ModelCo Splendourful Party Proof Cream Lipstick Review, Swatches

ModelCo Splendourful Party Proof Cream Lipstick

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How often do you’ll buy makeup products just looking at the interesting name? Well, I do, most of the time. Like today’s product that I will be reviewing! I got this lipstick- just for it’s name- ‘Party Proof’, thinking this would be a really long lasting lip color that would be perfect for this party season, where I can just apply this lipstick and forget about it.
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Now, lets check out if it really proved out to be what I thought it would .

Price: $17 for 3.8g


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High-impact colour that won’t budge, ModelCo’s PARTY PROOF Lipsticks are a super long-lasting, strong pigment lipstick in ultra-vibrant hues.
The rich, non-drying formula glides on effortlessly without drying, caking or flaking. Housed in a chic white case and complete with an inbuilt mirror for easy application — these lipsticks are the perfect addition to your beauty bag.
ModelCo’s PARTY PROOF cream-matte lipstick collection features 17 wearable kiss proof, drink proof and party proof shades.

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Why you need it:
A selection of highly pigmented, bright, bold, long-lasting colours
Cream-matte, high-fashion colour finish
Non-drying formula
Kiss, drink and party proof to last all day and night
Convenient inbuilt mirror for easy application.
For the perfect finish and long-lasting wear, first line your lips with LIP ENHANCER ILLUSION LIP LINER before applying your PARTY PROOF lipstick.

My experience with ModelCo Splendourful Party Proof Cream Lipstick:

ModelCo Party Proof lipstick comes in an all white rectangular packaging with a corresponding outer carton box holding all the product details on it. The cap on one side has a mirror- which makes the packaging even more cute and handy for any touch-ups that you may need throughout the day. The cap closes securely making it travel friendly. The shade name is mentioned on the bottom sticker of the lipstick. So you have to store the lipstick upside down in case you want to locate the lipstick shade in your makeup stash as there is no color coded indicator on the lipstick and the sticker below is the only means to know the lipstick shade.
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Splendourful is a subtle orange lip color. It has a milky hue in it making it subtle and non-neon. The lipstick in itself looks bright in the bullet but comes out as a light orange shade on the lips. This color will suit fair to medium complexioned beauties and might wash out the dusky ladies. This shade doesn’t brighten up your face but will complement a heavy smokey/ bold eye makeup look beautifully.The texture of this lipstick is smooth and creamy, that glides on the lips with ease. But you need to exfoliate your lips thoroughly, prior to application of this lipstick otherwise it will settle in the dry areas of the lips and will look very patchy and unappealing. Though it is a creamy lipstick, it settles down to a matte finish, a minute after you have it on your lips.
The pigmentation of this lipstick is average. A single swipe gives a good amount of color but to get full fledged color on your lips- you need 3-4 swipes of this lipstick as a single swipe gives limited color to the lips.
I don’t know if it is this weather or my lips, but this lipstick looks patchy as soon as you apply it, but after a while it turns out to look even and doesn’t transfer once it sets.
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This color lasts for 3.5-4 hours on the lips without any meals. Having a name like “Party Proof”, I expected this lipstick to last longer and even survive meals which it doesn’t. After meals, the color just vanishes from your lips without leaving any trace of color or stain behind. I guess that’s the reason why they have attached a mirror to the cap of the lipstick- because you need to regularly retouch this lipstick, especially after you eat or drink something.

Pros of ModelCo Splendourful Party Proof Cream Lipstick:

-Cute packaging.
-Mirror attached, making it handy for any touch-ups.
-Smooth texture.
-Doesn’t stain the lips.
-Doesn’t tranfer or bleed.
-Settles to a matte finish.

Cons of ModelCo Splendourful Party Proof Cream Lipstick:

-No color coded indicator on the lipstick making it difficult to find the lipstick shade.
-Need to thoroughly exfoliate and prep lips before its application.
-Patchy application initially.
-Doesn’t survive meals.

IMBB Rating:


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modelco splendourful lipstick
Overall, ModelCo Party Proof lipstick in the shade Splendourful is a lovely subtle orange shade that would be perfect for anyone who hates to sport bright orange lipcolors, or if you want to complement a soft orange lipcolor with a bold eye makeup. But the pigmentation and staying power sure is a disappointment for the price you pay. In case you are not an orange lipstick maniac like me who gets each and every orange lip color- you can actually think and buy.

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