Miss Claire Eyeshadow (Small) in 0809 and 0651

Miss Claire Eyeshadow (Small) in 0809 and 0651

Miss Claire EyeShadow 0809 and 0651

:happydance: I am so excited to tell you girls about my Miss Claire eyeshadow. (I am sure many of you have seen it at the Beauty Centre in Mumbai). My brain is brimming with the positive points about these, but I don’t know where to start. I got these long back in Pune before I moved to Chennai and I knew I would have a hard time finding these here, since they would be more easily available at Mumbai and vicinity. So, I picked many more, but today I want to start with two of my favourite Miss Claire Eyeshadows! They don’t have a name sadly, but they have numbers.

The 0809 is the Silvery Grey one with the satin finish and the Golden Yellow is 0651. Now, I want to tell you that these eyeshadows are probably the best eyeshadows you can ever find in the price of Rs. 95!

miss claire

When I first saw Miss Claire Eyeshadows filled in a big box at the Beauty Centre, my jaw dropped. I was so happy to see so many color options to choose from and most of them were satin, which I love, then I had just turned eyeshadow crazy and wanted to hoard a vast variety of wearable colours since I was new to eyeshadows. I got some basic browns and grey and this one yellow for the inner corner brightening etc!

miss claire eyeshadow

Key Ingredients:


About the Eye Shadow in 0809:

0809 Silver Grey

Price: Rs. 95 for two grams:

Silver Grey Swatch

This is such a beautiful color of silver plus grey and absolutely smooth on application. It has a satiny sheen finish and comes out pigmented at least for the price I paid. It blends smoothly and is easy to work with any blending brush. It is awesome, amazing and beautiful. It can be mixed in combination with kajal for a smoky look. These have only one problem with me, I have oily lids and these crease in an hour. I would not say all the colours do, but this one does if I don’t use powder or base. The formula comes out to be a little oily in the first place and the non-primed eye lids add to it. So, I would say use it on top of some cream eye shadow or just drag and blend your grey eye pencil and then dab this on top and finish (not in a mood to draw otherwise I would have done some drawing on my wrist and showed you :toothygrin:).

Grey Eye Shadow

Even though this one creases, it’s a thousand times better than my Revlon, Maybelline, Oriflame grey shadows with the price comparison, this one is a winner.!

About the Color 0651:

Yellow Eyeshadow

It’s a beautiful golden yellow super smooth shadow. It does not have that oily sheen to it and the finish is satiny. I love this so much as it really brightens the eye up and blends super well. It looks equally pigmented with or without a primer. I use it sometimes to brighten the inner corner of the eye. For the price of 95, this is the most beautiful pigmented smooth yellow I could get. On my oily eye lids anywhere around 3 hours without primer is good for me. It looks so pretty with a jet black eye liner. super duper color mush better than Oriflame, Avon, Maybelline that I have tried. It’s much better than the Maybelline quads in terms of pigmentation.

Swatch on Hand

Why You Will Love Miss Claire Eyeshadow

Swatch on Finger

• Price.
• Packaging is sturdy and so easy to carry.
• Its screws back when u cap it and not click.
• Super smooth.
• Super blendable.
• Super pigmented.
• It has practically no fall-out as the texture is not powdery.
• So many shades to choose from.
• Use it over a similar shade of pencil used as base (my fav method).
• Use it over concealer or an eye shadow primer.
• For a beginner in eye makeup, u can’t beat the price or the variety of shades.

The availability is the only problem and maybe the oily sheen on oily lids, it may give, but if you have dry skin, it will so brighten up your face. I wish they had equally beautiful names as well!

Last Word:

For the price, I have no complaints and it’s way better than many drugstore brands I have. The color options, pigmentation, and blendability are added advantages.

IMBB Rating: 4 on 5 (-1 just for availability issues).

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50 thoughts on “Miss Claire Eyeshadow (Small) in 0809 and 0651

  1. Hey, nice review!
    Just one question, though. In which beauty centre do you get this? Because there are so many by the same name in Mumbai. Could you mention the place? 🙂

  2. I got a white gold shade from Marie claire long time back..works great for highlighting! Both shades u have swatched here are sooo pretty! :))

  3. Wowwwwwwwwww just Rs 95, they look really classy Neha, love the shades and quality seems good too! I have just Miss claire eyelash curler, never saw this one though, i would surely buy it if i get it ! what other color options are available!

    1. han tapssss sachi “classy” is the word
      bht shades hai variants of grey brown ek matte brown hai(not so soft)
      i wanna try n then reveiw
      aur mix of brown pink satin finish hai
      pretty pitty shades for evryday wear i got 😀

  4. wow… awesum shades neha n a superb review :thumbsup: :thumbsup: :thumbsup: :thumbsup: … u make the sound so tempting :love: .. but availability is an issue na.. :wilt:

  5. neha both the colours are super gorgeous. :yes: i have just seen their eye pencils around.. never the shadows and stuff. :(( I loved teh grous metallic finish they have and the packging is so cute. :cute:

  6. I have seen these around at the store. But I didn’t know anything about the brand, and decided to skip it.
    The store also had VOV and they looked similar. Possibly because both are Korean companies? ?:) I think the VOV retailed for Rs.90 or something.
    I will try stuff from this brand now :))
    Thank you Neha!!! 🙂

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