Montagne Jeunesse Glacial Clay Spa Review

Montagne Jeunesse Glacial Clay Spa Review

After reading Jomol’s review on Montagne Jeunesse Dead Sea Anti-Stress Spa Facial Face Tonic, I was really excited to try the fabric mask ones.  When I went to Wal-Mart, I didn’t find that, instead in the new section, this one was hanging. After confirming this was also a fabric mask, thought of trying it as I was not ready to come back home without doing any purchase *nonono**happydance*.





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Aqua(Purified Water), Kaolin(Natural Clay), Sea silt(Canadian glacial clay), Glucose(Sugar), Parfum(Fragrance), Xanthan Gum(Natural Thickener), Sea Salt(Dead Sea salt), Glycerin(Vegetable Origin), Aloe Barbadensis(Aloe vera) Leaf juice, Vitis Vinifera(Red Grape) Fruit extract, Propylene glycol, Rubus chamaemorus(Cloudberry) extract, Glucose Oxidase(Sugar origin), Lactoperoxidase(Milk Origin), CI42090(Blue 1).

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Product Description:

Give your skin the ride of its life and feel the natural rush of cooling Glacial Clay cleanse your pores to the core. Anti-oxidant rich Red Grape and Arctic Cloudberry juices from the glacial heights of Scandinavia work their magic to help maintain skins natural barrier.

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How To Apply:

Remove make up and cleanse skin. Remove and unfold mask. Lean back, relax and put the mask on face, patting it down for maximum contact. Leave to work for 10-15 minutes to cool and calm your skin. Remove. Gently massage in any excess liquid. Splash face with cold water, pat dry.

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My Experience with Montagne Jeunesse Glacial Clay Spa:

It was a different feeling when I opened the pack. They have designed it as per the shape of our face. I have a round face, so it was the right fit for me, but for a thin face, this would be too large. The fabric is a light one and when touched, I could feel the moistness that is loaded with the above-mentioned ingredients. When I applied it on the face, it gave a superb cooling sensation and as per the directions, I was relaxing for 15 minutes.  For that entire time, I felt a soothing effect.

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The fragrance was okay because it had a mixed smell of clay and sea water, it was bearable. After 15 minutes, I massaged the face well and rinsed it off. The fabric leaves a residue on the face but it goes away with rinsing. After that, my skin felt refreshed and bright. After some 10 minutes of applying the mask, I saw my skin was clear and relaxed.  It had a cool effect beating the scorching sun outside.

Pros of Montagne Jeunesse Glacial Clay Spa:

  • It gives soft, clean and glowing skin.
  • Has a soothing effect.
  • Lot of good ingredients.
  • Imparts a cool feeling to the skin.
  • Energizes dull skin.
  • Fabric does not cause any irritation.
  • Good for massaging.

Cons of Montagne Jeunesse Glacial Clay Spa:

  • No cons *pompom* *pompom*.

IMBB Rating:


It’s a very good, soothing facial mask that will relax and rejuvenate the skin, best for summers.

Would I Repurchase/Do I Recommend Montagne Jeunesse Glacial Clay Spa?

Yes, I am going to use it again and you all should also try.

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  1. wow 5/5 and cooling effects *woot* *clap* looks like a must try *happy dance* *happy dance*
    *thankyou* *thankyou* for sharing *pompom* *pompom*

  2. Nice review Divya,great to know it works..I tried a couple of these from this brand,but they did nothing other than the feel-good factor.

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