Morphe Brushes B76 Bent Liner Brush Review

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Morphe brushes are getting popular by the minute in the beauty world. I decided to pick a few brushes from Morphe and I bought this brush for drawing winged eyeliners because I feel it’s difficult to draw perfect flicks using brushes provided with L’Oreal and Maybelline gel lines. Read on for more details about this brush:

Morphe Brushes B76 Bent Liner Brush Review

Product Description:
Dip this unique brush in your gel or cream liners, the shape helps ensure maximum control and ease of application.
Bristle Type: Synthetic
Dimensions: Bristles: 1/4″
Full Length: 5 5/8″

Morphe Brushes B76 Bent Liner Brush name

My Experience with Morphe Brushes B76 Bent Liner Brush:

I have always wanted to master the perfect winged eyeliner look and I am in awe of people who can create such wings. When I used the brushes that came along with gel liners, I always had a problem with creating flicks. Such brushes tug at the lid, making eyeliner look messy. That’s when I started hunting for a perfect brush. I even bought two slant brushes for the same purpose and still did not accomplish the task. Finally, this is the third brush which I picked up to create winged eyeliner.

Morphe Brushes B76 Bent Liner Brush

The brush comes in a plastic cover. The bristles and the body of the brush are black. This brush is long, sturdy and easy to hold. This brush is a good dupe for Sigma B12, which is three times costlier than the Morphe ones.

Morphe Brushes B76 Bent Liner Brush bristles

This brush has a perfect angle to create winged eyeliner. The bristles are made up of synthetic material and it picks the right amount of product. The bristles are not so stiff hence it moves well along the eye shape. It applies any eyeliner smoothly and can draw both thick and thin lines. I also line my lower lash line using this brush.

Morphe Brushes B76 Bent Liner Brush tip

After using this Morphe brush multiple times and washing thereafter, I have not seen any shedding of bristles.

Morphe Brushes B76 Bent Liner Brush swatches

Overall, this is a good brush considering the price and it applies eyeliner smoothly for creating any type of eye look.

Pros of Morphe Brushes B76 Bent Liner Brush:

  • Affordable.
  • Long and sturdy.
  • Synthetic bristles pick up the right amount of product.
  • Applies smoothly.
  • Can draw thin and thick lines.
  • Does not shed bristles.

Cons of Morphe Brushes B76 Bent Liner Brush:

  • Availability is an issue.

IMBB Rating:
Would I Recommend/Repurchase Morphe Brushes B76 Bent Liner Brush?
Yes! I recommend this brush for its price and performance. I would buy backup of this same brush.

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