Monsoon Fashion Trends 2016

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Hi ladies,

Let’s look at some of the comfortable, wearable and stylish monsoon trends of 2016.

monsoon fashion trend

Printed umbrellas:

printed umbrella

Say goodbye to those boring umbrellas and say hello to transparent umbrellas with funky and cute prints. You can go for classic floral or polka dot prints or you can go for quirky prints as well!

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Bright raincoats:

colored raincoat

Transparent and short raincoats in bright colours are very much ‘in’ this season. If you will be spending your time outside during rains then go for brighter colours and quirky prints in your raincoats.

Waterproof sneakers or shoes:

wterproof sneaker

They are rubber based shoes for better grip to you won’t slip or fall. They come in variety of styles and designs and are a cool respite from those boring gumboots.

Skip your denims:

shorts for women

You can’t afford to wear heavy denims during the rainy season. Go for stylish and comfy shorts and jeggings and leggings in eye-popping colours and lightweight fabrics.

Romper jumpsuits:

romper jumpsuit.jpg

They look not only cute but also quite practical to wear on rainy days. You can go all out with prints and colours or stick with neutral palette for a laidback casual look.

Go for monsoon fabrics:

monsoon linen

Wear cotton and linen clothes in this humid weather. You can even go for chiffon and georgette as they soak the sweat and are very light to carry around. Avoid tight-fitting clothes and go for anti-fit style and flowy fashion.

Water-resistant bags:

monsoon backpack

Go hands free this season and swap your lady bags for handy backpacks. They are not only practical but will also hold all your stuff in a stylish way. Go for bolder colours to make a style statement.

Funky accessories:

neon accessories

Funky and bold coloured accessories can light up any monsoon gloomy day. Go for rubber and plastic based neon accessories for a fun and flirtatious look to spruce up your style.

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