Montagne Jeunesse Ceramides and Sensitive Skin Masque

Montagne Jeunesse Ceramides and Sensitive Skin Masque

I have heard of Ceramides a lot of times already as I explore beauty products. It is being used in some lotions and creams so it really sounded familiar to me but actually didn’t know much about it until I was given a face mask which has ceramides in it. The Montagne JeunesseCeramides and Sensitive Skin Mask. Read on as I share what I’ve learned and my experience with the mask.

Montagne Jeunesse Ceramides and Sensitive Skin Masque

On Montagne JeunesseCeramides Sensitive Skin Mask Label:

Stage 1.Sensitive Skin Masque- Anti Stress. Zen Flower
Cleanse and opens pores.
Relax. Let our caring Sensitive Masque deep cleanse and nourish your skin. Complete the treat and use the serum with rehydrating Ceramides above.

To benefit fully we recommend: Cleanse your face with water and pat dry. Apply evenly avoiding eyes and lips. Now take it easy and let the masque do the work. After about 10 minutes, rinse it off with water and pat dry. To aid rehydration, this masque does not dry. Use only as directed.

Stage 2.Ceramides- Ultra Moisturizing for Sensitive Skin
Rehydrates and open pores.
Serum with Rehydrating Ceramides
Invisible protection.
Now use our soothing Serum with rehydrating Ceramides because ceramides lock together to seal the moisture into your skin.

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My experience with Montagne JeunesseCeramides and Sensitive Skin Masque:

My sister gave me this one to try. This ceramides and masque is packaged in a plastic foil sachet like other JM masks but this one has a division at the center separating the ceramides serum and the masque itself.

It has 15 ml of mask which is at the bottom part of the sachet and has to be used first before putting on the ceramides serum which is 3 ml in volume. The mask itself is really creamy and light green in color. The 15ml quantity is more than enough to cover the whole face. I think 2 people can share on this mask. It has the smell of soy curd or tofu with a hint of menthol to it. It smells worse actually than those 2 combined. If you are picky with scents, then I’ll say you skip this. I let it stand on my face for 15 minutes and rinse. I felt very light cooling sensation from it. I have hard time rinsing it with water so I suggest you wipe it first with a soft cloth before washing your face with water. After washing, may face feels soft and smooth but nothing much has changed in the appearance of my face. I did not notice any changes in pore size or skin brightness.

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After cleaning my face from the face mask, I applied the ceramides serumwhich is at the top of the sachet. 3ml is too much too so 2 people can share from it. It looks like a cloudy whitish, thick-ish solution. It smells worse than the mask. It has bitter smell, medicine-y type of odor. I spread a thin layer on my face and let it stand until it is absorbed. It took 15 minutes to be absorbed. However, I started to get oilier than I usually am after an hour. After few hours, I washed my face and I noticed it is brighter than before and it dry patches does not as look dry.

After some research, I learned that it acted as a glue to keep cells on top layer of our skin in order and in turn attract and retain skin moisture. It is found abundant on younger skin and depletes as we age. Ceramides depletion causes dry and sensitive skin. So there, I believe this mask is for dry and sensitive skin. It did not work much on me as I have combination (oily T-zone, dry on outer areas) skin.

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Montagne JeunesseCeramides and Sensitive Skin Masque: – What I Like:

-It has generous amount of product in it that 2 people can share in one sachet in my opinion.
-The mask is easy to spread on skin and feels refreshing.
-It does not irritate my skin.Does not cause breakouts.
-Skin looks moisturized and brighter after using both mask and serum.
-Affordable for Php89 or around Rs. 119. I read there are online shops in India selling JMs.

Montagne JeunesseCeramides and Sensitive Skin Masque: – What I Don’t Like:

-The smell of mask and serum. I am sorry to say that it’s a bit foul for me.
-The mask is hard to rinse off.
-I have combination skin and this made my skin oilier.

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Final Thoughts:

I believe this mask suits ladies with dry skin. Despite the smell and triggered oil production, it does help moisturized dry areas of my face and somehow brightened its appearance for a day.

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