Montagne Jeunesse Black Raspberry Body Scrub Review

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We put our body through the pains of waxing, shaving and hair removal creams to look beautiful and hair-free. But without proper care, you can clearly ruin your body skin with ingrown hair. I am a victim of strawberry legs and I cannot reverse it anymore and have to live with it, but with right scrubbing, you can prevent them. Today’s review is a scrub I purchased for my spa day; it is called the Montagne Jeunesse Black Raspberry Body Scrub. So, read on.

Montagne Jeunesse Black Raspberry Body Scrub Review

Price: €1.79 for 20ml
Claims: Jam packed with juicy & sweet Black Raspberries & Grape – nature’s potent & powerful free radical scavengers. Crushed Bamboo removes dead skin cells, leaving your body buffed, beautiful and glowing.

Montagne Jeunesse Black Raspberry Body Scrub Claims

My Experience with Montagne Jeunesse Black Raspberry Body Scrub:

Prevention is better than cure! I regret not exfoliating my skin during the initial years and shaving however I wanted! But now, I am trying to reduce the after-effects as much as possible. Scrubbing removes the dead skin and makes body smoother and, instead of making a scrub at home which I always do, I decided to purchase a body scrub. The one-time use packaging attracted me! No strings attached, I can use it and throw it away, and thus I picked this one up.

Montagne Jeunesse Black Raspberry Body Scrub Packaging

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The body scrub comes in a traditional sachet packet. The body scrub can be used one time. The scrub is light pink in color and has dark scrubbing particles. The scrub particles are from bamboo and the pink cream is made of raspberry and orange. The smell is very fruity. You get the hint of berries as soon as you open the sachet. The scrub is very creamy. The product can be used before a bath. I prefer to use the product during the bath. I cleanse with a body wash and then scrub my body with this. The scrub is creamy and massaging is very easy. The scrub doesn’t get absorbed and washing off can be a bit tricky. You need to rub the scrub off the body. So, it will not be removed if you just stand below the shower. You need to work to get rid of the scrub. As I was washing off, I immediately felt my skin was supple and smoother. It was different from the everyday washing. After I dried myself, I noticed something which I loved a lot. The scrub hadn’t dried out my skin!

Montagne Jeunesse Black Raspberry Body Scrub Swatch

I have really dry body skin and it can be a nightmare for me without a lotion, but with this scrub, I could feel my skin was already hydrated, and it lives up to the claim that it retains the skin moisture. The scrub removes dead skin effectively. I also noticed that the coiled hair due to strawberry legs are opening up. The scrub made the body very smooth and soft to the touch. The skin was looking very healthy and nourished and it felt like I had a royal spa! I was able to go on without a lotion for around 2 hours and post which I used a body butter (review coming soon) from the same brand; and, with both the products, my skin was absolutely delicious and I couldn’t stop touching myself. Overall, the scrub is a big hit for me. I love the product and the fact that it is paraben-free, vegetarian and not tested on animals. I have heard that these scrubs also come in tubs and I am sure I would pick one up.

So, summing up:

Pros of Montagne Jeunesse Black Raspberry Body Scrub:

⦁ Travel-friendly.
⦁ Affordable.
⦁ Makes skin very smooth and soft.
⦁ Moisturizes and nourishes the skin.
⦁ Retains moisture.
⦁ Removes dead skin.
⦁ Skin is hydrated.
⦁ Doesn’t cause any redness or irritation.
⦁ Natural derivatives.
⦁ The scrubbing particles do not cause any issues.
⦁ The best scrub for dry skin.
⦁ Paraben free.
⦁ Not tested on animals.

Cons of Montagne Jeunesse Black Raspberry Body Scrub:

⦁ None! I just want Montagne to come up with more body scrubs!

IMBB Rating: 5/5
Would I Recommend/Repurchase Montagne Jeunesse Black Raspberry Body Scrub?
Yes! And this time a bigger one!

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