8 Mistakes You should Avoid if You are Getting Married Soon

I am sure, the moment the wedding date is announced, most brides-to-be lose their calm and are hit by the wedding frenzy. From buying clothes, fixing venues and menus, organizing the band-baaja-baraat – it’s the ultimate chaos and nerve wreck. But make sure you don’t make these mistakes so as to have a stress-free and thoroughly enjoyable wedding experience.

Mistakes you should avoid if you are getting married

1. Crash dieting

crash diet before wedding
Rule number 1: avoid sudden dieting. I know the temptation to start a diet right after the engagement is announced so as to fit into that designer lehenga you have been eyeing. It is extremely harmful as you will become physically weak and fatigued; hunger will elevate your stress levels, and a lack of proper nutrition will cause skin and hair problems. It’s better to create a long term (say a few months) healthy eating and exercise plan to achieve a fitter and leaner body. In this way, you’ll look and feel better by the time the wedding date comes around.

2. Competing with XYZ

With destination weddings and theme functions being in vogue, it is easy to be carried away. All of us want our weddings to be fun and memorable. But think carefully – isn’t your wedding supposed to reflect your interests and tastes? So decide if you want a big family celebration or a small, intimate affair, and focus on things you like so that your wedding is an event that you also enjoy, and not just your guests. Do not make your wedding a competition ground with anybody else.

3. Buying the wedding outfit first

the right wedding dress

Never ever buy the outfit of the main day, without fixing important details like time, venue and so on. Surely girls dream about the beautiful shaadi outfit but keep a few practical considerations in mind before you go out shopping. Keep in consideration the weather conditions and the destination when you are choosing the saree, lehenga,  joda etc. Like, if it’s a summer or monsoon wedding, you should opt for lighter fabrics like georgette or light silk.

4. What suits YOU

Don’t blindly follow trends. Surely you can take inspiration from magazines or celebs, but do keep an open mind when you go shopping for your outfits. The mermaid-cut lehenga might look extremely gorgeous on someone, but it’s not necessarily flattering on your body shape. Take into account your color preferences, body shape, comfort levels, and wedding details. And don’t hesitate to seek professional help.

5. The right shoes can save your life

pretty bridal shoes

Take along the shoes you intend to wear during the functions and on the wedding day to the outfit fittings. If you choose too high heels they’ll peek out from under the short lehenga skirt and too short will lead your hem to puddle on the ground – a potential tripping hazard! So choose shoes which are comfortable and will complement your outfit style and color.

6. Not having a makeup trial

bridal makeup trial

This is a cardinal sin you need to avoid at all costs. You should do a full makeup trial before the wedding so that you know how much time you’ll need and how it would look on you. Don’t try out completely new looks on the D-day and find a makeup style that works for you. Also your hairstyle is a focal point of your look, don’t miss a proper hairstyling session before the wedding date. With your hair and makeup in place on the big day, you can step on the stage with a dazzling smile rather than a frown of worry.

7. Overdoing the hair products

Alright, you want shiny, glossy locks on the wedding day, but don’t make the wedding week an experimental zone. Instead, eat well in the months before the wedding, try out your home remedies and get monthly hair treatments and spas done. Shampoo your hair with a nourishing or deeply hydrating cleanser a day before the wedding and do not use conditioner or any serum. Day-old washed hair is actually easier to style and the conditioner or serum might make your hair too silky for the style to hold.

8. Not taking a break

bride taking massage

The most important point – take a break. From the wedding planning and shopping, and listening to advice from every well-meaning person, you will have too many things on your plate. Just remember you will be starting a new journey with your loved ones and you need to relax your mind and body. So take some time out and book yourself a spa date or go on a short vacation.

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