Mon Guerlain Eau De Parfum Review

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I have read so much about Guerlain on IMBB especially in the articles by Rati. I believe that this is one of the perfumes from Guerlain which happens to be one of Rati’s favourite too. That is when I started eyeing Mon Guerlain. I finally made up my mind and purchased it. It took me more than a month to decide and buy it. I tried it in the perfumery and also tested it on the test strips and smelt it for days and finally, I gave in. This is my first purchase from the brand Guerlain and I am totally excited. So, today’s review is about Mon Guerlain Eau De Parfum.

Mon Guerlain Eau De Parfum Review

Price: €75 or INR 5500 for 30ml

Product Description:
Mon Guerlain, the House’s new fragrance, is a tribute to today’s femininity –
a strong, free and sensual femininity, as inspired by Angelina Jolie.
My invisible tattoo, my fragrance, Mon Guerlain.
The fresh oriental fragrance enhances exceptional raw materials: Carla Lavender from Provence, Sambac Jasmine from India, Album Sandalwood from Australia and Vanilla Tahitensis from Papua New Guinea. Mon Guerlain expresses the quintessence of a story replete with experiences, nourished by success, expertise and generosity, all infused with the same passion since 1828 by the Guerlain perfumer.
Your fragrance Mon Guerlain in its “quadrilobe” bottle : created in 1908, the bottle established itself as one of Guerlain’s iconic bottles. Simple and graphic, it echoes an alchemist’s bottle and owes its name to its stopper, which is crafted from one piece to obtain a shape resembling four lobes. A century later, beautifully enhanced by a luxurious glass weight and a golden adornment, this bottle offers a contrast between strong taut lines and sensual curves, expressing contemporary femininity.
Carla Lavender, an exceptional variety grown in Provence, contrasts with the sensual and enveloping Vanilla Tahitensis by infusing it with audacity and freshness. Sambac Jasmine, gathered at sunrise, gives the Mon Guerlain fragrance all its finesse. Album Sandalwood gives strength to Guerlain’s new fragrance and preserves its mystery.

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Mon Guerlain Eau De Parfum Review Package Ingredients

My Experience with Mon Guerlain Eau De Parfum:

Mon Guerlain Eau De Parfum Review Cap side

Mon Guerlain was launched in March 2017 by creators Thierry Wasser and Delphine Jelk. Angelina Jolie was chosen as the face of the new perfume from the house of Guerlain. When you search online for its reviews, you will find a lot of negative reviews about it. People have compared it with the other Guerlain perfumes and commented that it’s not up to the mark and so on. But, I believe that perfume is a completely personal choice. I made sure that I try it before spending a big amount on 30 ml of perfume.

Mon Guerlain Eau De Parfum Review Package

Packaging: It comes in a lovely pink cardboard box which also has a thin transparent cover on top. The bottle of the perfume is beautiful with straight edges and a round cap with beautiful cuts. There is also a golden band around the neck of the bottle which makes it look so elegant and precious. The name Guerlain is detailed at the bottom of the bottle. The perfume itself is light pink in colour. The package is very attractive and it looks just lovely anywhere you place it.

Mon Guerlain Eau De Parfum Review Closed top view

The fragrance has the following notes.
Top notes – Lavender and Bergamot
Middle notes – Jasmine Sambac, Iris
Base notes – Tahitian Vanilla, Australian Sandalwood, Coumarin

Mon Guerlain Eau De Parfum Review Closed cap

I spray 2 to 3 spritz to start off my day. I normally spray behind my ear lobes and on one wrist. As soon as I spray it, I can smell the beautiful herbal Lavender with a touch of Bergamot. After some time (around 30 minutes), one can smell the middle notes mainly Jasmine and Iris. I love Jasmine and this is my favourite part of this perfume. It feels heavenly to smell the Jasmine. I feel that the Jasmine note adds the sexy part to the fragrance.

After 2 hours or so, one can smell the base notes. I love the Vanilla and Sandalwood combination of the base note. This smell lingers on around for a long time and works well on the skin. So, make sure to spray the perfume on the skin and not on the clothes. The perfume reacts differently on each person and can last longer radiating different notes at different times.

Mon Guerlain Eau De Parfum Review Bottle in hand

The lasting power is a good 8 hours. The sillage, I feel, varies depending on whether you are indoors or outdoors. When I used it indoors like office or home, the sillage was really good for the first 2 hours or so. Then, it slightly fades away. For outdoors, I would say that if someone is within an arm’s reach, then that person can notice the fragrance during the initial 1 hour. I find the lasting power and sillage pretty good and am satisfied with the results.

Mon Guerlain Eau De Parfum Review Open cap side

Overall, it’s a great French elegance placed on my dresser which I can wear on any day and for any occasion. I feel that it works great in the morning and evening. The perfume is also sweet but it’s not like a teenager perfume. I would recommend it for ladies above 25 years of age. It’s definitely sexy and chic. The fragrance is not overwhelming. I feel it’s not a unique fragrance but I love it. I love the way it works on me. It’s a beautiful, simple yet a great smelling fragrance.

I love trying different perfumes and hence might not repurchase. I totally recommend it to all lovely ladies out there to give it a try. It’s as good as owning French elegance.

Pros of Mon Guerlain Eau De Parfum:

  • Lovely floral fragrance
  • Elegant packaging
  • Staying power is really good
  • Not overwhelming
  • Can be used during the day or night
  • Perfect for office wear
  • Adds an elegant, classy factor

Cons of Mon Guerlain Eau De Parfum:

  • Not a unique fragrance

IMBB Rating: 5/5
Would I Repurchase/Recommend Mon Guerlain Eau De Parfum?
If you love floral fragrance then give this a try. It is long lasting, not overwhelming and perfect for any lady.

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