
About the shadows:

Mostly available at beauty centres in Mumbai and Pune, availability is a problem. But I had to pick many before leaving Pune and I chose neutral colors mostly out of 25 different colors mostly satin finish . I just picked up one matte brown for crease which has some gold glitter which is very sparse and that color is absolutely different form these other colors in texture and finish though. These are very soft pigmented metallic satin finish which blend beautifully .They don’t set after application like some loreal ones but they blend very well and if blended well they become softer in finish for everyday wear and even set very well on the lid after that. The quality is so good that im amazed they are just 95 rupees each!these are made in Korea I believe and im so happy that the Indian market does have these different unique but good quality stuff. I haven’t found these in Chennai, sorry Chennai readers 🙁 but I will look for them an let you know. 🙂

neutral eyeshaodows

The 0230 shade:

Miss Claire eyeshadow silver pink

I got this shade because it was like a mix of silver and pink. Wearing a pink shadow would be not so good but I did not have any pink so I got this . It is got a high shine metallic plus satin finish and the color shows up enough to brighten the eye and is very pigmented I can use this for inner corner or base color create an outer v with a darker pink may be and im done. It is very light and blends softly for everyday wear. The only problem I see is that it may shine a lot on dark skin. but can be paired with something darker and is really a great pink to have. I have oily lids and it would stay for four hours without primer which is good for me. The formula is not dry so I find that a problem for oily lids and creasing . I need very little of this color and 2 gram is enough for me. 🙂


MIss clair eyeshadow 0951

This shade is a gorgeous rust eyeshadow and I really wanted this for Indian outfits. It bends into a rust and sets after proper blending . Goes well with a neutral lip since it already adds some color to the face 🙂  It’s a must have shade and is more pigmented than it seems in the picture. There is literally no fall out but may crease in 3 hours for oily lids. Awesome color and quality for the price. 🙂

MIss clair eyeshadow swatches

Last word:
These are awesome eye shadows for the price. I love the finish and pigmentation. I love the colors I have. Will be reviewing the others too after use. Availability is the only issue.

golden, brown eyeshadow

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62 thoughts on “Miss Claire Eyeshadow Part 2 : 0230, 0951 Review, Swatches

  1. neha you toh hoarding miss claire these days. 😀 i kinda like both the colours. great for every day wear. and the post are soo coote :teddy: :teddy: :teddy:

    1. posts are cute maltab :stars:
      han got some more unused
      planning to use and reveiw
      ppl shud note these number down and directly get them :rotfl:

  2. the rust is awesome. :woot: love it..might be too bright for the work place but I think for weekends/parties/dinners it would be very nice

  3. Wowww..gorgeous shades Neha….Me want…Me have to find it in bangalore now… :mirror: :mirror: :mirror: :mirror: :mirror: :mirror: :mirror: :mirror: :mirror: :specs:

  4. Whoa. I didn’t know they had eye shadows too..enevr seen them. Picked up an eye pencil from this brand the other day..very creamy. 🙂
    Gret review. :waytogo:

  5. Wow neha! ur pics are tooooooo gud! ur becoming a pro in photography :jaiho: :jaiho:
    Guess i have to take photography lessons from u :silly:

    1. :handshake: :happydance: :jiggy1:
      thnks a lot charu
      it will so helpful for readers to know exactly where
      these are super good :pray:

    1. tina i got them from pune
      but khar and kandivali beauty centres and beauty shop shud have them
      or even crawford market one :))

  6. I though Miss Claire was a fake brand xD
    I brought one black cake eyeliner from this one shop that sells fake M. A. C. cosmetics (They claim it’s original of course.) and it was pretty okay.
    Btw, those colours look very pigmented! unlike my eyeliner cake XD

    1. the shop must be fake :rotfl:
      i got these from a shop in pune which had lakme too and other nail art stuff and chinese brands too i agree

  7. The shades are very pretty Neha :teddy: :teddy:

    I have Miss Claire’s eye pencils and they are pretty good considering the price…their packaging is so much similar to VOV eye shadows :haanji:

  8. they r awesum shades n a gr8 pick for the price neha :specs: :yahoo: :yahoo: :yahoo: … 1 to eye tut banta hai yaar inke saath… plzz do 1 na…. :worship: :worship: :yes: :yes:


      rads i learnt taking makeup pics from u :jaiho:

  9. Vow neha great review :yes: …good that u reviewed it….will definitely buy…amazing shades that too for just Rs.95 :yahoo: …agree with u that our indian brands dnt mk amazing shades like these…… :hunterwali:

  10. Thanks 4 da review,Neha! 🙂
    These r awesome shades,I especially loved the 951,rust is one of my fav. colors! :haanji: At rs 95 per e/s,dese r a great bargain! :yes:

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