Missha Herb in Nude Sheet Mask Review

I bought some sheet masks a few months ago. I got to try them only now, and here is the review of one of those from Missha. It is their brightening care mask. Read on to know more about it.

Missha Herb in Nude Sheet Mask Review

Product Description:
Highly adhesive mask with strong brew of lemon grass ingredients to help take care of dark skin, making skin clear and clean. Natural-derived cellulose sheet mask which is extremely thin and transparent, even letting the skin show through. Highly adhesive mask with soft texture as silk.
2.50 USD for 1 sheet mask (23 g).

Missha Herb in Nude Sheet Mask ingredients

My Experience with Missha Herb in Nude Sheet Mask:

Though we tend to take care of our face diligently, just ignoring the extra care for a day or two makes it pull a long face! I was facing the same situation after a few strenuous days. And so I wanted to make some pampering time for the spoilt child i.e., skin.

Missha Herb in Nude Sheet Masks

I tried out a mask from Missha for this purpose. All the sheet masks from this range are based on a flavour. This particular mask is based on lemongrass.

Coming to the product, the mask comes in a soft matte outer packaging, with all the ingredients and the instructions written in English. Upon opening the package, you can see the mask fully soaked in serum. On taking the mask out, the serum which was runny was dripping all over. Even though the mask could not take any more serum, the package had a lot of serum left.

Missha Herb in Nude Sheet Mask packaging

The mask was a little difficult to unfold because it kept slipping from my hands. I had to place it on a flat surface to unfold it. The mask is made up of cellulose material according to the brand, and it is very thin and soft, and on placing it on my face, it didn’t even feel a bit heavy. The texture of the material was like velvet! I had to stop myself from touching it constantly.

Missha Herb in Nude Sheet Mask texture

The smell of the serum was lemon-like smell, which was so good! I do love good smell in my sheet masks because for those 20 minutes, I would be in heaven. The smell did last for the whole time I was wearing it. After 20 minutes, it had started drying out in a few places. I patted my face well, and the serum got absorbed in an instant. It did not leave any residue on my face. It looked like I had not applied anything.

Missha Herb in Nude Sheet Mask texture

The skin was so soft to touch, and for visible changes, the mask had freshened up my face. It did not brighten my face like a bulb. It had plumped up my skin, and the skin looked certainly much better than it had before. There was a lot of serum left behind in the package, and what I did was I transferred it into a clean container to use it over the next few days. One tip for watery kind of serums would be to mix it with a hydrating toner, and use it after washing your face. If you do so, the effects of the mask would be there for you until you get time for the next sheet mask.

If you don’t want such an elaborate method, just store it in a refrigerator, and use it the next day!
Overall, I loved this mask, and need I say more?

Pros of Missha Herb in Nude Sheet Mask:

  • Delivers what it claims.
  • Gives a fresh feeling to the face.
  • The texture of the mask was thin and soft.
  • The fit of the mask was good.
  • The serum was watery and the fragrance was heavenly (could be a con for some people).
  • Had a lot of serum.

Cons of Missha Herb in Nude Sheet Mask:

  • Since the serum was watery, it was dripping so much while taking it out of the packaging.
  • Unfolding the mask was tough. It would have been better to have added a protective layer to it.

IMBB Rating:
Would I Recommend/Repurchase Missha Herb in Nude Sheet Mask?
Yes, I loved all the masks from this range and I recommend this one too.

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  1. been so long i have used missha’s face mask. they really are one of the best around. this one sounds so good. totally adding to pick must picks. thanks for sharing 🙂

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