ModelCo Replenishing Rose Facial Mist Review

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By now it has become so obvious that I love toners, I just cannot do without them. And so I tried as many brands as possible when I was vacationing. ModelCo is a very popular brand in Australia and they had a discount so I just had to pick this up. Though it says facial mist but the very sweet SA said it can be used as a toner, so here is the review for you all…

Price: Rs. 500/- approx.

1ModelCo Replenishing Rose Facial Mist1

My experience with 1ModelCo Replenishing Rose Facial Mist:

First things first, the packaging is just wow! The plastic bottle is matte and very pretty shade of beige/nude. There is something so relaxing about the packaging that it soothes the senses just like that. It might seem am exaggerating, but you just have to see it to believe it. The spray nozzle works just fine and does the job of a facial mist just perfectly. There is a protective cap to the nozzle, which comes handy if you wish to travel with this.

1ModelCo Replenishing Rose Facial Mist3

The fluid is transparent and very light in texture. It might seem you are spraying rose water on the face; not only due to the lightweight texture but also the smell. Rose lovers will go bonkers with the awesome soothing gentle rose fragrance of the toner. For me, it would have been a pain if the smell lingered longer, but thankfully it stays for a while.

There is an initial cooling sensation which leaves as the mist gets absorbed into the skin. When used as a toner on a cotton pad the cooling sensation lasts a bit longer. There is no irritation or tingly feeling when sprayed as mist over or under makeup. Only thing to be careful of is that, you do not spray too much that it melts off your makeup.

1ModelCo Replenishing Rose Facial Mist2

I have been keeping this bottle in the refrigerator in the summers and giving myself a pampering dose of facial mist every now and then. It is like a mini treat to the dull and lifeless skin in the scorching summers. All in all am happy with the product and wish the whole range comes to India super soon; availability is always an issue with such lovely products that I am scared to finish them off.

1ModelCo Replenishing Rose Facial Mist4

Pros of ModelCo Replenishing Rose Facial Mist:

• Nice packaging
• Cooling
• Effective
• No irritation
• No parabens

Cons of ModelCo Replenishing Rose Facial Mist:

• Availability .

IMBB Rating: 4.8/5

Will I repurchase ModelCo Replenishing Rose Mist Facial Mist?
Definitely, if I get hold of it.

Will I recommend ModelCo Replenishing Rose Mist Facial Mist?
Yes, yes, yes!

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