Missglamorazzi – Young YouTube Beauty Guru

Missglamorazzi – Young YouTube Beauty Guru

Hello Ladies!

Missglamorazzi Young YouTube Beauty Guru

I am back with another YouTube “must watch” Beauty Guru, Ms. Ingrid a.k.a Missglamorazzi.  I have shared quite a variety of my favourite YouTube gurus over the past few months, but I noticed very recently that I mostly follow a very mature, professional and “serious” crowd of beauty gurus online. I thought to myself there must be some young gurus out there that I like and one of the first names that popped to my head was this sweet, peppy, fun and trendy – Missglamorazzi. I actually found her through Luke Conard’s videos.  He is a young musician on the YouTube scene who I absolutely adore, his music is brilliant.  He was one of the winners of the YouTube Next Up Challenge, which concluded more than a year back and Missglamorazi was another winner of this challenge.  They met and fell in love (how romantic and cute is that! ♥).  He had her in one of his videos and I totally loved her energy and sense of style. I clicked on her channel link and have been subscribed to her ever since. I may have found her through Luke Conard, but I stayed only for her unique brand of “glamorazzi.”

Ingrid is not a professional makeup artist, but a self-professed “beauty-nerd” and that is my favourite thing about her. It is refreshing to get an opinion of someone closer to my age who is a makeup enthusiast. I love that by watching her videos I stay informed about the latest trends that would appeal to a young crowd as opposed to other gurus that are very mature and high fashion. I love her enthusiasm and youth, but she is not your average young person who just happens to like makeup.  She is very well informed and gives honest opinions about a lot of products. She understands how important budget friendly yet quality products are for her young followers and she is usually the first to point out these “drugstore” amazing finds.


Lately, my absolute favourite Missglamorazzi videos have been her DIY videos or GIYs as she calls them (Glam It Yourself).


Check out this wrap bracelet how-to video.  It is very easy and fun and she explains it very well. You will surely love it. I love adorning my hand with colorful wraps and now that I know making them is so easy, I am going to deck my hands up even more!

GIY Wrap Bracelets!

Another GIY is this cute idea to “glam up” a boring brush holder. Such a cute and fun idea! Very easily do-able.

GIY Makeup Brush Holders:

Nail Tutorial: Cute Cupcakes

These next 2 videos are a color fest! With the trend of hot and bright colors staying put, these videos are great to pick up ideas on how to dress up ones outfit. I love how effortless and young and trendy her ideas are. Her color combinations and scarves are to die for! You needn’t be super young to enjoy her videos, her accessories and outfits always have something that would appeal to all ages.

Summer Fashion 2012 + Michael Kors Giveaway!!!

Most Worn Things TAG! ♥ Summer Edition 2012

The chemistry between Luke and Ingrid is fun to watch and he does feature in some of her videos. This next one is not fun to watch, but actually very informative regarding getting a guys opinion on women’s outfits. A superb idea!

Guy Approved Date Outfits

But the best video showcasing Luke and Ingrid’s antics is this “My Boyfriend Does My Makeup!” video. They are so cute together and very funny! I love this adorable video.

My Boyfriend Does My Makeup! ♥ Makeup MAYhem Day 6

She also has videos on some very beautiful makeup looks, ranging from glittery party kind to everyday wearable looks. Her ideas and looks mostly cater to young girls but also have a sense of “maturity” to them.

Prom Tutorial: Pretty in Purple

Spring/Summer Tutorial: A Hint of Mint ♥ Makeup MAYhem Day 10

Other than GIYs, she also uploads “How To” videos regularly on a wide range of topics. One that stands out for me is her DIY eyeshadow primer video. I love the results at the end! A must-watch for those who find it hard to lay their hands on good primers here.

How To Make Your Own Eyeshadow Primer

Another “How To” video I must point out is her funnel cake hair tutorial. This is such a different yet fun way to wear the hair! I love her for introducing me to it!

How To Funnel Cake Updo

She also has a daily vlog channel, which you can check out too. You can also follow her on her facebook page where she uploads the links to all her fashion, makeup and otherwise videos.

Since we are speaking of her, it would be unfair and incomplete on my part to leave out her another very special talent that does not have much to do with a beauty channel. Ingrid has an AMAZINGLY BEAUTIFUL voice! For those interested, check out her videos singing with cute Luke and friends. I find this couple very cute and the best part is that they both have such complementing gorgeous voices! I will let their music videos do the talking now.

Taylor Swift’s – Back to December (Luke Conard and Missglamorazzi Cover):

I hope you enjoyed getting to know about Ingrid/Missglamorazzi. I look forward to your feedback. Thank you for taking time to read this and have a “glamorazzi” day!! 😛

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15 thoughts on “Missglamorazzi – Young YouTube Beauty Guru

  1. Another great find, Nafisa!! I’ve been subscribed to Ingrid much before she met Luke. I’ve always loved & admired her for her strength & positive outlook to everything despite facing tough times like losing her father at a young age & the recent cancer scare she had. She is a beautiful woman, both inside & out. I love watching her videos with her friends Fleur, Tanya, Allison, Joey & Nikki apart from the ones when she is with Luke & his friends.

    1. Thanks Rowena 🙂
      She really is beautiful & contagiously fun 🙂
      I love her & Tanya’s videos next to her videos with Luke 😀
      what a fun community she belongs to on YT!

  2. nafisa i just checked her videos and loved them. she is so full of life . it totally comes across through her videos. and she looks adorable. :)) thanks for sharing. i guess i’d subb to her channel. 🙂

  3. ive been watching her for awhile:) shes super cute. i used to make videos too under the name Machick3 ….but haven’t in over 2 years! lol i like her singing videoas as well:)

  4. ive been watch her videos as well for quiet a while nw , sh is d most honest beauty guru on youtube ive come across, n sh also has a 2nd channel – THE GRID MONSTER it’s hr vlog channel realy fun to watch just love her videos :))

    1. 😀 true! yup i mentioned the vlog channel in this article 🙂
      i think her latest video with th reaction on th sirens n al was so CUTE!

  5. you should check out macbarbie07 too.. if you liked ingrid’s energy and style, you would love macbarbie07 – her energy is infectious, and her videos are informative, but super fun and laid back too! 🙂

  6. I love Ingrid, Allison, Fleur, Tanya, Luke, Mike JIm, Joey(Ingrid and her gang)…I think it’s really fun to watch them all and you really feel like they are very nice people. I actually feel I know them personally after watching all their videos and vlogs 🙂 Young, energetic and friendly youtubers!!

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