Molton Brown Vitamin Lip Saver Pot Review

Molton Brown Vitamin Lip Saver Pot

Hello ladies,

Yes, I am back with a lip balm again. Lip balms are a staple product in every women’s vanity and there are numerous lip balms available in the market. Some are tinted and flavoured while others are plain and fragrance-free. Today I am reviewing a lip saver from Molton Brown, I had already reviewed a lip balm stick from the brand here before. I got this from my brother who was a bit skeptical in using it because of unhygienic reasons. But I was very happy to borrow it from him. So lets see how this one fared for me.

Price: 11.5$ for 10 ml

Molton Brown VitaminLip Saver Pot

Product description: London via France Out with ‘stiff upper lip’. In with ‘pucker up’. The problem: Chapped, flaky lips caused by extreme weather conditions. The answer: French honey with beeswax and vitamin E. How it works: – Helps to hydrate dry, out-of-condition skin. – Creates a fine moisture barrier.

My experience with Molton Brown Vitamin Lip Saver Pot:

This lip balm comes in a small cute pot packaging, it has a baby pink body and a black screw cap with a self design on it. This is the pot version of the Vitamin Lip saver which comes in a tube. It is quite handy and easy to carry around.

The texture of the lip balm is a bit thick in consistency and has a plain transparent colour. Even though it has a thick nature, it does not coat your lips in that manner, it spreads easily and forms a thin film. Its super light-weight and feels like your lips are bare.

Molton Brown Vitamin LipSaver Pot

It does not have any fragrance, which is quite refreshing for me. It gives a light sheen to the lips and keeps it hydrated for a long period. I love the feel of it on my lips, so light-weight that it instantly makes my lips soft and smooth. I love wearing this at night and it still keeps my lips soft and supple in the morning and the sheen still remains. Even after the morning chores I don’t feel my lips to be parched or in dire need of frequent application of a lip balm.

I really like performance of this product and with religious application of lip balms now my lips are in a perfect condition. I do not suffer from extremely dry or flaky lips nowadays but I am sure this one can really help in healing lip issues. Some might find it unhygienic as you have to apply it with your fingers, but there is the tube version of the same available from the brand.

Molton Brown Vitamin Lip SaverPot

Pros of Molton Brown Vitamin Lip Saver Pot

Even though it has a thick texture, the balm spreads smoothly on your lips without leaving a thick waxy coating.
It gives a light sheen to your lips and is super light-weight
It keeps your lips hydrated and moisturized for a long period
There is absolutely no fragrance which can be a temporary relief from normal scented lip balms.
It contains Vitamin E, honey and beeswax which are extremely good for lip protection.
The cute pot packing is convenient during travels

Molton Brown Vitamin Lip Saver Pot

Cons of Molton Brown Vitamin Lip Saver Pot

Can be unhygienic as application with finger is necessary most of the times

My rating: 4.5/5. I would recommend this pot balm for all those suffer from dry chapped lips.

MoltonBrown Vitamin Lip Saver Pot

Would I repurchase Molton Brown Vitamin Lip Saver Pot?

Not the pot one, but I would like to try the tube version.

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